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Home Organization Tips
Want to get your home more organized but not sure how to do it. Here are 19 home organization tips that are easy to do and will make a big step towards making your home clutter-free and organized. To make the transition to total organization easier, why not try one new tip each week or one per month?
Invest in a Storage Shed
The number one complaint you probably have is that you just never seem to have enough space. A storage shed could be just the solution you are looking for.


Investing in a storage shed is a good first step to getting organized – Source: Classic Buildings

1. Invest in a storage shed: Since adding onto your home is very expensive and can take a considerable amount of time, why not go the simpler route and invest in a portable building that is constructed for you and delivered right to your back yard? You’ll gain that much needed extra space at a very affordable price.

2. Maximize your shed space: Make sure you maximize the space in your storage shed. A great way to do that is to have shelving added in so you can take advantage of the wall space.


Sheds with lofts give you extra overhead storage space: Source: Classic Buildings

3. Purchase a storage shed with a loft: Storage sheds with lofts give you more storage space bang for your buck. You can store many additional things in the loft to take advantage of your overhead space.

Clever Ways to Use Unused Door Space

Hang your ironing board behind a door and hang toiletries on your bathroom door – Image Source: OneCrazyHouse

4. Hang up your ironing board: Instead of leaving your ironing board set up all the time and taking up floor space, use this tip from OneCrazyHouse and hang it up with robe hooks attached to the unused space behind a door.

5. Hang accessories on your closet door: Purchase an over-the-door hanging rack to hang on the inside of your closet for hanging up your necklaces, purses or belts. Or hand a bag on your bathroom door to hold all your toiletries to free up cupboard space.


Keep your plastic bags organized in a tissue box – Source: The Family Handyman
6. Tissue box for plastic bag dispensing: Here’s a super and very inexpensive idea from the Family Handyman. Simply attach an empty tissue box to the inside of your cabinet door and fill it with plastic bags for easy access.

7. File folders work well to hold your wraps: Screw plastic file folder holders to the inside of your cabinet door to neatly store your rolls of plastic and aluminum wrap.
Tips for Organizing the “Small” Things
You may think that the small things take up less space, but they can actually add up very quickly and make your home seem cluttered. These tips will help you get those small things organized and easier to find.


Ice cube trays are the perfect size for organizing small things – Source:
8. Use ice cube trays: Ice cube trays placed in a drawer or on a shelf are the perfect size for holding small things like jewelry, thumbtacks, loose change,  paper clips, craft supplies, and more.  They are also stackable, which makes them even more space-conscious.

9. Use mugs for pens: You’ve probably got extra mugs in your cupboard that you don’t use. Take them out and use them to keep your pens or pencils in one place. This tip does double duty as it will also free up some cupboard space for you too!


Make your own drawer organizers – Source: OneCrazyHouse
10. Make your own drawer organizers: Buying drawer organizers can add up quickly. You can make your own by cutting up different sized boxes and covering them with pretty shelf lining or scrapbook paper.

Clever Ways to Use Hooks
Hooks are a great organizational tool. They are easy to install and very inexpensive to purchase.

Kids find hooks easier to use than hangers – Source: Amazon
11. Use hooks for your children: Wherever possible, install hooks that your children can reach for them to use to hang up their coats, backpacks, and clothes. Hooks are much easier for children to use than hangers, and if it is easier, they are more likely to use it.

12. Install bathroom door hooks for towels: If you don’t have enough towel racks to hang up all your damp towels in your bathroom, you can use over the door hooks as well.

Food Organization Hacks

Clear bins let you access food at the back of shelves easier – Source: Amazon

13. Store food in clear bins: To prevent forgetting about food that gets stuck at the back of your fridge or pantry, store your food in clear plastic bins that can be easily pulled out and put back to access the items at the back of your shelves.

14. Use clear containers to see your food: Use clear containers in your fridge so that you can see what food you have stored there. If you can see it, you are more likely to use it and not forget about it.


Store spices on the side of your fridge – Source: Amazon

15. Store spices on the fridge: Get your spice rack off of your counter by storing your spices in magnetic spice jars on the side of your fridge.

Shoe Storage Hacks
There are so many different types of footwear that your family needs and wears every week, and they can start to take over your home. Get your shoes under control with these helpful storage hacks.


Arrange shoes heel to toe to save space
16. Store shoes heel to toe: You’ll be surprised at how much space you can save by storing your shoes heel to toe instead of side by side.

17. Use a small bookcase: A bookcase placed near your door is a great alternative to a traditional wire shoe rack. It is sturdier, looks better and can accommodate a lot more shoes.


18. Store your boots upright: Use a handy boot clip or stuff an empty wrapping paper roll inside your long boot so they don’t flop over and take up extra space in your closet. This will also help them keep their shape and protect them from getting stepped on.

19. Pack up footwear at the end of each season: At the end of each season, pack up the footwear that you won’t be needing such as all your sandals in the winter, and store them in a plastic tote in your storage shed or garage until you need them again.

Need a Storage Shed? Get the Best Buildings at the Best Price
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Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

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