15 Ingenious DIY Mood Lighting Ideas


Mood lighting is one of the first to come to mind when the season calls for hosting parties or just relaxing in your home. So if you're looking for the perfect mood lighting project to bring a cool ambiance to your home with ease, here are 15 DIY ideas to help you out!

Mood Lighting Ideas To Set The Perfect Ambiance

Lighting is an essential element when setting the mood right for any occasion. A few well-placed lights are all you need to create a perfect moment and spark a lasting memory. But not everyone has the money to spend on pricey designer mood lights. Worry not, because these 15 DIY mood lighting ideas are budget-friendly, some are even eco-friendly, and will give you a light-up accessory one can mistake came from a fancy store!


1. Tin Lanterns

Tin Lanterns | Ingenious DIY Mood Lighting Ideas
image via DIY Projects

Tin lanterns are not only exceptionally easy and child-friendly DIY lighting project, but you can also make them under $5 or use recycled aluminum can you have available at home. These lanterns work great as centerpieces, garden decor, and even gifts.


2. Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns| Ingenious DIY Mood Lighting Ideas
image via DIY Projects

Can you picture how your backyard will look surrounded by mason jar lanterns on a quiet evening? Well, it gives me the excitement of having a peaceful, relaxing time. Simply create little wire hangers for your mason jars and hang them on your porch or railing. Make a few and start decorating!


3. Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar Chandeliers | Ingenious DIY Mood Lighting Ideas
image via DIY Projects

I truly believe a chandelier sets the right mood. It's a perfect piece you can put almost anywhere and it never fails to grab attention and become a great conversational starter. While it adds warm glam, its steep price can cost you an arm and leg! But not with this DIY rustic mason jar chandelier. If you have some mason jars and wood at home I suggest you give this project a go. You'll never regret the result!


4. Mason Jar Solar Lights

Mason Jar Solar Lights | Ingenious DIY Mood Lighting Ideas
image via DIY Projects

Your outdoor dinner parties will shine even brighter with some of these DIY mason jar solar lights. Make a few of this mason jar craft and create whimsical lighting for your garden or patio with little to no cost at all.


5. Soda Can Tab Small Diagonal Pendant Light

Don't throw out empty soda cans just yet, because you can use the tabs to create a shimmery light that produces a wonderful visual display. While this might not be the only soda can tabs lighting idea around, this one is a real showstopper due to the diagonal arrangement of the can tabs. It really has a cool and shimmery glint that comes to life when the darkness sets in.


6. Bamboo Orb

I love how the DIYer artistically did the light installation of this adorable bamboo orb. It surely adds subtle sophistication and elegance. This ingenious creation was inspired by Cassiopeia chandelier using bamboo strips from old window shades, so there's no worry about slicing and dicing.


7. DIY Ombre Pendant Lights

Don't settle for a plain white glass pendant lights, have something that is bound to become a big hit. These DIY ombre pendant lights are an excellent mood setter and definitely adds some character to any room.


8. West Elm-Inspired Perforated Globe Pendant Lamp

Have you ever felt too lazy to finish on those ideas that come to mind? This DIYer of West Elm-inspired perforated globe pendant lamp surely has not found any dull moment recreating this astounding light project using just a couple of plastic bowls.

9. DIY Woven Lamp

The mood for elegant sophistication is waiting for you in this rustic DIY woven lamp. If you have any kind of renovation in your house right now, you must have some kind of wood veneer strips to space. Clip and glue them together and add a bulb for some DIY lighting.


10. Anthropologie-Inspired Wire Basket Pendant

Love the industrial mood of metallic accents? Enjoy it right at the comfort of your home with this Anthropologie-inspired wire basket pendant. This kind of lighting at Anthropologie will cost you an arm and leg, but this DIY version is totally budget-friendly. With only just old basket, black spray paint, and a pendant light you're all set. Ingeniously impressive!


11. DIY Cloud Lights

Heavenly romantic is what these DIY cloud lights represent! Grab some cotton batting and few paper lanterns to create the divine aura of these lovely pendant lights. Make sure to use ultra-cool and efficient soft LED lights that do not get too hot.


12. Woven Rope DIY Pendant

Here is another perfect example of introducing a warm natural color in an urban atmosphere governed by concrete, glass, and stone. Organic and relaxing, this woven rope DIY pendant light was made using some sisal rope and a hanging planter basket.


13. DIY Glass Pendant Light

If you want to stay classic and neutral, no problem! This DIY glass pendant light is a picture of simplicity far more attractive than any other design. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, you can even experiment using a glass with a bit of contortion to create intriguing light patterns.


14. DIY Plastic Spoon Lamp

The warm and velvety glow of this unusual light is simply from some plastic white spoons and a PET bottle we would normally throw away after parties. If you have these items readily available at home, give this unique project a try using low-energy LED lights to make sure minimal heat is produced.


15. DIY Fabric Garland Light

Want to experience a hint of Hollywood glam? This DIY fabric garland light surely has it. Play with the size of the light to create a large or small pendant to become majestic chandelier hanging right above your dining table. Also, jazz up the design by simply adding darker fabric to create an interesting pattern.


Get some more mood lighting ideas for your home at the video below from M&S:

DIY mood lighting projects are an amazing way to have some weekend fun while adding tons of glamorous charm into your home. The innate simplicity of some of these mood lighting ideas and its various forms means you can craft one out of any material that may be readily available at home and can go with your decor. Choose one or more to get started with your DIY weekend.

Which one of these mood lighting ideas tempt you to gear up this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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