Mother’s Day came and went.  And while it was one of the strangest Mother’s Days in memory…  Strike that.  It was the strangest Mother’s Day ever.  So, as Mother’s Day was crazy, we are hoping things get back to normal in the next month


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  I created a list for Mother’s Day gifts, but here’s to hoping Father’s Day does not have to be the stay at home gifts that Mother’s Day necessitated.  Maybe, if we are lucky, we will have the ability to go outside and see people, even if it means we wear a mask.  While Mother’s Day is equally important to Father’s Day, as this site is The Single Dad’s Guide to Life, getting out a good Father’s Day Gift list seemed that much more important.  If you need a gift for the Father in your life, welcome to the top twelve gifts for Father’s Day 2020.

If you have read any of my previous gift lists, you will know that I think the most important thing in gift-giving is to know the person you are giving the gift for.  This list will not replace your knowledge of the person you love.  It cannot get you a great gift out of thin air.  What’s good for one dad, may not be good for the next.  So don’t think this list will turn your Father’s Day into the best one ever.

What this list will do is to jog your memory.  Excite those gray cells in your brain and get it opened up to the possibilities.  Think of it as a starting point for a brain map.  You will have all these various ideas in your mind, and you will be able to think about what things excite your father.  Then, hopefully, one of these triggers something inside you where you just have to get this particular gift for your dad.  That’s awesome.  But even if the gift for your dad isn’t here among this list, maybe one or two of the ideas will spur you on in a direction where you do find the perfect gift for your day.  Then this list has done its job.

Gift-giving can be challenging.  It feels challenging at any time.  With the crazy coronavirus, gift-giving feels like an impossibility.  I know I got things for my daughter’s birthday.  She sent me in a direction I was familiar with and I found some things I felt like she would like.  Ironically, it was the smallest knick-knack from a movie she and I had seen together before everything went crazy she loved the most.  I know gift giving for fathers often feels more challenging.  I have several ugly ties to prove it. 

But this year, I hope you throw out your subscription to Ugly Tie Quarterly and start to think about what makes your relationship with your father the most meaningful to you.  Is it the grand gesture he makes for you?  Or is it the quiet moments where he is sitting and speaking to you in a restaurant booth about what’s going on in your life?  What excites you when you see your dad?  When you have figured it out, if you don’t know it already, come back to this list when you do and see how these amazing Father’s Day gifts could be the perfect representation of your relationship with your father.  I guarantee if you feel it when you get the gift for him, he will know it.  And when he gets the gift, if he’s anything like me, you might bring him to tears.

So take a look at these great gifts for Father’s Day 2020.  I know this year seems interminable.  But we will get through it.  And with a bit of luck, with a great memory for our fathers for years to come.
Top Twelve Gifts For Father’s Day 2020 #12 The Bristle Free Grill Brush

I admit I love uncommon goods for all of the amazing gift ideas they have there.  If you haven’t checked out their website you really need to.  They have some amazing gifts for dads there as well as anyone else.  And what shouts dad more than cooking away on the grill?  (I do know some moms out there who are pretty amazing at it as well.)  If the dad in your life loves grilling like I do, getting him this Bristle Free Grill Brush will be an inexpensive and much-appreciated gift for your dad.  It uses springs and conforms to any grills contours to tackle any difficult grill cleaning task.   If your dad loves grilling, get him this.  Plus a few steaks to cook up on the BBQ.
#11 PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

I know most of us find ourselves in a panic 24/7 these days.  After all, if the Coronapocalypse is going to come for you, what can you do?  I know most of us have taken to washing our hands 50 times a day.  And after washing those hands we find we need moisturizer for those cracked hands.  (If this were all a conspiracy of the soap and moisturizer industry, I might believe you.)  The problem is, we have one of the dirtiest things imaginable we carry with us everywhere.  It’s the smartphone.  And we use it everywhere but have difficulty cleaning it for fear of wrecking the phone. 

Worry no more.  PhoneSoap has come up with a way to black UV light at the phone and allow us to kill all those naughty Covid-19 germs we got on our phone after fighting over the last toilet paper package at the grocery store.  Now we no longer have to fear the bacterial and viral mess we create on our phone every time we go out.  It’s the smart technology gift for your on the go father you care about.
#10 Fittrack Scale

I’m sure you know by now, I’m trying to put a premium on fitness.  Sometimes I’m succeeding.  Other times, I fail miserably.  But I’m making steps daily in the right direction.  All the while I have used apps or fitness equipment in the past to help inspire me to do better with my health.    With Fittrack, they seem to have included all the interesting medical information to make decisions about health all in one device.  From hydration levels to body fat percentage and so much more, Fittrack can help you do so much in aiding your way to a more healthy you.  If your dad wants that, or you want that for your dad this year, the Fittrack scale would be a great gift.
#9 Peeps Eyeglass Cleaning Tool

I know one of the hardest things for me is keeping my eyeglasses clean.  I have women at my work who look after me and make sure to wipe them down for me when they get too out of control.  But honestly, the cloth they use, as nice as it is, smudges the oils around and before long the glasses get back to their regular state of uncleanliness.    If you have a dad like me who needs his eyeglasses cleaned but can never seem to do it right, get him these Peeps eyeglass cleaning tools.  It has up to 500 uses and will clean your glasses just like you got them from the doctors.  No smudges.  No caked-on dirt.  Just clean vision all day long.
#8 PASCADO Vintage 15 Inch Brown Leather Messenger Laptop Briefcase

I have a computer I take with me all over the place.  And no matter what I do, I never seem to have something I like carrying with me.  I am never going to be the “cool” dad.  And I have come to terms with it.  But if you want to get your dad a cool way to carry his laptop around with him from place to place, this Messenger Laptop Briefcase by PASCADO does the trick.  It’s beautiful brown leather and easy to throw the strap over your shoulder and be on the go.  And at Amazon now they have it for a steal of a deal.
#7 Alton Brown: EveryDayCook : A Cookbook

I love Alton Brown.  If you have ever looked at many of my recipes, you will find the fingerprints of Alton Brown all over them.  They might not be strictly stealing as I bring my own modifications to them.  But he is my Einstein for all things dealing with food.  Beginning with his Good Eats, on the Food TV Network, he revolutionized my ideas about cooking in the kitchen.  And he broke down some of the most difficult dishes like Cheese Soufflé into manageable parts.  Or makes eclair making a snap.

Well, it appears that the man has another cookbook out there he put out after he put out his Good Eats cookbooks.  Yes, the man has been busy and doing other things.  But it’s so good to see him get back into the kitchen and share is knowledge and love of food with us.  If I want any one cookbook for Father’s Day this year, this would be it. 
#6 Get The Taste Of New York From Katz’s Delicatessen

I know I love food.  Who doesn’t?  And in this time of the coronavirus pandemic, we seem to be missing out on a lot of our favorite places.  I miss many of my favorite restaurants.  I would desperately love to get my hands on some amazing, mouth-watering steak, or a delicious pastrami sandwich.  If your dad misses meat as I do, and he loves deli-style meats, get a Taste of New York from Katz’s Delicatessen.  With delicious pastrami, corned beef, hard salami, frankfurters and so much more, your dad will thank you.  Honestly, my mouth waters just looking at it.
#5 StubHub Ticket Gift Card

I had to think about this gift for a bit of time.  On the one hand, getting anything gift card does sound like you are not really taking into consideration the person you get the gift for.  On the other hand, I’m all about experiences.  And this Ticket gift card is all about giving your father an experience or experiences.  Whether it’s his favorite music artist in concert, tickets to his favorite sporting event, or so much more, StubHub sells great deals to events everywhere.  And getting him this gift card will put your Father in the driver’s seat of whatever event he to go.  It’s a Father’s Day gift win-win if you ask me.
#4  Altered Carbon Engraved Knife Set By Groovy Guy Gifts

Yes, we do love our weapons.  Or at least we love to feel manly about them.  I still have my sword from my wedding in my room.  No matter what I think about the marriage, the wedding was one of the coolest things I did.  And I love that blade.  Well if your father loves his blades like I love mine, he will love this Engraved Knife set by Groovy Guy Gifts for Father’s Day.  This pocket knife comes with a spring-assisted blade and an attached belt clip.  And he will love the look and feel of this gift as well.  So if you want to make your dad feel his most dadly, get him this great gift.
#3 Personalized Photo Printed On Birch Wood

I spent this last weekend cleaning for my mother, but also putting up pictures of my daughter.  I have had them for a while but had not put them up yet.  Honestly, I do not know why.  I bought a picture hanging kit and then promptly lost it.  Ugh!  But putting the pictures up this last weekend made me feel things.  Good things.  Just miss my daughter more than I can say.  Just a simple photo made me want to tear up.  Well if you want to give your dad the gift of a photo for Father’s Day, but you want to make it special, do it on Birch.  It’s all brought to you by the guys at Groovy Guy Gifts.  That and a ton more.
#2  Breville Juice Fountain

In another of those things, I think about when it comes to health, I really miss having a juicer.  I did have one when I got married.  Unfortunately, it vanished into the ether like so many other things during the marriage.  But when I had it I loved it.   It was delicious, nutritious, and instant energy to start my day.  I would love to go back to having one.  And this one by Breville is such a beautiful and inexpensive choice.  If your dad is trying to get healthier like I am, and you have a bit of money to spend, you won’t go wrong with this juicer for a Father’s Day gift.
#1 MasterClass Annual Subscription

I have to admit something.  Rarely do I find something so useful for both sexes it finds its way onto both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day top ten lists for gifts.  But something about Masterclass just does it for me.  For a relatively inexpensive 15 dollars a month (billed in a yearly subscription, you can learn some amazing skills from the masters in their relative fields.  Whether it’s directing by Scorsese or Magic by Pen and Teller, you will be wowed by their depth and insight into the things which make them famous.  And you will learn some amazing skills yourself all along the way.  If your dad loves learning, as I do, this gift will make a perfect Father’s Day present in this crazy time.
Wrapping Up The Top Twelve Gifts For Father’s Day 2020
There’s so much going on right now, it hardly feels like one can take a breath.  And at the same time, there’s absolutely nothing going on right now which makes me feel stir crazy.  Any excuse to get out of the house feels so good.  I need those moments of fresh air and blue skies in my life right now.  And I cannot wait to sit with my daughter on Father’s day and just enjoy hearing her talk.  That’s the kind of crazy day I am.  I just love it.

For me, it would be as good a gift as anything else to hear my daughter’s thoughts and dreams, and how I could support her in them.  I had a friend who told me this week, I need to be straight forward and just find out what my daughter wants in her life.  Just ask.  I want to, and yet I haven’t.  The funny thing is, I’m not fearful of knowing what my daughter wants.  I’m just afraid she wants to take care of her mother, which leaves little space for me in her life.  Not because I want it that way.  But because her mother does.  But knowing who my daughter is, what my daughter loves, who her friends are, and where she wants to go, I could listen to that all day.

It’s strange thinking about the kind of dad I am, and the kind of father my dad was.  I don’t know that I’m all that good interacting in ways I would like.  I suppose some of it comes from fear.  At the same time, I’m not sure my dad ever knew how to deal with the thoughts and dreams of a 14-year-old.  And it’s something I love. Knowing my daughter, and knowing that she knows me is the greatest gift this father could ever want.  Sure, I appreciate the stuff.  And I would love any or all of these gifts on any Father’s Day.  But that irreplaceable relationship I have with my daughter.  There’s nothing else like it.

I hope you love on your dad this father’s day.  If he’s anything like me, just hearing you talk about the things you love will make him glow.  Those conversations with my daughter mean more to me than anything.  I hope you have a good one with your dad when Father’s Day comes around.  Or better yet, do it before.  Because that’s a free gift you can give him any time.

Which of these gifts do you think your dad would enjoy for Father’s Day 2020?  Are you more into giving gifts, or experiences?  What’s your fondest memory of your father?

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Until next time, show a little love to your dad today.  Every moment you have with him is priceless.

David Elliott, The Single Dad’s Guide to Life

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