Can you easily find what you need when you need it? Do you always put items back where they belong? Are you always searching for something knowing it’s someplace?

Professional Organizing Tip
Make life easier by having one home for all of your stuff.

I want to share this clip I did with my niece and nephew who were around 3 and 4 at the time—they are 14 months apart.

Basic Organizing Tip
This is a basic principle for reducing your clutter, but how often do we not put things back in their home? Look around your home or office right now. Is everything in its place? If something is necessary to be around, make sure it has a home.

I also wanted to show the kids, who are now 14 and 13, because they learned this at such an early age no to put things in its home. When Clare and Max, and now Emma, stay at my parents, they still put their backpacks and coats in the same chair. They know where it goes, so when they need to get out the door in the morning to school they can do so easily.
Another Professional Organizing Tip
I am a firm believer of starting children young to reduce their clutter and stay organized. They will use these principles their entire lives and be less likely to accumulate clutter. Being organized also helps with school success.

A Couple of things to remember.
You want ONE consistent home. I have had people who have MULTIPLE homes for things and then cant remember which home where they put them. My husband was trying to find checks the other day and searching for all these possibilities. I asked him what he was looking for and said, “They are in the check drawer.” One consistent home for all the checks instead of multiple places.

Also, consider having one area for gifts. I’ve seen people lose gifts and forget where they stashed them only to discover them later.

What stuff do you have that’s in multiple places.

Clutter can spread like wildfire.
If you don’t take 10 minutes daily to straighten up and put things back to their homes, make up for it with 30 minutes or so on the weekend. If you do it regularly it becomes a habit. You will feel better with a clutter free environment and it will most likely become less of a chore.
Other Professional Organizing Tip
Keep an index file if you need to (as we age this may become even more necessary);

use clear containers so you can more easily see what you are looking for.

Try putting things that you associate near each other, such as plain paper, notepads, notebooks and stationary.

What items do you need to make homes for? How can you incorporate putting away your items as part of your everyday routine?
DIY Options to Clear Clutter
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