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Have you watched the live action Maleficent Movie? It's got a fun backstory about why Maleficent is the way she is...filled with love, betrayal and revenge. It's a fun movie to watch for Halloween! I like seeing Maleficent as a child, growing up and loving the land. She has big horns and wings, which make the perfect cosplay costume. Now there's a new Maleficent movie coming out in October (2019) so I am updating this post from 2015. This Disney inspired costume DIY is perfect for Halloween or a fan convention. Make the perfect Disney inspired costume cosplay of Maleficent as a child from the Live-Action Maleficent Movie. This angel of darkness didn't always have a dark side, the wings, horn and fairy-like attributes are simple to DIY.

 This a great costume for a teen or tween! My daughter was perfect for this part--and she actually picked out this costume idea herself!

 Here's Maleficent from the movie:
Complete with feathered wings, twisted horns, wooden beads, pointy ears and natural clothes.

 Supplies Needed: (affiliate links)2 Pieces of Foam Core Board
Brown Feathers
Poly Plastic
Brown Fun Foam
Brown Felt
Metal Headband
Brown Oversized Scarf
Hot Knife
FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® 2" Craft Foam Blocks
Styro Cutter Plus
Styrofoam Smooth Finish
Craft Paint/Brushes
Black and Brown Spray Paint
1/4" Elastic

Begin by drawing the basic horn shape on the 2 inch foam. The size of the horn will depend on the size of the human that is to wear them. Start by using paper and holding up to the child's head, trim down as needed. Once the desired size is found, then use the heat cutter to cut the foam.
   Start by simply blocking it out.

Then begin to carve down the sides into rounded horns.

 I also used this serrated does faster than the hot cutter, but is dustier and makes that hideous Styrofoam squeak sound! 

Repeat the carving process for the second horn, only make it the reverse.

 After carving, use the Smooth Finish and coat the horns in a thin layer with your fingers.

 Let them dry completely.

 Next, spray paint them black and then mist over them in brown. Do this outdoors on a pieces of cardboard.

 Then cut a 2 by 6 inch piece of brown felt, fold over one edge about 1/4" and hot glue in place.
 Then hot glue the felt to the horns, but leave half of the felt hanging off the horn.

Then cut the felt into tabs and hot glue them onto a headband. (note: do not use a plastic headband, it will melt it into a non-headband shape) 

Place the headband on the head and mark where the horns should be placed. Then remove the headband and glue the horns down firmly.

 That is it for the headband! The biggest and most iconic part of Maleficent is completed!

Let's make those glorious wings!  For wings just like mine (adult sized) you will need:  2 pieces of Foam Core posterboard
 8 sheets of brown fun foam
 400 brown feathers
 Poly Plastic
 Hot glue/gun
 Hot knife/wood burner with x-acto blade attachment

Use a pencil and sketch out the basic pattern for the wings. It's very rough. Then use the hot knife and cut the foam. You must use a hot knife, x-acto's alone will not cut the foam inside well enough and it will be a disaster. Then flip over the wing and trace it onto the other piece of foam board, repeat the cutting process.

Hot glue 2 of the pieces of brown fun foam onto the foam core... then trim off the excess foam with scissors. I pieced in a bit of the excess foam and hot glued it to the foam board higher up. This way I could maximize my foam. Then turn over and repeat.

 Leave about 4 inches of the tips white just like horns on the tips of the wings.

 Next hot glue 100 feathers onto each of the 4 sections. I knew it wouldn't be enough feathers to fill the area, so I placed them in clusters sporadically.

Clip off as much as the quill stick as possible...some of them were really long!

 Then place them on the wings in little clusters.

Cover the top section by the horns pretty thickly.

 Then use Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic.

I love this stuff--I use this so much! You just heat up water in a glass jar for a couple minutes, until boiling. Then pour in the pellets.  They will turn clear, melt together and become moldable! Then scoop the plastic out with a spoon. The plastic can be hot, but not as hot as the be careful. Then mold the plastic around the foam board to make these big, beautiful, round horned tips! Let it dry completely.

Next poke holes in the wings and laced black elastic through them.

Lace them up tight like a corset top.

Next add some elastics loops from the top to the bottom holes on both sides, leaving enough slack to fit comfortably around the arms.

To complete the look, find a simple dress in a green or natural color. Ours is aqua, but still works. We found an oversized scarf in brown at the thrift store and simply cut a V in it to fit over her head. Tied with a belt and adorned with a natural necklace.

Add a bracelet and a wooden bead necklace...possible a pouch at the hip and that's it! This Young Maleficent costume is perfection!  Even the shadow it casts is impressive!

The wings are easy to slip on and off, and make traveling to a location a need to have your lover cut off your wings in a rage for power!

Add some vibrant red lipstick to complete the look!

Make the perfect Disney inspired costume cosplay of Maleficent as a child from the Live-Action Maleficent Movie. This angel of darkness didn't always have a dark side, the wings, horn and fairy-like attributes are simple to DIY.

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And this killer light-up Maleficent Staff!

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CraftsAndDiy Maleficent Halloween Costumes

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