Slice of Pizza 9 Piece Stitch Marker Set


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Slice of Pizza 9 Piece Stitch Marker Set

Snag free stitch marker to dangle between your stitches and remind of that next pattern change. Now your project will be even prettier while you knit it. Don't knit? You can have this made into a crochet marker set (see options)

If you are using scrap pieces of yarn or paper clips to mark your stitches? Now you can upgrade your knitting fun with these pretty stitch markers. They are snag free, light weight, and easy to use. Just slide them on your needles when you need to mark a change and slide them off when you no longer need them. Great for using to count stitches also. Each stitch marker is carefully tested prior to shipment to ensure that it is snag free.

Each set includes 8 matching stitch markers and 1 unique lead marker.

YOU CHOOSE THE SIZE THAT WORKS FOR YOU! (see options) Sizes are based on US knitting needle sizes. Lobster clasp sizes are the actual size of the clasp itself. If purchasing as a gift, sizes medium or large are the most commonly used. Please contact me if you need a recommendation.


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