4 Simple Tips And Tricks To Fix Your Zipper Issues


Zipper mishaps could cause a lot of stress to someone easily. But, these common problems could be fixed with simple methods and simple materials that you already have available around your house. Lifehacker via YouTube will show us how easy it is to fix every zipper issue there is.


  • Graphite pencils, petroleum jelly, bar soap, or olive oil
  • Pliers
  • Paper clip or keyring


When your zippers are stuck

Lubricate the teeth of the zippers with the tip of a graphite pencil closest to the slider. Graphite is a great dry lubricant and helps smooth things out, if it doesn’t work, try swabbing the area with a q-tip coated with other lubricants like petroleum jelly, bar soap, or olive oil, then jiggle the zipper to work the lubricant into the teeth.

When zippers aren’t closing properly and separate after it zipped up

A graphite pencil might also work by lubricating the teeth and smoothing out any burrs, making sure none of the individual teeth are displaced, if so then realign them with pliers. If that doesn’t work, it might be an issue with the slider which can loosen up over time, so try closing the mouth of the slider a bit with pliers to ensure that it’s catching the teeth and closing them properly.

How to fix broken zipper easily
Image Credit: Lifehacker via YouTube

When you have a broken zipper pull

A broken zipper pull can be easily replaced with a paper clip or a key ring.

When your pant zippers won’t stay up

It’s probably time to replace it, but in the meantime, you can prevent fly mishaps by attaching a key ring to the zipper pull and hooking it over the top button. You can remove a broken slider by snipping it off with a pair of wire cutters, a new slider can be slid back on the teeth starting at the top of the zipper on the side with the retaining box, then fold aside the top stop, slide on the new slider, and zip it up as normal.

Quick and easy zipper remedy tutorial
Image Credit: Lifehacker via YouTube


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4 Simple Tips And Tricks To Fix Your Zipper Issues

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