The PlayStation 5 will feature an unusual 825GB SSD, which is an annoying compromise between performance, capacity, and price.


Sony said during its dull PS5 hardware event that the 825GB custom drive fits well with the hardware, and is enough to satisfy the storage needs of gamers.
Sony also said it had to account for costs when developing the PS5 SSD, but did not reveal the console’s price.
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It finally happened, PlayStation friends, Sony revealed new details about the PS5 during a streamed pre-recorded presentation that should have happened at the now-canceled GDC. “The Road to PS5” was a 52-minute clip in which Sony’s Mark Cerny gave us a deep dive into the PlayStation 5 hardware, which turned out to be a colossal marketing misstep for the company. It’s one thing to target developers with this sort of online-only event. But it’s absolutely too deep of a dive for potential buyers of the console who aren’t interested in all the technical jargon and how everything works. The reaction from fans was absolutely brutal, with the clip currently having an almost 2:1 likes-to-dislikes ratio — that’s 219K to 89K for anyone keeping scores at home.

That said, Sony did reveal the full set of specs for the upcoming PS5, and it turns out that some of the leaks in the past few months were right. On paper, the new Xbox Series X lists better CPU and GPU performance than the PS5, but the new PlayStation has a custom solid-state drive that’s twice as fast as the Xbox. Sadly, the PS5 SSD has a strange capacity, at 825GB, that screams of compromise.

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