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I got the adult size mask. The package contained one cloth mask. The cloth mask's effectiveness is affected by the number of layers, material, and fit. 

I liked:

1. The mask is large and covers my face starting from the nose going well under the chin as a good mask should.

2. This is my first cloth mask, and I expected it not to hold water (the main test I run on all paper masks to make sure they offer good protection). To my surprise, this mask does hold water and did not leak when I filled it with water.  Even when I washed by hand under the faucet, it continued to hold water. Big plus!

3. The mask has two layers, the outer thicker fabric, and the inside thin fabric.  It has a pocket for a filter.

I did not like:

1. The main problem with the mask that it does not have a nose clip.  The mask gaps around the nose at the top. This means COVID-19 droplets can both enter and escape.

2. It has hard holders that allow adjusting the elastic that goes around the ear.  But these plastic things dig into my ears.  I never found one-size-fits-all plain elastic around the ears bothersome, but I notice these earpieces as they press on my ears.

Comparison of mask effectiveness:
1. Cloth masks provide 30% protection
2. Surgery masks  provide 60% protection
3. N95 or KN95 masks provide 95%

When I go into crowded places, I actually double mask.  This washable mask goes on top of a surgical mask.  So the gap at the nose is not a big problem for me.  However, anyone who wears this mask on its own would need to fix it by attaching a clip with a bit of sewing; otherwise, the mask effectiveness is significantly reduced.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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