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Sammie is throwing a Halloween movie viewing party, so I had her search chalkboard art ideas, and make a Halloween Chalkboard. We are displaying this Halloween sign that says Trick or Treat in our entryway. Are you ready to make a chalkboard sign? Or make chalkboard art for Halloween? We are sharing tips to help you make your own chalkboard for Halloween. 

We think you will enjoy this Halloween craft idea. I have been busy and Sammie jumped at the chance to try her hand at lettering this chalkboard. She was excited to make a sign for her party. We think there is going to be a new competition between her sister, and her. Because out of the gate, she nailed this Halloween sign which was inspired by chalk art she spotted on Pinterest. 

Stay tuned as once her party is over I am changing the chalkboard sign to a fall design for Thanksgiving. Let’s get started this Halloween craft project. Don’t miss the tips and resources at the end of the post too! 
Halloween Chalkboard Art

Looking for something to make? Be sure to see all our Halloween Ideas. Other Halloween Chalkboard art ideas you can make on a chalkboard are ghosts, witches, skulls, pumpkins, bats, Halloween saying… Make something spooky, cute, a party sign…
Chalk Art Supplies

What did we use make this project? We had been gifted a new set of pens and a chalkboard to try out, thanks Chalkola for sponsoring our creative chalkboard art journey. All opinions are 100% ours. These pens were easy to use, and the chalkboard was really good quality. Start your chalk art projects by grabbing your chalkboard art supplies. The list of what we used is below. Not listed is chalkboard spray and a soft cloth which is also available from them. 
DIY Chalkboard Art  Craft Supplies for chalk art  Chalk pens – white, yellow and orange (candy corn colors)  Chalkboard (the medium you will write with the chalkboard pens on)  Paper Plate or plate (to protect the surface you are working on)  Paper Towels (After shaking the pens with the lid on, dab the end of the tip onto a paper towel to get the chalk ink flowing to the tip of the pen. Do this prior to starting our project and as needed) Q-Tips (Pro-Tip: Wet the end of a Q-Tip slightly to clean up near hand lettering or chalk art) Water (for wetting paper towel and or Q-Tips to cleaning up your hand-lettering) Instructions to help you create a design for a chalkboard When making chalkboard art you can create them freehand with or without looking at ideas. You can use chalk pencils to sketch design first then go over that with the chalk pens. Or use transfer paper to copy a design and create your board with. You can also practice lettering and layout techniques. Practice drawing to add to your chalkboards, or trace graphics to use. 
I will post a few books, graphic and font resources and video resources if you are new to making this type of chalkboard lettering a bit later in this post. 
How To Make A Halloween Chalkboard Art

Sammie decided to create a sign inspired by this image she found on Pinterest for inspiration, for her Halloween chalkboard art. She created it freehand.

Pro -Tips When making art and lettering on chalkboards or for any art remember you can rotate your canvas when working on it. This helps with two things. Keeping your hands out of the wet chalk ink and helps you be able to draw lines with the pens in smooth strokes. Remember to lift the pen straight up when done with the stroke.

You need to remember when making your signs, the more you make them the better you become at the lettering and artwork.

Start with easy chalkboard art and designs. You can grab Halloween Clip Art to use or use stencils and then transfer the design Use a stylus for tracing the design onto your chalkboard. Practice drawing if you don’t draw, then work your way up to the harder projects.

Sam takes art and graphics in school, adding to her skill level for art and craft projects like today’s Halloween chalkboard. 

We hope this inspired you to make your own chalkboard art for Halloween! Happy Creating! 
Resources for chalkboard transfer techniques Print a design use paper and chalk to make a transfer (video tutorial) Chalkboard for Halloween  Hand Lettering with Transfer Paper (how-to video) I believe the chalk markers she uses are permanent. (you need soap and water, or solvent to erase it) I don’t recommend using that type of pen if you are changing your board designs. (recommended chalk markers and chalk pens)

Do you need chalkboard art supplies?  Grab chalkboard art supplies (here) Favorite Design Sources for Graphics and Fonts TheHungryjpg Check their graphics, templates, fonts. freebies and free design of the week! Search Halloween Designs (here) They have free designs of the week too. I like this cute Halloween Design with a witch, bats, mummy, ghost, Dracula… For personal use for fonts Are you looking for more chalkboard art ideas?
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What type of DIY chalkboard art will you make?

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