Blogtober Day 20 : Meal Prepping Breakfast Or Lunch Rolls


Hi Honeys,
Welcome to day 20 of Blogtober, I'm playing catch up today, posting what should have been yesterday's post on our latest fun kitchen experiment 😊  Hubby & I had decided to try to meal prep some filled breakfast or brunch rolls to store in the freezer...

As you might have read in earlier posts dear ones, Hubby & I have been trying to include meal prepping recently to make life a little easier.  I only work part time but they are odd and long shifts.  So, on days when it feels as if my arthritis is winning the battle, and I just don't feel able to cook, having meals waiting in the freezer can be a huge help.

Having had some success all through the summer months (mostly with meal prepping the week's salads on a sunday) we've been making double oven bake recipes etc and freezing one for later that week or early the following. 

This has worked so well that Hubby & I decided to see if we could organise some of these breakfast rolls ahead of time too.  Off we went to the kitchen then and spent a fun hour or so one evening recently attempting to meal prep some breakfast rolls. 😊

Why not grab a cuppa dear ones and I'll share what happened, I'll meet you back here in a few minutes...

Welcome back honeys 💗  Do you have your cuppa?  Me too ☕

First up, into our aprons and ingredients were gathered... 

A pack of lovely, soft rolls, fresh eggs, a pack of potato scones and a pack of beef lorne sausage.  We're Scottish and in Scotland we do square sausage 😊

I can remember honeys, long ago when the world was new (lol) as a child, on my first visit down south to England being aghast at the idea that their sausages weren't square!  In what kind of a world were breakfast sausages not square I thought.  Everybody knows these wee chubby "link" sausages go into dinners like lovely big pots of stovies. 😊  Luckily, with so many Scots having moved across the border over the years there are in fact places you can now find square sausage, so our English cousins can enjoy them too. 

In the end we didn't bother adding the potato scones to the breakfast rolls, it's rare that we buy them actually.  They're so easy to make and a great way to use up left over mashed potato.  I must make a note and see if I can grab a camera next time Hubby makes some.  If I can remember to snap some pics, I'll share in a blog post honeys.

On Sunday's I'm usually pretty much exhausted after two long, and late, shifts over the weekend so Hubby always makes Sunday breakfast.  My breakfast is usually an egg, toast and Hubby's wonderful homemade "tattie scones."  They're heavenly and a real treat 😍

Back to our breakfast rolls then dear ones.  First up, we placed the (square) sausage onto a baking sheet and popped it into the oven to cook.  Next we cracked half a dozen eggs, one into each of the "pockets" of a muffin tray. 

I do like these muffin trays.  They're large enough to make fabulous muffins and made of silicone, so I don't have to oil or grease them.  Whatever I cook pops right out when it's cooked.

Before popping the eggs into the oven with the sausages, I used a knife and carefully pierced the yolks of the eggs.  It prevents them from exploding in the oven, not a mess I wanted to have to clean up honeys. 
When cooked, around 12-14 mins later, the sausages and eggs were removed from the oven...

We then set about assembling the breakfast rolls.  First a slice of sausage then a perfectly cooked egg was placed onto each of the buttered rolls...

The rolls were then wrapped in grease proof paper (baking parchment) and we used adorable little stickers to fasten the paper closed. 

The stickers are supplied with boxes of sandwich bags which we've bought lots of because it's almost Halloween and we fill these little rainbow coloured bags with assorted toys and sweets for visiting trick or treaters every year.

The wrapped breakfast rolls were then placed into a large clip seal bag and popped into the freezer...

Those stickers just made me smile again when I saw the photo 😄 They are cute! 

Well honeys, Yesterday Hubby took two of these rolls out of the freezer for his breakfast (I had boiled egg and toast) and he microwaved them for three minutes.  He said that depending on the power of the microwave maybe two and a half minutes might do.  I bow to Hubby for technical advice since technology, as a while, tends not to like me very much 😊  I'm one of those people who get electric shocks from lift/elevator buttons 😖

So, that it's for our latest wee meal prepping experiment honeys.  What do you think?  Hubby was happy with his previously prepped breakfast, I'm chuffed to bits to have found another way I can fill a wee bit of the freezer for Hubby.  Either as a snack when I'm at work or for his Sunday morning breakfast with his cuppa 😊

Do you meal prep honeys?  If so, any tips?  We're still very new at the whole meal prepping thing but we're having fun experimenting and finding new things we can cook ahead of time. 

Till next time dear ones, stay warm, it's so chilly today! Smile lots and hug even more, hugs always x

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