Writing and doodles look better with the best gel pens


Gel pens are a go-to option for everyday writing, and for a good reason. They write smoothly, come in a variety of eye-catching colors, and create crisp lines that are easy to read. They also have a satisfying tactile sensation that most other pen types lack. Check out our collection of the best gel pens to improve your writing or doodling experience.

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PILOT G2 P, Fine Point, Black Ink, 4-Pack

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This incredibly popular pen is available in four-point options, an entire rainbow of colors (including metallics), and offers smooth writing on almost any quality paper. It's comfortable in your hand thanks to the rubber grip, and there's no cap to keep track of since it uses a retractable mechanism. The smooth clip easily slides onto your pocket edge or into your bag so you won't misplace it.

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Fix any mistake

PILOT FriXion Clicker Erasable, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 7-Pack

These PILOT pens use a special thermo-sensitive gel ink that you can erase and write over, again and again. This set features seven colors and includes a carry pouch to keep them together in your bag. They're also refillable, so you don't have to send your pens to the landfill.

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Best for bullet journals

Paper Mate InkJoy, Medium Point, Assorted Colors, 14 Count

Creating doodles or separating content in your bullet journal will be easy with these 14 different colors of pens. The Paper Mate InkJoy gel pens also dry 3X faster than other brands, minimizing smudges. And to maximize comfort, the entire pen is wrapped in an ergonomic grip material.

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Archival quality

uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Medium Point, Black, 8 Count

Most gel pens can be completely or partially washed away from surfaces, but not the uni-ball 207 gel pens. Instead, they use uni Super Ink which can resist both water and fading over time. This means they're a good choice for archival projects like scrapbooking. They also have an ink viewing window so you can see when it's time for a refill.

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Best for dark paper

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 08, Medium Point, White, 3 pack

Scrapbooking projects often call for dark pages to contrast certain photos or items. Instead of disappearing on the page like most ink colors, these white gel pens make your letters stand out. Each pen has a lid to keep the tip from drying out, and you can order them in three-point styles.

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Best for lefties

Pentel EnerGel RTX, .07mm, Assorted Colors, 6 Pack

If you're a lefty, then you know the pain of watching beautiful letters smear across the page. Pentel has found the perfect balance between liquid and gel inks to deliver both a fast-drying and a smooth writing experience. The grip is latex-free, and you can refill the barrels when they run out of ink.

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Best for art projects

Reaeon Gel Pens, Assorted Colors, 100 count

Whether you're creating your next piece of art, taking notes, or journaling, this big set of gel pens also includes glitter, metallic, neon, and pastel inks, in addition to the traditional gel colors. Pen tips range from .8-1.0mm, and they've included refills for every color. The ink is non-toxic and acid-free.

$21 at Amazon

The right pen

If you're very picky about having the right pen, you can't go wrong with the PILOT G2. They are loved by people working in all fields because they write smooth and one ink cartridge lasts a very long time. They also come in lots of colors. Those colors are bold, not wimpy like regular ballpoint pens. Their metallic line is an excellent choice if you're writing invitations, and their mini line will easily fit into your purse or pocket.

For lefties, the PILOT G2 may still smear a bit as you move your hand across the page, so the Pentel EnerGel is the next best option. Their quick-drying ink comes in many colors and will keep all your lines in place. They also offer refills and a metal clip to hold the pen in place.

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