10 Hands-On Activities & Games for Kids


Have you heard “Mom, Dad… I’m bored!” at all lately? Don’t despair! Today we’re sharing ten of our favorite DIY activities and games that will keep your kids busy for hours. After crafting the projects, they will provide countless hours of creative play, friendly competition, and exploration.
Playdough Art
We love this homemade playdough recipe that we shared from the Artful Parent’s newest book. Pull out all your cookie cutters, pasta noodles, and any odds and ends from around the house for an afternoon of playdough fun.
DIY Tabletop Ice Hockey Rink
She shoots, she scores! The weather may be warming up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your very own mini ice rink inside! This one is sure to provide hours of fun.
DIY Musical Instruments
Turn household objects into amazing musical instruments with just a few tweaks! Create several and you’ll have an entire band ready to jam and come up with some rocking tunes.
DIY Heart-Shaped Skeeball
Bring the carnival to your home with this handmade skeeball game! We originally made these for Valentine’s Day, but why not embrace the love all year round with this heart-covered game?
Rainbow Peashooters
Peashooters are a classic, and we love this colorful spin using rainbow-hued felt balls and cardboard party horns. You could even make a quick bullseye on a piece of paper and keep score.
DIY Sand Mill Toy
This homemade sand mill is perfect for the beach, but it can just as easily be used with dirt or small pebbles in your own backyard. Or bring the fun inside and set up an activity tray with sand or rice instead!
DIY Bunny Bowling Set
Bowling has never been so cute with these DIY bunnies! The perfect rainy day activity, we’re sure these bunnies will forgive you even after you roll a strike.
Spinning Top Game Boards
Save all your lids and nozzles from the recycling bin and turn them into colorful spinning tops. But don’t stop there – craft simple boards using scrap paper to create an entire series of tiny tabletop games to keep your kids entertained for hours.
Paper Leaf Stacking Game
These smiling leaves are ready to print and use. Stack and build whatever shapes and structures you like – the possibilities are endless!
DIY Paper Cup Fishing Game
Here’s a fun spin on the classic fishing game. Make a paper clip hook and see how many fishy friends you can catch. Just don’t forget to set them free afterward!
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