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This package of SevJink disposable face masks contains two packages, each holding 50 masks. Each mask is individually packaged. The masks have a nose clip and passed a number of tests I do on each paper mask to ensure they are reliable (more on the tests below).

The masks fit comfortably over my face, do not pull on ears too much, and breathing in them is very easy.  I took the mask on and off several times while testing it, and the loops stayed attached and did not snap off, which appears to be a common issue with some of these masks. 

I found five tests to tell apart fake surgical masks and real surgical masks and performed three of the tests. The main test is the "water" test, which shows that the mask does not let through the water.  This means it keeps my spittle inside the mask and keeps other's people spittle away from me.

Since the masks passed those tests, I did not do the burn test, so I would have to destroy the mask.

Below are the five tests to tell part a good surgical mask from a bad one:

1. Light penetration
The real mask does not let the light through; the fake mask lets the light through.

2. Blow out a flame
You cannot blow out a flame through a real mask; you can flow out a flame through a fake face mask.

3. Hold water
The real mask holds water, the fake mask leaks.

4. Burn test
The filter in the real mask melts but does not burn; the filter in the fake mask burns with a flame.

5. Electrostatic attraction test
The real mask attracts particles; a fake mask does not.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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