Simple Task boxes for your Special Education Classroom independent work station are tough to find- but you can make them DIY AND on theme!! Here are 5 boxes for March/ St


Patrick’s Day that you can probably make easily with materials found in your classroom or bought on amazon… or even find at the dollar store!

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TOOLS: (affiliate links below)

+ small plastic tupperware

+ Shoe Boxes (free! Ask friends!)

+ Astrobrights paper

+ Gold Coins

+ Packing Tape

+ Mini exacto kit

+ Clothespins

+ Velcro

You can find all my favorite task box materials here. (affiliate link)

I get asked a lot about independent work for students who are NOT independent during work time yet! The answer? PUT IN and sorting TASKS! These are fun and easy to make and you can easily differentiate them! I always include a few of these in my DIY task boxes each month.

This box involves pulling the coins off the sides of the canister (this is a formula can) and inserting them into the hole at the top.

This one involved cutting green paper into a shamrock for students to clip clothespins to. You can write the numbers with a marker or print them out and tape on with packing tape.

I stored the pins in a box like above! and hung the shamrock on the board for a decoration while not in use.

When you find a good material for the month- try to use it in two different boxes. This is a higher level way to use the coins. I got these small containers on amazon and students can count coins out to fill them with the correct number.

It fit perfectly inside the amazon box for you to store.

Here’s what it looks like when completed.

I hope these task boxes give you some good St. Patrick’s Day box ideas! You can find a lot of these materials around your classroom or by asking others for donations, some of the materials can be found in target dollar spot, or the dollar store… and the rest can most definitely be found on amazon using my affiliate links!

Need more task box ideas?

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