Paper Clips . Designer - Set of 9 / Black


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Paper Clips . Designer - Set of 9 / Black

Areaware Paper Clips . Designer- Set of 9 / Black

GrAlli loves this product! Sophisticated and practical, these extra large designer clips to make your correspondence stylish and special.

Creative Ideas:

Use in your bullet point journal or your diary/calendar to mark a section or especially important date.

Give a lift to a special message, maybe clipped to a photo or gift?

Use to enhance your gift wrapping, create a unique gift decoration.

Makes a great gift for a creative friend - you can use these clips as a starting point for hand-drawn or printed/stamped wrapping paper, or cards.

Size: Largest clip is 4cm x 4cm. Pack of 9 is 22cm x 19cm
Packaging/Shipping: 9 clips on a card, displayed securely, cellophane wrapped.
Made In: China
Designed By: Daphna Laurens
About This Brand:
Functional forms in bent spring steel, these Paper Clips originated as line drawings with no practical purpose, but were quickly transformed by designer Daphna Laurens into something utilitarian and beautiful.