Bonia box 15.5x10.5 cm


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Bonia box 15.5x10.5 cm

Unique box with a lid, made from buffalo bone and MDF in the colours grey and off-white. The attractive Bonia box measures L15.5xW10.5xH5 cm. Use the box for jewellery and hair clips in the bathroom, pens and paper clips on the desktop or perhaps on the hallway table for keys and whatever else you might think of. At Lene Bjerre, we have created a wide range of unique boxes and box sets, with a focus on both functionality and design. We therefore present a palette of beautiful boxes and box sets, to ensure that you can create the perfect atmosphere in your interior design with trendy home accessories from Lene Bjerre. NOTE: This bone the box is made from comes from animals bred for consumption. This means that the animal is bred to be eaten and therefore the bone is a by-product. No animals have therefore been harmed in connection with the manufacture of this box.

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