17 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas


Looking for simple summer decorating ideas? Here are 17 ideas and projects to refresh your home and get it ready for summer.

Have you ever noticed how changing just one thing in a room can make it look entirely different?

You add one accessory.

Or move a piece of furniture to another corner.

Or add a vase of fresh flowers in a new color.

It doesn’t have to be a big change or an entire room refresh.


Sometimes all you need is one little change and everything looks a little fresher.

It’s been a challenging past couple of months.

So today?

Today is all about making little changes to fall in love with our houses all over again.

Here are 17 simple summer decorating ideas.

summer decorating ideas

summer decorating ideas

17 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

1. Grocery store flowers

Take your grocery store flowers to the next level.

Buy a small bunch of flowers from the grocery store.

Then clip leaves from your yard and add them amongst the flowers.

(total aside: I did this the other day and got TWO arrangements out of one $5 bunch from the grocery store.)

2. Simple fix for floral arrangements

If you have a wide-mouthed vase that makes your flowers fall to the side?

Here’s an easy fix.

Add pebbles to the bottom to create an easy flower arrangement (that’s how I created the arrangement on the coffee table).

3. Summer decorating ideas: DIY pillows

Make your own pillows (and make SURE they have down inserts.

Here are some of my favorite pillow projects:

summer decorating ideas living room

simple summer decorating ideas living room

4. Update an armchair

Change up a chair for summer in minutes with this simple tip.

It completely changes the look without the cost of a new chair.

5. Change it up

Switch out the pillows from one room to another.

I know this seems simple.

I get it.

But a new home for a pillow can freshen up an entire room.

simple summer decorating ideas bookcase

6. Paint it

Repaint a piece of furniture in your room a bright summery color.

Looking for a color?

This is SW Adrift, but I have tons of other blue-grays that would work, too.

7. Change the lighting

One simple summer decorating idea is to change out the lightbulbs in your room with soft white for summer.

You can add a dimmer on the light bulbs to create a soft glow in the evenings, too.

8. Simple tip for peonies

It’s almost time for peonies.

I’ve been waiting for them to show up on Trader Joe’s.

Help your peonies open up with this simple tip.


simple summer decorating idea mirror

simple summer decorating ideas accessories

9. Simple tip for baskets

Use a basket as a plant holder in your home.

This basket was too big for the tree and it kept falling over.

Quick tip: tuck burlap inside the bottom of the basket and around the tree or plant to keep it upright.

10. Refresh your couch

Have sagging couch cushions?

No worries.

Fix the cushions on your couch for summer with this simple tip.

11. Decorate with books

Stack books everywhere.

Have you seen this faux wood paper you can use to cover books?

I found it in the hobby section of the craft store.

12. Simple summer decorating idea: change the curtain rods

Don’t pay a lot of money for curtain rods.

Simply spray paint them instead.

Here’s how I spray painted my curtain rods (and 8 other things you can spray paint, too.)

13. Open up your curtains

Let the sunshine in.

Every morning I wake up the house and pull back the curtains.

It’s a simple summer decorating idea, but it makes the rooms so much lighter and airier.

14. Cover the buttons

Add buttons on the back of your dining room chairs like this.

It’s a no sew project that’s held up for over a year.

15. Add pillows

Place pillows in your dining room chairs.

It’s an easy way to add another pattern to the space.

For pillow ideas, refer to idea number three.

simple summer decorating idea milkglass

simple summer decorating idea

16. Summer decorating ideas: Create a summer arrangement

There are so many simple ways you can add flowers to a room.

Here are 9 ways to decorate with flowers.

17. Make a wreath

Create a wreath to hang on your door

Here are some of my favorite wreath projects:

simple summer decorating ideas flower arrangement

Did you know the first day of summer is June 20?

Less than 30 days away.

That’s not much time to get ready.

Good thing all these ideas are simple. 🙂

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