Tools to Liveby Brass Paper Clips (Ideal)


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Tools to Liveby Brass Paper Clips (Ideal)

This paper clip was granted in 1903. Its proportions have been adjusted a little in order to hold papers perfectly.

Size: 1.5cm x 2.5cm
Quantity: 10pcs
Material: Brass

Tools To Liveby taipei storeTools to Liveby is a stationary & lifestyle store founded by Karen Yang in Taiwan. It's committed to satisfy the functional and aesthetical needs for people who have a strong passion for stationary. Tools To Liveby feels like a warm homecoming for the pen, pencil and paper obsessed. The company searches far and wide around the globe for the finest writing instrumentsTheir range currently consists of scissors, brass paper clips and more stylish writing materials. Tools to Liveby is most well-known for their famous scissors and pen clips.