Someone Like You by Morgan Malone


Someone Like You by Morgan Malone
The I’ll Never Say I Do Series, Book 1
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

“I dare you, I double, triple dare you, to go online for three months and really look at the guys who are out there just waiting to fall in love with the awesome women you are! I bet you that you will all be head over heels and engaged by the end of the year!”

Seri, Jessica, Emily and Olivia made a vow in college never to marry when they formed The “I’ll Never Say I Do” Club. At 40, they are all rich, successful and alone. Then Seri meets and falls in love with a man she met online. At her Maine wedding, she issues a challenge to her three bridesmaids: Three months to meet a man they want to marry. The consolation prize if they fail: a New Year’s trip to Hawaii. What have they got to lose?

Love ‘em and leave ‘em had always been Dr. Jessica Mizrahi’s motto. No way was anyone going to get inside her heart and hurt her. Again. On the night of Seri’s wedding, Jess falls into a hot and heavy quickie with a bold, bad boy chef. The next day, she’s back in Saratoga Springs and her busy practice, beautiful apartment and no men complicating her life. Then, the chef shows up in her hometown, to open a long-awaited restaurant right next door. Jess fights the attraction but she’s drawn to the warmth in his flashing eyes, the humor lurking behind his cocky smirks and the memories of their brief but blistering time together. He’s more than he seemed and is becoming more than she can handle.

Steve Cole is the hottest chef in Manhattan. For ten years, he’s clawed his way to the top, earning three Michelin stars. But he’s not happy. He dreams of intimate bistros in resort towns along the East Coast. He’s checking out a possible location in Maine when a brash and beautiful bridesmaid seduces him. Word for word and move for move, she’s his match and they end up in the hottest tryst he’s ever experienced. Then she’s gone. Until days later, when she literally knocks him down in front of Yaya’s, the first of his resort bistros. Steve can’t let his guard down and risk another broken heart. He’s got a restaurant to open in two weeks! He’ll keep it loose and lusty, no strings. Then he’ll move on.

Jess has vowed never to love any man and Steve refuses to trust any woman. But, the sparks that were ignited in Maine, are burning hot and bright in Saratoga. Doubts and fears from their pasts may be too much for them to overcome, but Seri’s challenge has given Jess hope. Does her sexy chef have the recipe for happy-ever-after?

She’ll never say I do…unless she does.

Having read other books by Morgan Malone, I knew I’d get a great happy ever after in this story and I wasn’t disappointed. The writing moved along at a great clip and I was totally engrossed in the story. I rooted for the characters and loved the dog. It’s a well-rounded story and one I recommend highly.

Jess and Steve aren’t supposed to work. On paper, they don’t. But in real life, they’re perfect for each other. I liked how they balanced each other and how they were both stubborn, too. They were very realistic, which is great. I could see my friends in Jess. I loved the way the romance blossomed, too. It wasn’t too fast, but just right.

If you’re looking for a story with strong-willed people, solid writing and a fun story, then this is the book for you.

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