Found On Mitchs Phone: Volume 1


Mitch here!

I proposed this column idea as a way to nudge myself toward taking more interesting photographs as I go about my life. And nearly every photo Ive taken since becoming a dad is of my kids. But the snaps tell an interesting story and give a unique perspective on the Larkin Family so, like any good dad, Im going to show you a bunch of photos of my kids right now and even one of my dog. Thanks for indulging me.

Its shocking how short the time is between Emmas school pickup and bedtime. This clip was taken at the store on the way home from school and Im starting to realize how much parenting is in little moments like this while my mind is on some mundane obligation. Im so happy that shes old enough to come along with me on little store trips like this as she can turn any chore into a game.

Its been nearly a month since Lucy got her helmet off and its so strange to see it as a scroll back through my pictures. That thing was the solution to such high anxiety for Kelly and me, and Im both so thankful that we did it and so grateful that were done with it. I threw it away the minute we took it off.

Emma lives for school and Im always excited to hear what crazy adventures shes gotten into at pickup. On this day, shed just arrived back from a lion hunt complete with toilet paper roll binoculars and a paper plate safari hat.

We ripped the bandaid off and renovated most our house over the past six months, and Emmas face perfectly captures how I feel now that the place is free from contractors. Kelly and I have sworn to each other that were going to take a long renovation break!

What you see here is in fact a picture of Lucy standing on her own two feet at the Kohls Childrens Museum! Yes, I did put her up there and, yes, she fell down a few moments after I took this picture, but it was worth it! Lucy loves to stand but when I pulled my hand back I nearly screamed when I saw her doing it on her own.

Emma now gets out of bed on her own and while we wait for the red light/green light alarm clock from Amazon, Ive been finding her in these incredible acts of autonomy. She recently got up, fed Noodle, made herself breakfast, changed and then put her dirty clothes in the laundry. Go Emma! And thank goodness for Montessori school.

Noodle still exists and is was taken back when she was all festive and stuff in her tartan bow collar.

Jolly Old St. Nick and his generosity made a big impact on our little preschooler last year, though Im not sure she needed to write this list down. She recited it throughout the day like a mantra. It was a solid list, though it kept getting longer and longer. I think maybe she shouldve asked for an animatronic nanny who can help clean up her room.

Now thats a blog post!

Mitch. OUT.

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