"Get to the Point" Magnetic Arrow Bookmarks (PASTEL - Box of 20) (TTP-6050)


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"Get to the Point" Magnetic Arrow Bookmarks (PASTEL - Box of 20) (TTP-6050)
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  • * Prominently mark text either for reference or as a bookmark reminder
  • * Ideal for any type of book or papers
  • * Re-usable coated magnet has a firm grip
  • * 1/2" H x 1" W (2" W overall)
  • * 20/Box
  • Product description

    COLORFUL, RE-USEABLE MAGNETIC BOOKMARKS are a super easy way to prominently mark a specific line of text for future reference, a memorable passage in a book or earmark all your favorite recipes. Simply open the point and slip the bookmark over a page and it will adhere securely. So much more book friendly than resorting to bent corners, paper clips, or high-lighting; and much neater than post it notes. Their glossy coating makes them super durable. FUN & FUNCTIONAL - Magnetic arrow line book markers (1/2" W x 1 u00bd" L), slips over and magnetically clasps to a single page firmly. Our magnetic arrow bookmarks will prominently mark text either for reference or as a bookmark reminder without harming the page and point you directly to the last line you left off or information you want noted. Simply fold it over the page, the magnet clings together strongly holding your bookmark securely on to the page. PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES OF BOOKS - Ideal for text books, reference books, cookbooks, travel books or any stack of papers you would like to reference quickly. Works with books of all shapes and sizes from textbooks, paperbacks, hardcover novels to newspapers and magazines. NEVER LOOSE YOUR PLACE ON THE PAGE AGAIN - Now you can pick up exactly where you left off with our Arrow line markers each and every time. Each bookmark is magnetic so it saves your place and the page without any trace or mark on your Book. GET TO THE POINT ARROW BOOKMARK PACKS - Make Great gifts for Men, Women, Teens, Kids, Teachers & all the Book Lovers in your world! Arrow Line Book Marker Pack is Ideal for Men, Women and Teens & Kids! Great for School, Work & Readers, Book Clubs and Bookworms on all levels. Perfect for students, researchers or anyone who wants to notate something in a book without harming the pages.

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