Best 13-inch MacBook cases 2020: Protect your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air


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Apple's MacBooks are some of the most ubiquitous laptops in the world, their silvery designs and Apple logos scattered throughout offices, libraries, schools and homes with abandon.

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They're superb machines, but they're also pretty pricey, so chances are that you don't want to just chuck them in your bag with whatever else is in there when you're on the move. Thankfully, their standard 13-inch sizing (for the normal MacBook Pro and MacBook Air) mean that there are countless options out there as far as cases are concerned. 

Setting aside other size options like the massive 16-inch Macbook Pro for now, we've gathered together some of the very best 13-inch Macbook cases available right now.

Our pick of the best 13-inch MacBook cases to buy today

Twelve South Journal


Twelve South's sleek, classy leather sleeve is our go-to case at the moment, keeping our MacBook Air safe and sound whether we're just storing it away for the evening or taking it on a journey. It's a nicely low-profile case but the materials are noticeably high-quality, and it doesn't take up too much room in a bag at all.

Plus, there's a canny little compartment for storing a few extra pages of paper for the meeting you might have later, a nice touch. It's not one for those people who want to have all their accessories in the case too, but if you like a minimalist look and want some premium materials, this is perfect for you. 

JETech Laptop Sleeve


We know that, as desirable as it is, that Twelve South sleeve is a little pricey for a laptop case - thankfully, that's not necessary if you're on a tighter budget. This case from JETech is superb value, and while it won't necessarily win you style points, its protection is superb.

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There's oodles of cushioning here to keep your laptop safe, and a roomy front pocket means you've got space for charging cables, earbuds or whatever else you want to bring with you. 

Apple Leather Sleeve


While it leaps back to the other end of the pricing scale, there's no denying that Apple's own leather sleeves are superb when paired with its laptops. This is the definition of sleek, and there are multiple colours to suit your style, though this subtle blue is our favourite.

It's a slipcase, meaning there's no fussing around with zippers or anything, while an internal microfibre lining will keep your laptop snug and clean. The affordability might not be there, but this is a superb case.

Incase Textured Hardshell Case


Apple sells a range of Incase hardshell snap-on cases through the Apple Store, and our personal favourite is this delightful textured option, which obscures the Apple logo on your Macbook but gives a unique look to your machine.

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It's textured with Woolenex and is nicely resistant to dings and scratches, and repels moisture and odours to keep your machine clean. If you prefer, though, there are transparent and semi-clouded plastic options instead. 

Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case


If a hardshell case takes your fancy, another great option is offered up by Moshi, with a clip-on design and a few colours to pick from. It's in the same ballpark as Incase's options price-wise, but with slightly different finishes, so it's mostly down to your taste in terms of your preference.

We favour this Stealth Black finish, which gives your MacBook a more low-key look and has a matte finish that we like for its grip and fingerprint-repellent nature.

Speck SmartShell


Our final hardshell case is really similar to Moshi's, but slightly undercuts it on price, from Speck. It's a nice little case that clips on like you'd expect, and has impressive grip power to make sure that it doesn't ever fall off unexpectedly. If you want a slightly cheaper case, this could be a great choice. 


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