Choosing gifts for the girls in your life is an opportunity to inspire, celebrate and support everything that makes them unique


Whether they’re just beginning to crawl or heading off to college, DIY gifts add a level of personalization that never goes unrecognized. Add a stylish touch, a monogram or a personal message that lets them know you designed the present just for them.

Each of these 70 gift ideas for girls inspires an afternoon of creative play, adds something unique to their outfit or inspires them to reach for their goals. Smaller gifts work perfectly as favors for your daughter’s next birthday party while the bigger ideas make great gifts for teen girls heading to college or celebrating a Sweet 16.
1. Laptop Case
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What better way to surprise the new graduate in your life than with a personalized laptop case? Add a photo and phrase that motivates her into this next phase of her education.
2. Book Of Art
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Show her how special her creativity is by publishing all her artwork from school and home in a personalized photo book. Display the book right in the living room for all your guests to see.
3. Layered Necklaces
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Surprise her with a set of necklaces of different lengths and styles. Include a message of love with XOXO and a miniature charm to balance the look. As she’s exploring her own personal style, she’ll love playing with a little glitz.
4. A Full Set
Pair her new laptop case with a backpack, tote bag or a canvas pouch for all her odds and ends. When she goes off to college, she’ll appreciate having everything in its right place when she hits the books.
5. Bath Bombs
Girls of any age love to be pampered. What better way than with a set of bath bombs? Not only do they smell great, but they fizz and fill the tub with fun colors that kids love. You can even look up a homemade recipe to customize it to her tastes.
6. Kitty Shrine
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Searching for a gift for the cat lover in your life? Frame four small photos in a collage in natural wood with the kitty’s name.
7. Velvet Headband
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Braid a strip of stretchy velvet ribbon into a thick headband for the winter. Choose a rich color like deep purple to match your best friend’s style.
8. Flower Pot
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Does she have a green thumb or just need a pop of color in her space? Add her initials and a message of love to a plant and flower pot. She can place it on her desk or in her living room as a daily reminder.
9. Superhero Cape
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Spark creative playtime with their very own superhero cape in their favorite color and design. Inspire them to come up with a superhero name and superpower when the cape arrives to keep the imaginative spirit alive.
10. Musical Instrument
Why not give her a musical gift? From a simple keyboard to a ukulele, a simple set of maracas or a complete drum kit—you can encourage her musical interest and unleash her inner rock star!
11. Bean Bag Chair
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Give her a place to cozy up with a book by adding her name or initials to a bean bag chair. You can even add her favorite photo to make it truly hers. If she has a twin brother, be sure to pair a coordinating one for him as well!
12. Photo Candles
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She’ll love lighting up her home with images of her closest family and friends on personalized candles. Choose a single image or collage of photos for a scented candle of your choice.
13. Musical Jewelry Box
A musical jewelry box is the perfect gift for every little girl. She will love having a way to keep her bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other precious keepsakes all in one place.
14. Travel Bug
Travel is important to personal growth and a sense of adventure. Plan a trip to look forward to, like to a new city, state or country. Pick based off her interests—if she loves theater, head to NYC, and if she loves hiking, Colorado is the place to go. Fuel her excitement and let her be part of the planning process.
15. Kids Apron
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Do you have a little baker in your house? Foster her love of cooking and baking with a personalized apron fit with her name, initials and official title.
16. Painted Blocks
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The simplest set of blocks can speak to a young girl’s creativity. Paint a collection of wooden pieces with primary colors to gift an old-fashioned favorite.
17. Chemistry Set
A cool chemistry set can kickstart her love of science. From kits for making crystals and slime to her very own perfume lab, you can find a chemistry set that’s both educational and entertaining. As she grows up, she can experiment with more creations.
18. Look To The Stars
If she has a love of all things outer space, a new telescope and astronomy book will help her learn more about the universe and help her reach for the starts. Who knows—it may help her follow her dream of becoming an astronaut or NASA scientist.
19. Ceramic Design
A creative and simple DIY gift involves a blank ceramic mug, permanent markers, your oven and about an hour. Craft a design or phrase on the mug in permanent marker, then bake for about half an hour at 350 to set the design. This is a fun craft for you that lets your creative spirit shine and gives her something unique.
20. Photo Memory Game
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Add images of all her family members and best friends to the back of this memory card game. She’ll have tons of fun finding familiar faces while developing memory skills at the same time. This is great for a little one who’s working on motor skills as well.
21. Toy Bag
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Where can she keep all her favorite stuffed friends? This personalized toy bag! Add an inscription and fill with fun surprises on her next birthday.
22. Wooden Toy Phone
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Heading to a little one’s birthday party? This DIY gift transforms a few pieces of wood, pink paint and a faux phone cord into a creative addition to their playset.
23. Scratch Off Map
If she’s a world traveler—or dreams of being one someday—she’ll love a scratch off map of the world. Every time she goes on a trip, she can scratch away the places she visits. It’s a great way for her to learn about geography as well.
24. Travel Tools
For an avid camper or nature lover, a set of old school maps and a compass will help her learn her way around the world the old fashioned way. This is great for a Girl Scout who’s passionate about all things outdoors.
25. Teddy Bear
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If you’re sending a long-distance gift to your favorite niece or cousin across the country, add a photo and personalized message to the shirt of this cozy teddy bear for her to cuddle each night.
26. Glitter Slime
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Spend an afternoon exploring your own science experiment with the little learner in your house. Add a bit of glitter to your homemade slime for a magical touch.
27. Homemade Cookies
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A batch of homemade family cookies is always a success when giving your sister a personal present. Invite her to join you for an afternoon of baking for a special surprise. This is also a great way to teach littles ones how to navigate the kitchen and flex their baking skills.
28. Lyrics Pillows
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Every night, she can cozy up with pillows that show off all your love and support. Include her favorite song lyrics and even a group photo to go with them.
29. Throw Pillow Collection
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Fill her room with colorful throw pillows for her sofa, bed or just around the floor for friends to gather. Include motivational phrases, fun designs and images of friends and family.
30. Mermaid Tail
Are you shopping for a little girl that daydreams of living under the sea? She’ll imagine herself as a mermaid with her very own mermaid tail blanket. This is perfect for a mermaid birthday party theme.
31. Silver And Gold
A family heirloom is a great gift for a teenager or girl experiencing a rite of passage. If she’s turning 16, graduating or just growing up into her own person, it’s the perfect time to pass down a piece of her family history. Jewelry is a great route to go to help her feel closer to her family.
32. Let’s Roll
Wheels are a great form of fun and transportation. From a skateboard to a bike, let her get around on her own and also get some exercise. This is a great summer activity that can keep her on the move for years to come.
33. DIY Painting Set

A painting kit inspires an afternoon of creativity. Choose her favorite wooden animal, a set of brushes and pick a rainy day to explore her artistic passions. If she’s a bit more advanced, try painting ceramic figurines or large canvases to spark her passion.
34. Tie-Dye Kit

Does your shopping list include a little fashionista? You can’t go wrong with a fun tie-dye kit that includes dye, blank t-shirts and all the supplies she’ll need to create some cool, colorful clothes.
35. Ski Bunny

Snow is the way to go! Whether you live close to the slopes or in a sunny climate, ski season is a favorite time of year for many people, young and old. Gift her a new set of skis or a lift pass to keep the season going strong.
36. Quilted Dreams
Quilting is a cherished practice that crafts memories for generations to come. If you have a family member or friend who’s particularly gifted in making quilts, have them craft one in her favorite colors or patterns. She can grow up with it and appreciate the comfort it brings.
37. Be Bold
Caligraphy is a great creative outlet to show off art skills. For the budding writer or artist, a calligraphy kit and new blank journal will let her practice her craft. You may even get some personalized artwork for your wall!
38. Design Dreams
Architecture is a creative field that sparks inspiration for all generations. Whether she’s just taking an interest in the craft or has been designing for years, a sketchbook and guide will keep her interest growing. It’s a great creative outlet for all ages.
39. Photo Notebook

Where can she write down all her plans and dreams? Gift this personalized notebook with a quote across the front to always remind her of your love and support.
40. Photo Plaque
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This colorful plaque greets you every time you come home with friendly and familiar faces. Include a vibrant and energetic image as a great gift for her to remind her of a fun time.
41. Pajama Set
She’ll look forward to bedtime in a new, comfy set of pajamas. You can even find a matching set for her favorite doll or gift the PJs with a pair of fun, fuzzy slippers.
42. Surfin’ USA
Help her get ready to hit the sand and waves during the summer. A new board or lesson will help her ride the waves with ease. If she doesn’t live close to the beach, plan a trip for her to visit the ocean.
43. Beach Towel
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Prepare for the sunny months of summer by gifting her with the coolest towels on the beach. Design with her best Instagram photos, her name or a funky design.
44. Music Shadowbox
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If she’s a true music lover, commemorate her first big concert by framing her tickets, the album and photos in this classic homemade shadow box. It can change with her as she goes to more and more shows over the years.
45. Night Light
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Always leave a little light on as she falls asleep, especially if it’s glowing behind a collection of photos or a design of her name. As she grows up, she can take it with her to light up her new room, dorm or apartment.
46. DIY Hair Clips
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Personalize her look with these handmade hair clips—perfect for every girl’s unique style. Create a set of pearl, rainbow and thread-wrapped clips for a great gift set or party favor.
47. Dino-mania
Does your little girl love all things dinosaurs and paleontology? Visit your local museum to learn more about the ancient creatures and give her a personalized dig kit so she can find her own fossils. Who knows what you have buried in your backyard!
48. Fairy Garden
Girls who love flowers, fantasies and fairies will have a ball building their very own enchanted fairy garden. Wrap up a planter, soil and seeds along with tiny fairy garden furniture and decor and watch her imagination soar.
49. Paper Dolls
Paper dolls are a classic toy that never goes out of style. For older girls, they are a nostalgic gift that brings back childhood memories. For young children, they help develop motor skills and creativity.
50. Photo Wreath
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There’s nothing more special than hanging printed photos around the house. Display images of her group of friends in this DIY gift made from an embroidery hoop, faux flowers and fishing line.
51. Coloring Book
Coloring books are a huge trend these days. Find some that showcase her favorite animal, character or hobby—animals, plants, cooking and sports are great categories to start with. Pair with a set of colored pencils or markers to spark her creativity.
52. Makeup Case
For the to-be beauty blogger in your life, a case for all-things beauty will help her keep her makeup organized. As she learns her craft, gift her new products such as various shades of nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick.
53. Build It Up
If she loves to work with her hands, a woodworking class may be just the ticket. This will help her learn proper techniques and safety skills. As she grows up, she can improve her practice and craft beautiful creations.
54. Her Story
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Does your little lady dream of being in her own bedtime story adventure? Personalize a children’s storybook by making her the main character.
55. Hair Stylin’
Sometimes it’s fun to change up your hair color. Gift her a set of various shades in all colors of the rainbow to help her experiment and express herself. Toxin-free products are easily available for a healthy option.
56. Book Subscription
Everyone knows a bookworm. Keep her reading with a monthly book subscription to fill her shelves—various titles and genres will help her learn more and find some new favorites. When she’s done with them, she can donate them and learn about the importance of giving back.
57. Board Game Fun
If she’s competitive and loves playing games, gift her a set of old classics and new favorites. Plan a family game night to try out a new activity and see who has the most competitive spirit.
58. Kids Puzzle
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Your girl will love the challenge of putting this jigsaw puzzle together when she sees hints of familiar faces in the final design. Create a collage of family photos on a puzzle for her next birthday or Christmas gift.
59. Furry Friend
For the girl who loves animals, a pet of her own is a great gift. If she’s responsible and caring, a kitten or puppy is a great family gift to help her learn the responsibility it takes to care for a pet. Plus, they can grow up together and be best friends.
60. Gamer Heaven
Video games come in all sorts of genres. If she loves all things gaming, gift her a new console and game to try her luck at. It’s a great way to learn motor skills and keep her sharp.
61. Selfie Lenses
Is the girl on your shopping list always online? Help her step up her selfie game with a clip on selfie lens or ring light for her smartphone.
62. Playful Plates
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Design personalized plate sets for her to have all her after school snacks. Choose a pattern that speaks to her favorite hobbies or sense of style.
63. Personalized Photo Book
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Gather all her great Instagram shots and publish them in a photo book of her own! Include names, quotes and dates from all the events that lead up to this moment.
64. Sing It Out
Choir is a big part of many girls’ lives as they go through school. If she has a passion for singing, help her hone her craft with a set of lessons and new sheet music. She can learn some of the songs from her favorite films or TV shows, for example.
65. Manicure Set
If she’s a girly girl, she’ll love a new manicure set. Include a nail file and dryer. Older girls will love high-quality polish and nail-shaping tools, while little ladies will enjoy colorful glitter polish and nail art sets.
66. Dance To The Music
For the dancer in your life, the right gear can truly make the difference. If she has a passion for ballet or jazz, enroll her in advanced classes and pair them with a new outfit or pair of shoes so she can shine on the stage.
67. Yogi In Training
Yoga is a great activity for everyone of all ages. Whether she’s a little one or a teenager, a mat in her favorite color is a great way to get her started in her practice. Find a local studio and sign her up for a class that fits her age and skill level.
68. Travel Charm
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Commemorate her recent trip abroad with a graceful charm bracelet that includes photos of the city and sentimental spots that she enjoyed.
69. Out On The Field
The resident athlete in your life can always use a boost when they’re in the middle of a big game. From soccer to softball, outfit her with a new water bottle to keep her hydrated during the entire game. If she has a favorite piece of gear, make sure it’s in top shape before next season starts.
70. Pottery Passion
Arts and crafts are a great way for girls of all ages to express themselves and create something special. A pottery class can meet her at her skill level and let her showcase her creativity. If she really likes it, enroll her for more so she can grow in her craft.

The trick to picking out the best personalized gift for girls is finding out their passions. Highlight one thing that they love to show you care: a color, a design, a hobby or even a favorite book or movie. Show you really care by supporting their passions.

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