Googly Eyes Are the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Kids


As you search for stocking stuffers for your kids, look no further than the arts and crafts mainstay that looks right back at you: googly eyes. Whether they’re peel-and-stick or attached to a plastic finger toy, the plastic beads with the wiggling eyes add life to any drab piece of construction paper or cardboard tube. And beyond the world of art projects, googly eyes add instant fun to any situation. Kids need cheering up? Stick a googly eye on your sunglasses or the back of a phone, come up with a silly voice, and let the giggling begin. Waiting in a restaurant? Stick some eyes to the menu and create some characters around them. Or, better yet, stick ’em to the table salt and shake ‘em around. See? Fun. Googly eyes improve everything, including Christmas.

But, you ask, what are the best googly eyes that ever did googly? We searched far and wide to find the best. And boy did we. We found big googly eyes, small googly eyes, glow in the dark googly eyes and more. Here are our favorites.

Creativity Street Peel & Stick Wiggle Eyes

Looking for a classic set of peel-and-stick eyes? This one has you and your kids covered. It contains 125 eyes of various shapes and sizes — from button-sized to pea-sized — that have a strong but not too strong adhesive back.

Buy Now $7

Mozoland Googly Wiggle Eyes 1300-Piece Set

Advanced googly-ers will demand variety in their collection. This massive set contains 1300 eyes in 14 sizes, eight different colors and circular and elliptical shapes. There are plain googly eyes. Pink googly eyes. Googly eyes with eyeliner and mascara. Considering the set costs $11, that equals less than a penny per eye which is a pretty sweet deal.

Buy Now $11

Decora Giant Plastic Googly Eyes

The only thing better than small googly eyes? Huge googly eyes. These have a four-inch diameter, which makes them the ideal accessory for giving a personality to walls, Christmas trees, umbrellas and anything else.

Buy Now $7

Decora Giant Flourescence Googly Eyes

These seven-inch googly eyes turn neon green in the darkness, making them ideal for halloween or just anytime you want to make it seem as though your house is a scary monster with a garage door for a mouth.

Buy Now $14

Chip Clip Googly Eyes Clips

What do you use to close up that bag of Doritos? An eye-less binder clip? Where’s the fun in that. Also, where’s the judgement in that because, we don’t know about you but we’re less likely to crush chips at night when there’s a pair of crazy eyes staring back at us.

Buy Now $10

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