Digital Counting Activities for Numbers 11-20


It seems that more teachers and schools are moving to digital resources during this time of school closures. Many parents don’t have printers, so digital resources are a great way to implement learning at home without paper! I’ve been learning more about creating resources using Google Slides and Seesaw and it’s so fun! Last week, I created some counting activities for numbers 0-10. Today I’m sharing counting activities for numbers 11-20!

counting practice digital resource for numbers 11-20

This resource focuses on numbers 11-20. If you’re looking for numbers 0-10, check out this post.

The activities focus on these skills:

  • showing teen numbers using base ten blocks
  • one-to-one correspondence
  • counting with numbers 11-20
  • teen numbers in ten frames
  • showing numbers with popsicle sticks


showing numbers 11-20

This resource has 20 pages. Students will be able to move the moveable clip art to complete the tasks.

base ten numbers - digital resource

You can use these free Google Slides if you have the Internet and a Google account. If you are a teacher, you can assign this activity in your Google Classroom. If you’re new to Google Classroom and digital activities, this video will be helpful to watch.

The activities can be used on a computer, Chromebook, or tablet. If you use a tablet, you will need to have the Google Slides app (which is free).

If you’d like to download this activity, just click on the link below.

>>>Counting Activities 11-20<<<

This will be a PDF that explains more about Google Slides and also will give you a link to the activity.

This video below shows how to access the file. (This does show the other counting activity, but it’s the same procedure.)

The main thing to remember is to make sure you are not in presentation mode. It should open up in ‘edit’ mode, which is what you want. If you can’t move the clip art, check to make sure you’re not in the presentation mode.

Hope you enjoy this free resource!

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