10 Best Front Pocket Wallets in 2020


Let’s talk about your wallet. More specifically, let’s talk about what’s inside it, and how much of it you really need.

Once you eliminate the half-filled punch cards from coffee shops you hardly ever go to, the expired ID cards, and the business cards you’ve been carrying around since three jobs ago, how much is really left? We’re guessing it’s just enough to fit comfortably in a front pocket.

There’s a reason why over-stuffed wallets and the back problems that come with them are becoming a thing of the past. Front pocket wallets are the next big thing, and the best ones give you all the space you need for the true essentials without feeling like you’re lugging around a leather-bound file cabinet.

We took the liberty of checking out the best front pocket wallets of 2020, and pared them down to our ten favorites. If you’re ready to leave your old wallet behind, there’s a good chance your next one will be on this list.


Top Picks

  • #1 Best Front Pocket Wallet — Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet. Stylish despite being simple and easy to use, this Serman Brands wallet is safe, secure, and slips easily into your front pocket even after it’s been packed with all your cards and bills.
  • Best Front Pocket Wallet with a Money Clip — TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet “RIO”. While a lot of wallet manufacturers add a money clip seemingly as an afterthought, the TRAVANDO “RIO” Money Clip Wallet features a sleek metal money clip that’s perfectly integrated with the form and functionality of the design.
  • Best RFID Front Pocket Wallet — Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries. RFID blocking technology is becoming more common in front pocket wallets, but this model from Rogue also doubles down on security with its curved, pickpocket-resistant shape.
  • Best Handmade Leather Front Pocket Wallet — MONTBLANC Meisterstuck 14CC Black Leather Men’s Wallet. Crafted from black southern German full-grain cowhide by Italian leather masters, this wallet from Montblanc is sleek, sophisticated, and stands the test of time.


Best Front Pocket Wallets

1. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Comfortable, stylish, and available in several shades of genuine full-grain leather, Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet makes maximum use of its slim profile.

It comes with a money clip, photo ID slot, and a front pocket to make your most-used card more accessible. There’s plenty of room for all your cash and cards without your wallet ever becoming too bulky.

The wallet also offers an impressive security feature: advanced RFID SECURE Technology, which blocks 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals to protect your cards from unauthorized data capture. That offers some serious peace of mind, and so does the 12-month warranty.

Overall, the Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet gets top marks for style, function and security.


2. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet “RIO”

TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet “RIO”

Designed and quality-tested in Germany, the TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet “RIO” has a sleek carbon faux leather look that definitely makes it one of the most stylish front pocket wallets of 2020. It’s also smartly designed, with seven pockets in its compact 4.7” x 3.0” x 0.7” frame.

Along with plenty of space for a variety of cards, this wallet includes a slick metal money clip, magnet closure, and an outside notch that makes it easy to slide cards out using just your thumb. The wallet also protects against RFID scanners in the 13.56 MHz band, and slips easily into any pocket without bulging.


3. RUNBOX Minimalist Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet


Just 0.38 inches thick, the RUNBOX Minimalist Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet could be a great choice for anyone who really wants to pare down their pocket contents to the bare essentials. It also expands nicely, with six card slots, a removable money clip and a see-thru ID window, so you can pack it out if you want, but its greatest strength is its compact size.

The wallet appears durable and wear-resistant (it uses “Japanese refined cardboard” to keep its shape, the manufacturer says) and has what looks to be good quality stitching along all the edges. The design is simple and straightforward, with RFID security technology and thumb holes for easy card access.


4. Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries

Front Pocket Wallet by Rogue Industries

You wouldn’t have any trouble picking the Rogue Front Pocket Wallet out of a lineup. With its unique curved-corner design, it looks like no other wallet we’ve seen this year—great if you’d like your wallet to double as a conversation-starter. That curved design also allows it to rest deep inside your front pocket, ensuring that no one but you can easily pull it out.

It has RFID-block lining, three slots that comfortably hold up to six cards, and an ID window with an easy-to-remove thumb panel. The Rogue includes a money pocket more like a traditional billfold (no money clip) and measures in a little bigger than your average front-pocket wallet at 5″ x 3.4″ x 0.25″.


5. Serman Brands Mens Slim Bifold Wallet


If you want to try out a front pocket wallet but aren’t quite ready to abandon the classic design of your back pocket billfold, the Serman Brands Mens Slim Bifold Wallet might make a good stepping stone. With a bifold closure and handcrafted from Full Grain leather, it looks a lot like your dad’s wallet, just scaled down to fit nicely in your front pocket.

This Serman Brands wallet is super-slim at just 0.28 inches, but still comfortably holds up to eight cards plus 10 bills in its three inner pockets and cash slot. It also has a classic vintage leather look, with the added protection of RFID blocking material.


6. Timberland Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket


The Timberland Men’s Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet is a nice budget-friendly wallet that doesn’t sacrifice durability. It has the rugged construction and working-man aesthetic you’d probably expect from a company that is, arguably, still best known for making rough-and-tumble work boots.

That’s not a strike against it—this wallet has quality stitching and is crafted from genuine Italian leather that’s soft to the touch and should age well with everyday use. The compact design includes a picture ID Window and a money clip, with four interior credit card slots. It’s a well-made wallet that does a simple job, and does it well.


7. Fossil Men’s Derrick Front Pocket Bifold Wallet


The Fossil Men’s Derrick Front Pocket Bifold Wallet definitely gets points for style, especially if you like that classic well-worn leather look. Made with 100% high-quality leather inside and out, this wallet comes already looking like you’ve put a few miles on it, but is also tough enough that it won’t wear out any time soon.

It’s simple and functional too, with RFID blocking and a billfold-like design that comes with a cozy slot for your dollar bills and six pockets for various cards. There’s no money clip or flip-out ID holder, making this a good option if you like a wallet that simply holds all your stuff without a lot of bells and whistles.


8. Columbia Men’s RFID Protected Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip


Just as stylish at business lunch as it is out on the trail, Columbia Men’s RFID Protected Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip combines rugged outdoorsy-ness and a sleek, modern profile. With rich, dark-brown leather and an embossed Columbia logo, this wallet also comes with secure RFID lining and measures 3.5″ x 4.25″ to fit easily in any pocket.

The Columbia Men’s Front Pocket Wallet features four card slots, two slip pockets and an exterior ID window with thumb hole for easy access. One potential hangup—and it’s a minor one—is that the credit card slots are a little deeper than your average wallet, so you might need an extra second or two to fish a card out.


9. MONTBLANC Meisterstuck 14CC Black Leather Men’s Wallet

MONTBLANC Meisterstuck 14CC Black Leather Men’s Wallet

The Montblanc Meisterstuck Men’s Medium Black Leather Wallet might be the most beautiful wallet we’ve seen this year. Crafted from black southern German full-grain cowhide with black jacquard lining, this wallet makes a great impression wherever it goes. It’s handmade by master leather craftsmen in Florence, Italy, which means it comes at a higher price tag than your average front pocket wallet, but the quality-assurance is at another level.

This particular model is also a little larger than average. The “14CC” in the name means it has slots for a whopping 14 credit cards. Montblanc makes slimmer wallets if you’re looking for something less bulky, but this one is great if you have a lot of cards and want to keep them all handy.


10. Harley-Davidson Men’s Eagle Embossed Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Harley Davidson Wallet


So you want your wallet to match your motorcycle. We’re not here to judge. The Harley-Davidson Men’s Eagle Embossed Leather Front Pocket Wallet is road-ready and comes stamped with the classic Harley logo. Just slip it into your jeans or jacket pocket, and you’re ready to hit the highway.

In all seriousness, this is also a well-made wallet, crafted from high-quality genuine sheepskin. It’s compact enough to fit into any pocket comfortably, and has four credit card slots and a picture ID window. We expect that the leather will acquire a nice patina with age, which should make it look and feel even better after a year of use than it does right out of the box.


Choosing a Front Pocket Wallet

Of all the front pocket wallets we looked at this year, the best ones have several key qualities in common. Size, style, convenience, storage space and security are all factors to consider when you pick out a front pocket wallet, and a lot of the options boil down to personal preference. Be sure to weigh these crucial components that make up a great front pocket wallet:

  • Size: Front pocket wallets have smaller dimensions that other wallets, allowing them to easily fit in a tighter space. Most are slim, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.5″ x 4.5″ in size. There’s still quite a bit of variation when it comes to size, so look for something that feels comfortable, but still has room for your cards and essentials.
  • Style: Front pocket wallets are very much in style these days, so you already have that going for you. Beyond the latest trends, there’s still a lot of variation in how front pocket wallets are designed, so you have options. Some come with money clips, while others have a more traditional billfold-style money holder. Consider the number of credit card pockets you want, as well as your preference for see-through photo ID pockets, the way the wallet opens, and how all the pockets are laid out.
  • Security: More and more front pocket wallets are being made with RFID-blocking materials, which keep you safe by warding off unwanted scans of your sensitive cards. Most of these still allow cards like ID badges and key cards to be read—they operate on a different frequency—while still keeping your credit and debit cards safe.
  • Material: Whether you like the look of traditional leather, prefer a slick carbon finish, or prefer a more sustainable vegan leather, there are front pocket wallets that fit the bill (no pun intended).
  • Cost: While you don’t want to sacrifice quality in favor of budget-friendliness, we still live in the real world, so of course cost is still a factor. After all, the less you spend on a wallet, the more you’ll have left to keep inside. Look for something that meets your needs and suits your budget.



The time has come to forget about heavy, over-stuffed back pocket billfolds. Front pocket wallets like the Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet are much more stylish, easier to carry, and make it possible to have all your essentials close at hand without carrying around a lot of paper and plastic you don’t actually need.

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