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Monday 5th July 2021
You can totally do this.

Despite the weather, my brothers getting stuff done, the outside decking is complete, he's boxed in the drains and piping,I can still access them of course and will be able to store my hose and garden tools in there.  He just got one last thing to do at the end at the decking where there's going to be some plugs.  Today he'll start on the living room, hopefully get loads done because tomorrow is moms birthday and he's having a bbq, although the weather doesn't look like it's going to be playing! 

Well we had a cracking good zoom yesterday, this week we talked about saving some money, being a bit frugal and cutting down on food waste, which will help our weight loss too!

Here was a few of the tips and tricks shared to help cut your food waste in your fridge and cupboards.

·      Before you go shopping, always check your fridge, freezer and cupboards. 

·      Take photos on your phone to help you remember what you have at home.

·      MAKE A SHOPPING LIST – stick to it.

·      Plan your main meals for the week

·      Don’t fall for ‘buy one get on free’ if you don’t need the first one.

·      Your fridge should be set at 5c or less to keep food as fresh as possible.

·      Eggs – don’t go by the date on the box, if you’re unsure, put them in a bowl of water, if they sink they’re safe to eat, if they float – throw em away.

·      Herbs – treat fresh herbs like flowers, cut stems and place in a half jar of water.  Keep basil at room temp.

·      Butter – add garlic or herbs and freeze in ice cubes to use in cooking.

·      Use large empty yogurt tubs to store leftovers.

·      If fizzy drinks go flat, pour them into ice lolly moulds and freeze.

·      Frozen cubes of milk last months and can be dropped straight into tea or coffee.

·      WINE – if its in the fridge white lasts a week and red up to four days!

·      Apples last up to two weeks longer in the fridge than they do in a fruit bowl.  You can simmer wrinkly apples in leftover fruit juice to make a delicious crumble base.

·      Cooked shellfish will last a couple of days in the fridge, if frozen cook within 24 hrs of defrosting.

·      Lemons and limes last weeks longer in the fridge.  Freeze slices to use in G&Ts

·      If you use Tofu, you can store it in a container with just enough water to cover it.

·      The say rubbing lemon juice on unused avocado halves then wrap tightly will keep them for longer but personally I’ve never had one keep its colour.

·      Soft carrots can be revived by chopping a slice off each and putting them in cold water

·      Wrap cheese in waxed paper not clingfilm, to keep fresh.  Keep soft cheese moist by storing in the salad drawer.

·      Preserve broccoli for longer by putting the stems in a glass of water in the fridge.

·      If you use half a pepper the leftover half will last longer if you leave the stake and seeds attached.

·      To stop salad leaves going limp, add a piece of kitchen roll to the bag, seal with a clip.

·      Leftover cooked bacon makes a crunchy topping for salad – WHO EVER HAS LEFTOVER BACON!

·      Always keep ham in an airtight container, it can be frozen right up to the use by date, just put greaseproof paper between slices.

·      Meat (beef, pork, lamb)  It’s perfectly safe to re-freeze meat that has been defrosted and cooked. 

·      Store chicken on bottom shelf where it is coolest, in a sealed container when freezing, put breasts in separate bags to make defrosting easier.

·      Put potatoes in a cloth bag away from onions.  Don’t worry if sprouts appear just knock them off and cut out any rotten or green bits.  The rest is fine to eat.  Frozen boiled potatoes can be roasted straight from the freezer.

·      Oil is best stored in an opaque or tinted bottle to protect it from the light.  Extra virgin last longer than regular olive oil.

·      Pulses / lentils / beans once opened never store cans in the fridge as metal may transfer to the contents.  Keep leftovers in sealable containers instead.

·      Nuts and seeds will last longer if you store them in an airtight container or seal the bag with a clip – or even a peg from the washing line.

·      Big bags of crisps can be resealed with a bag clip and they keep for 3 days apparently!

·      Keep onions in a cloth bag away from the potatoes, only store cut onions in the fridge wrapped or in a container.

·      Dark chocolate lasts longer than milk or white and if chocolate develops white spots over time, it’s due to moisture or heat and won’t harm your health.

·      Honey and jam lasts for years, but will crystalise over time.  Revive it by placing the container in a bowl of warm water for ten minutes.  Keep jam jars in fridge once opened.

·      Store spices away from direct sunlight, they’ll last up to four years (depending on the spice) but will lose their potency over time.  To test, simply rub a small amount into your hand and taste or smell it.

·      If dried fruit has gone hard, soften it by soaking in hot water, or try soaking in alcohol for a boozy treat.

·      Soft or soggy biscuits regain their crunch if popped in the oven for a few minutes.

·      Keep coffee in airtight containers and avoid moisture at all costs and it turns beans and ground coffee bad more quickly.

·      Tea should keep its taste up to 12 months past its ‘best before’ date.

·      Keep bananas away from other fruits as the gas released by the bananas will cause everything to ripen more quickly. 

·      Flour should last up to eight months after opening. You’ll know if it’s has turned rancid because it will have a musty or sour smell.

·      Cooked rice should be eaten immediately or rinsed quickly under cold water, drained and stored in the fridge, ideally within an hour.  Adding a few grains of uncooked rice to your salt shaker will stop the salt getting damp helping it last longer.

·      Don’t store bread in the fridge, where it won’t last as long.  Freshen up stale bread by sprinkling with water and placing in a hot oven for a few minutes.  Or use it to make breadcrumbs for pasta bakes, stuffing and crumbles.

·      Butternut squash only needs to be in fridge once it’s been cut.  Keep it in the colder part of the cupboard or even in a cold, dark garage.

We then challenged the all to go through their kitchen cupboards and make a meal with something that been in there a long time!  Elle added a second challenge which was to try and shave at least £5 off their food shopping bill, could you do that?

Once my visitors go home, I intend to have a very cheap rest of the month, I'm going to be eating a lot of meals like beans on toast, using up the fish I have in the freezer and all the ready meals too.  The only thing I want to be buying is bread, milk and dog food.  As you can imagine my savings have took a huge hit with all this work I've had done, thankfully the labour was free, just had to supply food and beer :) 

Until then, I'll take my aching body and start my day, see if I can help in any way, we've got a load of washing to do and hopefully it'll be dry today so we can get it dry!  

Have a great day, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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