Cloth Mask Patterns and Instructions
I have a contacts at two local hospitals in Portland, Oregon where nurses need cloth masks right away. This is an unofficial request as the hospitals cannot take the liability for giving out homemade masks, but the nurses have been instructed to bring bandannas to protect themselves.

If you have any sewing abilities, we need your help! Here are the general guidelines you need to follow as you make your masks:

The masks do not need to be fancy or complicated.

They do need to have at least two layers of 100% cotton fabric (look through the options at Joann). No flannel, fleece, etc.

They do not need the filter slot that you see in some patterns as filters are hard to come by right now.

Ties are fine as are elastic. Either work. Use what you have or can get your hands on right now. The typical 1/4 inch elastic that many patterns call for are completely out of stock and won’t be available until May or June. See below for no-elastic options.

It would be helpful if you were able to insert wire at the bridge of the nose (jewelers wire, floral wire, pipe cleaners, even a paper clip or twist ties from bread bags) so that it can be formed around the nose.

It’s also helpful if it cups under the chin a bit.

It’s really helpful if you use two different patterns (one on each side) so the worker can keep track of what side was on their face and what side was facing out.

We have drop-off locations set up in Milaukie and Gresham, Oregon right now. Please email me when you have masks finished and ready to drop off or be picked up.

If you live outside the Portland area but can make masks, just start sewing. Ask on Facebook or in your circle if anyone needs them. You will get a response. I’ve heard of requests specifically from retirement homes, caregivers, and non-profits that work with the public who are desperately looking for masks.

If you are a nurse or healthcare worker and need cloth masks in the Portland area, contact me at I will do my best to accommodate reasonable requests.

Here are links to patterns and resources to get you started:

Which pattern should you use? The one that makes most sense to you and uses the supplies you have or can find right away.

Simple masks with ribbon (no elastic, latex free, patterns for 5 different sizes, hand-sewing options) — This is a scientific paper, so scroll down in the document to find the patterns and instructions. This video will also show how to make this pattern.

Face masks using 1/4 inch elastic

Face masks using elastic cording (Amazon does have elastic cording in stock that will arrive within a few weeks)

Face masks using bias tape (no elastic, latex free)

Face masks using bias tape (no elastic, latex free)

Face masks using bias tape + filter pocket (no elastic, latex free)

Face masks using ties (no elastic, no bias tape)

Face masks with no pleating (no elastic options)

If you do not have elastic or bias tape, you can replace the bias tape patterns with ribbon, twill tape, or even shoelaces (Amazon has 20 pairs (40 individual strings) for under $10 shipped with Prime).

Where can you get supplies:

Joann Stores is open right now. You can either go in the store to purchase supplies or order it online and pick it up curbside. I see plenty of cotton fabric and bias tape available. The elastic that works for masks is completely out of stock right now.

I will update this post with more information and resources as I find them!

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