Easy DIY Easter Bunny Hair Clip


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   With Easter being tomorrow, why not make a fun last second cutie Easter Bunny Hair Clip! 
   All you need for this project is some foam paper or other sturdy backing, Easter Stickers, Googly Eyes, a Hair Pin (I used bobby pins) and hot glue! 
   You start by making the background using foam paper, then adding the sticker onto that, (I used pre-cut foam sticker bunnies for my project). Then you add the googly eyes and glue everything together, let dry and it's ready to wear! These clips take next to no time to make, and you can let your lil girl choose how she wants to style hers! You can use all kinds of material for this, including beads, fabric, ribbons, and so much more! Make it fun and she will have adorable little hair clips to wear for Easter!  (or really any time of year!)
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Kids DIY Fun Holiday Craft

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