6 Ways Kids Can Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day


National Random Acts of Kindness Day ison February 18, 2020.Gestures of kindness can be anything from making a thank you card for someone, holding the door for a stranger and telling them to have a nice day.The day is also a great opportunity to show kids all the ways they can have fun creating and sharing kindness.

1. Help out a friend or neighbor anonymously.Make someone smile with no strings attachedshovel the snow from your neighbors sidewalk, or leave a basket of cookies just because, no thanks needed.

2. Be a baby/dog/cat-sitter for free.Many parents (of humans and fur babies) forego taking time out for themselves because sitters rates are often expensive. They will certainly appreciate your offer to look after their precious little ones without charge.

3. Bring out the chalk!Everybody loves to be appreciated and cheered. On a nice day, surprise someone with a special message using sidewalk art! You may never realize how much it lifts someones mood.

4. Make a Kindness Jar.Keep track of all acts of kindness with a Kindness Jar. Every time someone in your family does a random act of kindness, write it on a piece of paper with their name and put it in the jar. When its full, sort through it to see who was the kindest. Then, that person can pick an act of kindness that everyone else should do!


5. Celebrate a friend for being awesome. For older kids, text message friends and let them know they are special with a fun silly gif video or go toGiveAnAwesome.comand celebrate a person for being and doing something awesome.

6. Create a Kindness Challenge from the AWESOME app.Entrepreneur and dad, Bert Pope, developedAwesome, The Social Network for Kindness, a free mobile application thatsalso a game where your profile gets brighter and changescolors as you level up with acts of kindness. You can also usethe Kindness template, and upload a photo or video clip, adda title and description for your Kindness Challenge and share it with all the users on AWESOME. Sharing and spreading kindness is, of course, awesome.

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