Hey guys!


Hey guys!

Right now I know there is a lot on your plate. Some of you are facing unemployment, some of you are sick, and some of you are worried about making ends meet through this scary time. I know that Easter baskets aren’t top priority and I don’t want to get on here and just shill products. Sometimes holidays can be a good distraction for not only kids but for the adults. If money is tight or non existent this year, do not worry I have some fun free ideas you can do at home to make baskets fun and exciting.

Free Basket Ideas
I am going to start with the free basket ideas because I know there are a lot of you out of work right now and groceries and mortgages/rent are a top priority.
Egg filler coupons
These coupons are perfect because it give kids a little power. I know Aria would love to have the stay up an extra 30 minutes coupon. It’s free to download, print and place in their eggs. Save this image or download (here). 
Homemade Coloring Book
I love, they have really cute free coloring pages that can make up a really cute coloring book. There is a whole list of sites with free printables (here). Print off some cute pages for your kiddos and make them a custom coloring book. Paper clip or staple them together. If you have a box of new crayons lying around you can add those with it. We try to always have a few on hand but if you don’t a new coloring book is always a hit.
Easter Bean Bag Toys
These were something I loved having as a kid. Just print off any rabbit or egg shape, trace it onto whatever fabric you have around the house. Sew most of the way shut leaving an opening for rice or beans. These are fun to play games with and throw around. Tape off section and see who can toss the furthest. If you use natural fiber fabrics these also make really great booboo packs. If they need a heat pack or cold pack these double as those. I found a few cute examples on Pinterest.

Bean bag toss game (here)

Bean Bag Template (here)

Heat/Cold Bags (here)
Easter Sugar Cookies
Sugar cookies are always a great addition to a kids basket. If you can’t afford candy, or special treats a homemade one is just as good if not better. You can use my sugar cookie recipe (here). If you want some cute decorating ideas for your cookies and want to take on a challenge this Instagram (here) is my favorite. I took her cookie class when she was local to me and I love how her cookies always look.
Homemade Bath Bombs
Aria loves bath bombs as do I. They make a bath relaxing and luxurious. You can often find some really good ones at the Target dollar spot or you can easily make your own. I love this recipe (here) I have used for years and years. Muffin tins make a great mold or you can even use the eggs you use for your baskets as a mold as well.
Candy fillers
Now if your looking for really inexpensive candy to fill those eggs with there are a few really cheap options. Chocolate chips. I know this is a trick a lot of my budget friendly moms use. They are delicious and you can get a giant bag from Sams Club or Costco for under $8. Another great option for egg fillers are Dum Dums. They come in a huge bag under $10.

Old change
If you have any quarters lying around the house or in a jar, kids love money. Add a few to their eggs and they will be more than thrilled. Aria loves getting quarters in her eggs and she loves adding her change to her piggy bank.
DIY Lip Balm
Girls love lip balms. They are so easy to make and you can keep it pretty simple. Pinterest has a million recipes for them. I love this one (here). I just replace bees wax with soy wax.
DIY Play Doh or Slime
Both are incredibly easy to make. I prefer play doh over slime. It lasts longer and doesn’t leave slime marks all over your walks and cupboards. You can make them scented or edible, these are always a hit with kids.

Playdoh (here)

Edible Playdoh (here)

Slime (here)
DIY Puzzles
These are so easy to make and fun for kids to play with at all ages. You can make paper ones, popsicle stick ones and ones from felt.



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