Wacom’s graphics tablets have great options for all budgets — check out two of the best here


Graphics tablets come in all kinds of ranges, from extremely minimalist, budget-friendly options to some of the more feature-heavy, expensive options. Wacom, one of the leading producers of graphics tablets, has selections suitable for all budgetary requirements. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level graphics tablet to indulge your hobby or a professional graphics tablet, Wacom has you covered.

We provide a detailed description of Wacom’s most popular graphics tablets on both ends of the budgetary spectrum.

WACOM Intuos CTL-4100K-N 5" Graphics Tablet

The Wacom's graphics tablets have great options for all budgets is an extremely precise, entry-level graphics tablet that imitates the sensation of drawing on paper. It’s perfect for novice graphic designers and hobbyists. It comes with a battery-free pen, so there’s no hassle with charging cables and battery replacements.

The Intuos is different from most other graphics tablets because it doesn’t have a screen of its own. Instead, the tablet offers a 5” surface that corresponds to your computer monitor. Moving the pen over the tablet will be similar to swiping across a trackpad, thus allowing you to draw on your computer, making the two components a part of a whole.

The Intuos tablet is incredibly sleek, and so is the minimalist black pen with two customizable buttons. The pen feels like a typical writing pen, so it should feel right at home in your hands. Made from smooth black plastic, the entire graphics tablet looks sleek and classy, making it a welcome accessory to your setup.

The Intuos CTL-4100K-N 5” comes pre-installed with software, allowing you to work on your editing and drawing skills before investing in advanced software. The system comes with two essential software for beginner graphic designers — Corel AfterShot 3 for editing and Corel Painter Essentials 6 for illustration.

The Intuos CTL-4100K-N 5” also includes 4 customizable keys that allow you to execute complex, commonly-used chain of commands with a single tap. Due to its 5” compact size, you can also carry it wherever you want, including your school, work, or on trips, provided you have a computer to connect with.

WACOM Intuos CTL-4100K-N 5” comes with a 2-years manufacturer’s guarantee, and it’s currently available for only £54.99.

WACOM One DTC133W0B 13.3" Graphics Tablet

WACOM One DTC133W0B 13.3” is the ideal graphics tablet for hobbyists and professional graphic designers alike who’d like an independent device. Unlike the Intuos, it features a fairly large screen, so you can sketch and doodle away even when you don’t have access to a computer. The display is around the same size as an A4 paper, and it also feels similar to drawing on paper.

WACOM One DTC133W0B has an anti-reflective canvas, which allows you to draw even when the ambient light is bright without any glares or reflection. Furthermore, the Full HD resolution allows you to produce images in extremely high resolution with plenty of detail. The included pen has 4096 pressure levels, which means you can easily modify the strokes by altering the pressure, just as you would with an actual pen on paper.

WACOM One DTC133W0B features an ambidextrous design and an adjustable, ergonomic stand with foldable legs. It comes with three pre-installed software — Bamboo Paper, Adobe Premier Rush, and Clip Studio Paint Pro with up to 6 months of license. Bamboo Paper is ideal for doodling, Clip Studio Paint is meant for drawing and painting, and the Adobe Premiere Rush is ideal for editing and sharing.

As such, WACOM One comes pre-installed with all the tools you need to start designing without further investments. It’s also compatible with Windows, Mac, or Android, and it comes with a 2-years manufacturer’s guarantee. The graphics tablet is currently available for £359.00.

WACOM Intuos and WACOM One will appeal to different types of users. One of them is extremely minimalist, budget-friendly, and an accompaniment for the computer, whereas the other is more expensive and an independent tablet. The two ranges, Intuos and One, also feature multiple other products. You can explore the entire range of WACOM graphics tablets to find the one most suitable for your requirements.

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