Pumpkin Counting Mat


I knew as soon as I saw these adorable pumpkin erasers, I would need a fun counting activity to use them in the classroom. This pumpkin counting mat gives young learners practice with counting from 1-20 with a fun seasonal twist.

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Getting Ready

These pumpkin counting mats are super easy to prepare!

I chose to print the download (found below) on orange cardstock and ran the mat through my laminator.

(There is also a color version that could be printed on white cardstock.)

I grabbed some of my pumpkin mini erasers, a dry erase marker and eraser, and a pencil and paper clip for spinning the spinner.

If you don’t have the pumpkin erasers from Target, you could use a different manipulative of choice or use the pumpkin printable cards included in the free download.

We were ready for some pumpkin counting!

Pumpkin Counting Mat

For this activity, my students first spun the 1-20 spinner. The first number was 11.

We counted out eleven pumpkins on the ten frames, making sure to start in the upper left-hand corner of the top box and move to the right, just like we read a book.

The activity lends itself nicely to some great one-to-one correspondence practice.

The last thing my students did was write the number to match their set of pumpkins.  Since there were 11 pumpkins counted on the ten frames, the children wrote the number 11 on the line with a dry erase marker.

Students repeated the process of spinning, counting and writing until their time was finished.

This festive counting mat activity was prefect to use as small math group work, independent practice or as a partner activity.

Grab Your Download

Ready for some pumpkin counting fun?!  Just click the button below to grab your free download!

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