Al fresco weddings never go out of style

There are so many different themes that fit with an outdoor wedding, from a garden theme to a rustic theme. Whether you’re planning on having a boho-chic wedding in a flower-filled garden, a country wedding at a barn, or a vintage bash as a vineyard, the great outdoors is a wonderful place to say, “I do.”

If you’re starting to plan your perfect outdoor wedding, we’ve collected 45 food, décor, attire, and stationery ideas to help you. These creative ideas will help you put together a wedding ceremony and reception that will look picture-perfect in your wedding photo book.
1. Rustic Floral Stationery Suite
If you’re going for a rustic theme at your outdoor wedding, set the tone by sending out rustic floral wedding invitations. Try to use colors that match your wedding’s color scheme, and consider decorating the invitations with the same florals you’re using in your bouquet or floral displays.
2. Vintage Wine Bottle Floral Arrangements
Vintage wine bottles will make beautiful centerpieces on your tables, and they’ll also look great as decorations on your snack bar or dessert table. Use a wide variety of colorful wildflowers to make these floral arrangements pop. For a rustic touch, tie burlap string around the necks of the bottles.
3. Hay Bale Lounge Area
If you’re creating a lounge area for a country wedding, consider using hay bale seating. Top each hay bale with a classic patterned quilt for extra comfort.
4. Lavender Bouquets
Lavender is a lovely choice for a bride or bridesmaids’ bouquets. You can use lavender on its own, or you can mix the lavender with colorful wildflowers. This bouquet will both smell and look wonderful.
5. Wine Barrel Snack Bar
If you’re having your wedding at a vineyard, consider using wine barrels to create a unique snack bar. Use the wine barrels as the base of the snack bar, and top the barrels with a rustic piece of aged wood. To continue with the theme, decorate the wine bar with bunches of grapes and vines.
6. Wood Slice Table Numbers
Let your guests know what tables they’re sitting at with rustic wood slice table numbers. You can draw the numbers on with markers, or you can have the numbers carved into the wood slices.
7. Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress
If you’re looking for a chic boho dress for your garden wedding, consider an off-the-shoulder dress. Pair this beautiful bohemian dress with a wildflower bouquet and a gold headband.
8. Rustic Floral Photo Backdrop
Your guests will love taking photos against a rustic floral photo backdrop. Use dark wood surrounded by flower garlands for this backdrop or, if you’d like a brighter backdrop, try using sheer white fabric and flowers.
9. Baby’s Breath Flower Crown
A bright white baby’s breath flower crown is a lovely choice for a garden wedding. You can simply use baby’s breath, or you can pair it with a few different wildflowers, such as daisies or roses.
10. Rustic Place Card Display
A rustic framed wire place card display is a good choice for a barn or backyard wedding. To make these pieces pop, decorate the frame with bright green vines or flowers, and use colorful place cards.
11. Mason Jar Chandelier
Light up your reception with a DIY Mason jar chandelier that features a wagon wheel as a base. This chandelier is easy to make, and it will fit in perfectly in a barn wedding.
12. Floating Florals
If you’re searching for a unique way to display your florals, trying floating them in water. Fill a galvanized bucket with water, and then place colorful wildflowers in the bucket. These florals will look beautiful at your outdoor wedding reception.
13. Nearly Naked Wedding Cake
Naked wedding cakes have a rustic look that works perfectly for an outdoor wedding. To add a bit more color to the cake, decorate them with flowers that match your floral displays. You could also wrap a garland around the cake for more color.
14. Rustic Floral Boutonnieres
A rustic floral boutonniere is a great choice for your groom and groomsmen. Choose flowers that match the ones in your bridal boutique, and tie the boutonniere together with burlap.
15. Floral Signature Cocktails
If you’re having a garden wedding, try using floral flavors in your signature cocktails. You could go for a sweet lavender-flavored drink, or you could use rose syrup. Be sure to decorate these floral drinks with a few petals!
16. Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are a wonderful lighting choice for an outdoor wedding. These lights would look beautiful hung up on a fence at a backyard wedding, and they would look just as good draped over the greenery at a garden wedding.
17. Boho Chic Bridesmaid Dresses
Flower-patterned boho chic bridesmaid dresses are the perfect choice for a whimsical garden wedding. If you’re looking for a beautiful headpiece to go along with these dresses, consider a wildflower crown.
18. Tree Trunk Photo Display
If there are large trees in your backyard or garden wedding, use these trees to display photos of you and your significant other. Attach photos to a piece of twine using a clothespin and then wrap the twine all around the tree.
19. Fairy Light Mason Jars
Fill mason jars with fairy lights, and place these mason jars on your tables. As the sun goes down, these lights will glow beautifully.
20. Vintage Wagon Decor
If you’re looking for a unique way to display the snacks during your cocktail hour, try arranging them on a vintage wagon. For an added bit of color, decorate this snack bar with flowers or a garland.
21. Rustic Leaf Place Cards
A simple leaf place card is a wonderful rustic wedding idea. For an added bit of color, paint the leaf gold and attach a pine needle to it.
22. Adirondack Chair Lounge Area
When guests need a break from all the action at your wedding, they’ll love having Adirondack chairs to relax on. For an added bit of decoration, tie garlands around the arms of the chairs.
23. Tweed Vests
Tweed vests are a great choice for a wedding with a country theme. This warm material is perfect for a fall wedding—your groom and groomsmen will look incredibly stylish in these vests.
24. Wedding Cake Wrapped in Vines
Wrap your wedding cake in vines for a beautiful bit of natural décor. For more color, you can also decorate the top of your cake with some of your favorite flowers.
25. Vintage Hanging Photo Frames
Hang vintage photo frames from trees for a piece of décor that your guests are sure to love. You can leave the photo frames empty, or you can fill them with vintage photographs. This could also be a good idea for your wedding guest book—place stationery inside the frames, and have guests write messages on it.
26. Wildflower Bouquet
A wildflower bouquet is a great choice for a garden wedding or a backyard wedding. Fill the bouquet with wildflowers in a wide variety of colors. For an added bit of texture, incorporate some other wild plants, such as thistle or Queen Anne’s lace.
27. Floral Garland Table Runner
Creating a stunning floral display on your tables by using floral garland table runners. For a uniform look, use flowers that match your wedding color scheme.
28. S’mores Bar
S’mores are a great dessert option at an outdoor wedding. Create a s’mores bar with different types of chocolate and graham crackers for your guests to choose from. Include a roasting station on the bar so your guests can roast their marshmallows.
29. DIY Trail Mix Favors
Your guests will love getting to take home their own delicious trail mix favors. Place burlap party favor bags next to the different trail mix elements, and let your guests create their own delicious DIY favor.
30. Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses
Burgundy is a stunning bridesmaid dress color that fits in with a wide variety of outdoor wedding themes, from garden weddings to backyard weddings. For contrast, consider using bridesmaid bouquets filled with bright pink or white flowers.
31. Sunflower Flower Crown
A sunflower flower crown is a wonderful choice for a summer wedding—this bright crown will look perfect in the summer sun. If you’d like to add another floral element to the crown, try using a few sprigs of baby’s breath or small burgundy roses.
32. Burlap Twine Stationery Suite
To add a bit of rustic flair to your stationery suite, tie your wedding invitations and RSVP cards together with burlap twine. To continue with the burlap theme, consider placing a piece of burlap behind your invitation.
33. Succulent Centerpieces
If you’re a succulent fan, try using these plants in your table centerpieces. You could use the succulents on their own, or you could pair them with green vines or colorful flowers.
34. Rustic Floral Wedding Dress
A rustic floral wedding dress is a good choice for a garden or a backyard wedding. Look for a dress with delicate lace sleeves or with a lacy flower pattern on the bodice. Pair this dress with a bouquet filled with wildflowers.
35. Eucalyptus Centerpiece
Eucalyptus branches are a great choice for your centerpiece. For a rustic look, place the branches in a galvanized bucket. You can also pair the eucalyptus with bright white flowers for contrast.
36. Birch Tree-Inspired Cake
A birch tree has a paper-like texture that will look lovely on your wedding cake. For more color and texture, top the cake with a few flowers or a garland. You can also carve your initials into the cake!
37. Vine Wedding Invitations
If your outdoor wedding reception is taking place in a vineyard or garden, vine-themed wedding invitations will work perfectly for you. Use an illustrated vine border to make these invitations pop, and consider using a font that matches your wedding’s color scheme.
38. Rustic Wedding Signs
Create rustic wooden signs to direct your guests to your ceremony and reception. If you’d like, you can also create a ‘Welcome’ using the same rustic wood material.
39. Chalkboard Menu
Let your guests know about all the delicious treats available at your wedding with a rustic chalkboard menu. Draw an illustrative border around the edge of the menu to make the menu pop.
40. Succulent Boutonnieres
A small succulent is a creative boutonniere idea that will fit in perfectly at a garden or backyard wedding. For contrast, pair the succulent with a few colorful flowers and a few bright green leaves.
41. Mason Jar Invitations
If you’re planning on using Mason jars in your outdoor wedding decorations, give guests a hint of what’s to come by decorating your invitations with an illustration of a Mason jar. You could even make your invitation Mason jar-shaped.
42. Vintage Window Frame Seating Chart
A vintage wooden window frame is a great way to display your place cards. Clip the place cards to the frame using clothespins, and then decorate the window frame with a few flowers or a string of fairy lights.
43. Wheelbarrow Drinks Station
Use a vintage wheelbarrow as a unique cooler for your drinks! This creative drinks station will fit in perfectly at a backyard wedding or a barn wedding.
44. Wildflower Invitations
Wildflower invitations are a good choice if you’re having your wedding in a garden. You could decorate with just one or two flowers, or you could create a border featuring watercolor wildflowers.
45. Garden Seed Favors
At the end of your garden-themed or backyard wedding, give guests a bag full of seeds they can use to start their own garden. Your guests will love getting to try their hand at planting their own flowers.

Whether you’re going for a country-themed barn wedding, a boho-chic garden wedding, or anything in between, these outdoor wedding ideas will help you. These wedding ideas will help you create a dreamy outdoor wedding that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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