20 Hilarious Pranks To Do On Friends


Everybody loves a good prank. Especially when you are the one doing the pranking. The immense joy you get from a joke at the expense of a good mate is priceless. Of course, you don’t want to be offending or hurting anyone, but a good joke really does hit the spot. With April Fools’ Day just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to come up with some pranks to do on friends. 

When it comes to the type of prank you want to pull, the options are endless. The pranks detailed below are great ways to get a few laughs at the expense of your family, friends, co-workers, or even your partner (if you are brave enough). Some are quick and easy jokes while others require a little more planning and execution. The bottom line is these practical jokes will have you rolling around the floor in hysterics. 

1. Mentos In Coke 



Everyone knows what happens when you put a Mentos in a bottle of Coke. Boom! An explosion of Coke that goes everywhere. This is a great prank that always gets a laugh but is a little harder to set up than others. You need to open the coke and secure the Mentos underneath the cap with some sort of thin material. Then once the lid is screwed back on, cut the excess material and make sure the top is on tight. Then give the bottle to your friend to open and watch as Coke goes everywhere. This is probably best done outside or on a tiled floor, as you don’t want Coke all over your carpets. 

2. Toilet Paper Poo



This is a bit disgusting but still super funny. Leaving a fake poo lying around is sure to cause drama, whether it is around the home or in the workplace. Just grab a toilet roll and wet it under some water. Once damp, break up the cardboard roll and then mash it together in the shape of a turd. All you need to do then is let it dry and leave it somewhere it might get some attention. This could be on the toilet itself or on someone’s office desk, as shown in the photo above. Just make sure the person you play the prank on can take a joke, as for some, shit is no laughing matter. 

3. The Caramel Onion Prank



This one is nice and simple. All you need are some onions, chocolate, and ice cream sticks. Meltdown the chocolate and dip the onions in. Insert the ice cream sticks (or any other type of skewer) and wait for the chocolate to harden. You now have something that resembles an apple covered in chocolate, or some other similar fruit. I’m sure you can imagine the sheer horror of your mates chomping down on one of these chocolate onions. While they are racing to the bin to spit it out you will be huddled over in laughter. 

4. Roach Silhouette


Mrs. Goffs Pre-K Tales

This is a great practical joke to play no someone with a fear of bugs. While most likely only going to work at night (when people usually turn on lamps), it will still give you a good snigger. This prank involves cutting out some bug-shaped creatures and then sticking them to the underside of a lampshade. Once the lamp is turned on the silhouette will make it look like there is a large bug crawling on the lamp. You could also cut out a spider for those with a fear of arachnoids, or any other insects that your friends are scared of. 

5. Brown ‘Es’


Mrs. Goffs Pre-K Tales

Ok, so this one is a little lame, but still might get a laugh. It is super easy to carry too. Just get some brown card or paper and cut out a couple of giant letter ‘Es.’ Put them in a baking tray and cover with alfoil. When your friends or family are over, announce that you have made brownies and see if anyone wants one. At least one person is bound to say yes, This is when you offer them the Brown Es you have made. Hilarious right? Maybe not, but as mentioned, it is an easy prank to sort and won’t get anyone too mad, unless they are a fiend for brownies. 

6. Explovise Toilet



This prank will scare the shit out of your friends. Get yourself some bang snaps and use clear tape to attach them to the underside of the toilet seat. Carefully put the seat down and wait for your unsuspecting victim. Once their weight hits the toilet seat the bang snaps will explode and they’ll think they are in this scene from Lethal Weapon 2

7. Toothpaste Oreos



This one is as disgusting as it sounds. Grab some Oreos and scrape out the delicious filling and replace it with white toothpaste. Then serve these up to your friends or family. You can imagine the disappointment when they go in for a big bite or a lick of the icing and find they are eating minty fresh toothpaste!

8. Soap That Won’t Lather



You probably didn’t know this, but nail polish doesn’t just act as a varnish on nails. It is also useful for stopping a bar of soap from lathering up. If you cover a bar of soap with nail polish, when wet, the water will just slide off. This will get very frustrating for someone trying to wash their body in the shower and cause all types of anger. You won’t be able to see this trick in process unless you are into the bathroom, but you will surely get a chuckle when your housemate or partner comes out complaining about their faulty bar of soap. 

9. Cling Wrap Toilet



An oldie but a goodie. Placing a layer of cling wrap over your toilet bowl is a messy yet hilarious prank. It’s a classic joke where the results are always laugh-out-loud funny. For your male mates, when they take a piss it will hit the cling film and go everywhere. As for your female acquaintances, they will probably be able to see the clip wrap when they sit down, but if not, they will be in for a rude shock. 

10. Tinfoil Their Room



This prank idea requires more work than most but will give you a good laugh. Load up on the aluminum foil and do your best to cover every piece of furniture in the victim’s room with aluminum foil. This even includes their TV, desk, and pillows. Turn their room into a silver wonderland. This is certainly worth the effort, as not only will you get the satisfaction of seeing whoever you pranked stunned at their room, but you will get to know they have to unwrap everything, which will take forever.  

11. Seedboard




Bored Panda

This is a prank best carried out at work. Take someone’s keyboard and take the top off. Then put cotton wool around the exposed keys and spread some seeds around. Replace the cover and wait in anticipation. This prank will take a bit of time, but after a week or two, your co-worker will start wondering why there is vegetation growing from within their keyboard. This is a great office prank that everyone will get a laugh from.

12. Airhorn Chair



Similar to putting bang snaps under the toilet seat, this prank replaces them with an air horn. Strap it underneath a work chair and when your colleague takes their seat, the pressure from their bodyweight will set the horn off. As well as scaring the bejesus out of whoever sits on the chair, everyone in the office will probably get a shock as the horn reverberates around the space. For this reason, it might be best to let everyone else know about the prank ahead of time. You don’t want your boss getting spooked and spilling their coffee all over themselves. 

13. Healthy Krispy Creams



This is a great April Fools’ trick to play at the office. Tell everyone you are treating them to some Krispy Creams. No doubt almost everyone in the office will be keen for one of these tasty donuts, but what they will find is a healthy selection of foods instead. People are sure to be annoyed they don’t get the sweet glazed taste of donuts but are instead forced to eat carrots with dip. To be fair, it is much better for them, but you might find a few disgruntled employees. 

14. Lubricated Hand Sanitizer



In these modern times, hand sanitizer has never been more readily used. No matter where you go, there is a bottle of sanitizer for you to use and keep your hands fresh and clean. This harmless prank involves replacing the sanitizer with lubricant. As it looks identical, nobody will be able to tell until they squeeze a blob into their hand and it doesn’t seem to rub into the skin. This is a hilarious and inexpensive prank you can pull anywhere there is a bottle of sanitizer. 

15. Confetti Fan



Before you even think about attempting this prank be sure you are ready to clean up the mess. You also need to make sure there is a ceiling fan, otherwise, this isn’t going to work. This prank is simple to carry out. Get yourself some confetti or cut up some paper into hundreds of small pieces. Then place them on the top of the ceiling fan. When your friend hits the button and the fan starts, confetti will come raining down on everyone in the room. This is more of an annoyance, as cleaning up all the bits of confetti will likely take you longer than the actual prank. 

16. Cheesy Orange Drink


Acid Cow

This one is downright yucky. Fill up a jug with fresh orange juice and add a box of Kraft Dinner. Shake the concoction up and you have yourself a cheesy orange cocktail that is sure to go down a treat at breakfast. You can imagine how disgusting this drink will taste, but it will be hilarious to watch someone taking a huge gulp and witnessing the look on their face. 

17. Stapler in Jelly


Flickr/Cole Eweret

This is another classic prank that you probably remember best from the American sitcom The Office. Jim is up to his old tricks when he puts Dwight’s stapler in jelly. This is an easy prank to carry out that will provide plenty of laughs around the office. You don’t have to stick to just a stapler either. You can put anything in jelly, but it’s best to be something that isn’t too important or personal. Submerging their car keys in jelly might not go down well. 

18. Paint on the Windscreen



This one might be a bit harder to conceal, but if you can get away with it you will be laughing your head off. Apply a selection of acrylic paint dabs to the windscreen or window screen wipers. Complain to your friend about the windshield being dirty and tell them to give it a clean with the wipers. Next thing you know there will be a rainbow of colors across the windscreen. If your friend starts to get heated about the prank, just remind them that the paints will come off easily and they have nothing to worry about. 

19. Mayonnaise Filled Donuts


Bored Panda

Here is another great office prank involving donuts. Get some sugar donuts without any filling and proceeded to squirt mayonnaise inside them. They will look like cream donuts but when your co-workers bit into them, they will quickly be confronted with a torrent of mayonnaise dripping out of the donut. This prank is disgusting and you might want to make sure there are some bins nearby for those who want to spit out the donut. Just keep these away from the boss as you don’t want to be in their bad books by offering up mayonnaise-filled donuts. 

20. Sticky Not Car



Similar to covering someone’s room with aluminum foil, this prank involves using post-it notes to completely engulf a workmate or friend’s car. It will take you plenty of time, so best to do it when you know they won’t need their car. Use multi-colored post-it notes to have more of an impact. This one is sure to get lots of laughs at the office and have the unsuspecting victim looking to get back at you. 

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