Life hacks are priceless, saving our time and helping in easy yet annoying situation


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s. Today we have got another bunch of them for you!

#1 A problem with your face mask?
Wearing a mask for some time causes a bit of earache. If you wear a hair band, just sew on a button to do up the mask!

#2 When your key gets broken in the lock

Broke your key and don’t want to spend $100+ on a lock smith? from r/lifehacks

#3 Constantly looking for screws and nails?
Styrofoam is perfect stuff to store screws or nails in it. Once they are stuck, they will never disappear under your desk or anywhere else. An indispensible gadget when you are assembling furniture!

#4 How to water your garden using a bucket and a hose

The next time you siphon gas out use this tip from r/lifehacks

#5 A pin magnet
A perfect solution for those keen on sewing. Pins simply love dropping on the floor to become a potential threat for our feet. To prevent that, attach a magnet to a long item(for example a ruler). Instead of crawling in the search of lost pins, you can quickly pick them up with no need to kneel anymore.

#6 Have you made too much coffee?
Why pour it out when you can freeze it to turn into coffee-ice? You won’t have to waste this delicious beverage and instead you will have a chance to enjoy it’s the flavor of coffee in any drinks you decide to cool!

#7 New order in the refrigerator
Re-arranging the products will not only save a lot of space, but it will also result in much easier access. That is why it is worth arranging the products stored there according to the meals they will be sued for. Pulling out a given drawer you will take out all the necessary ingredients without browsing anywhere else.

#8 Something for stubborn rings

How to take off a tight ring from r/lifehacks

#9 How to cool your coffee quickly

There is a way to do it really fast. Put a small glass filled with ice inside the coffee cup. This will instantly lower the temperature of the drink without the need to dilute it with water.

#10 The adhesive tape problem
Are you getting frustrated any time you have to find the tip of the tape? The clips to mark it will finally solve the problem.

#11 Your kids and/or pets love digging in your plant pots
If your children or your dog spend way too much time with your potted plants? Cut out a piece of cardboard and cover the soil. That is going to discourage them once and for all!


#12 Do the chips tubes annoy you?
If your Pringles get on your nerves, prepare a tray sliding out of the tube to take the chips easily.

#13 The easiest way to handle a bell pepper

Maybe not a life hack but the easiest way to cut a bell pepper to me. I hope one of you appreciate it : ) from r/lifehacks

#14 A tie as a guitar stand clip

#15 Securing the cables

Be that home or office, our charges are there all the time, usually plugged (even if not charging anything) which, by the way, is neither safe nor eco-friendly.

To prevent the cables from getting tangled, you need a paper clip and a drawing pin. Attach the clip to the pin, press the pin into the desk and pull the charger cable through the clip.


Have you ever used any of the tricks?


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