102 Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed (New Pics)


We humans have an incredible capacity to persevere. When we need to drive in a nail but don't have a hammer, we easily realize that we can use a heavy, flat object—like a rock—in its place. When our table is shaky, we quickly understand that we can put a stack of tissues under one of its legs to stabilize the darn thing.

So to celebrate our creative thinking, we at Bored Panda have an ongoing series where we post pictures of fun and smart out-of-the-box solutions that make life better. Whether it's a DIY home hack or a business product is not important, what counts is that it gets the job done.

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#1 If You’re Bored At The Baltimore Airport You Can Learn CPR

Image credits: Jaws_V_The_Return

#2 This Railing On Gazebo In Naples Has Braille Describing The View For Blind People. More Of This, Please

#3 This Restaurant Figured Out That Face Masks Fit In The Napkin Dispenser

Image credits: ThexGreatxBeyondx

#4 These Straws Made Out Of Pasta So They Don't Dissolve Like Paper

Image credits: mazi710

#5 Seems Like A Good Time To Finally Show Off The Spice Rack I Built

Image credits: StickyMustache

#6 These Tables At My College Campus Use Solar Panels As Shade, Which In Turn Provide Power For The Charging Ports On The Table

Image credits: Gadevin

#7 IKEA Made Xbox And PlayStation Sized Boxes, That You Can Place And Check If It Will Fit On The Furniture You Want To Buy

Image credits: TomaccoTastesLikeGma

#8 Thailand Supermarket Ditches Plastic Packaging For Banana Leaves

Image credits:

#9 This Picnic Table With An Extension For Wheelchair Users

Image credits: cothhum

#10 A Man Bolted His Grill Onto An Old Lawnmower So It's Easier To Move Around

Image credits: thesecrickets

#11 This Hotel I’m Staying At Has The Shower Shelf Accessible From Both Inside As Well As Outside

Image credits: achilliesFriend

#12 Hands-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. Home Depot Showing Some Ingenuity

Image credits: HopeThisIsUnique

#13 This Restaurant Puts A Mesh Net Over Your Lemon So When You Squeeze It, No Seeds Get In Your Food

Image credits: alikat538

#14 This Shopping Cart Has A Spot For Kids To Stand On While The Parent Pushes

Image credits: zOneNzOnly

#15 This Mall Has A “Husband Depository” With Massage Chairs And Phone Chargers

Image credits: co1063

#16 You Can Lock Up Your Skateboard By This Library

Image credits: augburto

#17 Sink Area Designed For Drying

Image credits:

#18 This Pickle Jar Has A Little Handle Attached To A Basket That Makes The Pickles Easier To Retrieve

Image credits: BallSaxophonist

#19 Plantable Calendar Made From Recycled Paper

Image credits: purutiger

#20 This Korean Snack Has Two Notches On The Bag, So You Can Open At The Second Notch For Easier Access In The Later Stages Of Snacking

Image credits: cnostaw

#21 These Batteries Are Flavored So Kids Won't Eat Them

Image credits: Snackbot4000

#22 Books-A-Million Puts A Slip Of Paper Under The Stickers On Their Books To Prevent Sticker Residue Being Left On The Covers

Image credits: cynbad719

#23 Extra Long Scissors For Wrapping Paper

Image credits: denrae-

#24 Movie Theater Tells You If There's A Scene Near The End Of The Movie

Image credits: IConsumeLead

#25 This Advil Is All The Same But Has Packaging With Two Different Lengths, So More Can Be Hung Up At Once

Image credits: DownWithSckness

#26 This Parking Lot Has Lights Showing You The Empty Spaces. Genius

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#27 Clever Decoration Idea Found At Aquarium Barcelona

Image credits: quixotesque

#28 My Eye Doctor's Office Uses Laminated Forms And A Wet Erase Marker To Cut Down On Paper Use

Image credits: jack-of-some

#29 This Post Office Has A Helpful Size Guide If You Want To Buy A Box

Image credits: hesapmakinesi

#30 This System Allows You To Know If The Package Has Been Handled Correctly

Image credits: shelchang

#31 These Fan Pull-Strings

Image credits: Rock7482

#32 Tinder’s Warning To The LGBTQ Community

Image credits: foxociety

#33 You Can Sit At The Ends Of This Picnic Table

Image credits: Cosmos_Cawboy

#34 This Door Handle Sanitizes Your Hands

Image credits: DuckingDucksters

#35 My Plastic Wrap Just Told Me To Add It To My Grocery List

Image credits: itsmer

#36 Traffic Light For The Jedi. In Ukraine

Image credits:

#37 This Park Has A Tiny Water Fountain For Dogs

Image credits: pie_ella

#38 My Ruler Has A Raised End So It’s Easier To Pick Up

Image credits: Iamthecello

#39 My Protein Powder Scoop Is Designed To Sit On A Lip Just Under The Lid So You Don't Have To Reach Into The Powder To Grab It

Image credits: Jbinksy

#40 My Bracelet Came With A Paper Clip To Help Fasten The Clasp

Image credits: nomoredolls

#41 My Hotel Phone In Iceland Has A Special Button That Will Wake You Up If There Are Northern Lights In The Sky

Image credits: KristjanHrannar

#42 New Toaster Has A Finger Pull In The Cord

Image credits: basquenv

#43 This Elevator With Foot Pedals For Floor Selection

Image credits: Crackmacs

#44 My Pen Has A Built-In Periodic Table

Image credits: spile77

#45 An Egg Timer That Shows You How Hard Your Egg Is By Cooking It With The Egg

Image credits: cizzoo

#46 This Wheelchair-Accessible Picnic Table

Image credits: sellwinerugs

#47 This Hi-Hat Stand Is Used As A Handsfree Sanitizer Dispenser

Image credits: twopointohyeah

#48 This Free Airport Machine Sanitizes Your Phone And Passport In 25 Seconds

Image credits: kad2017

#49 How This Cookie Monster Mug Has A Built-In Cookie Holder

Image credits: RedBeardx86

#50 The Drain Is Right Under The Soap Dispenser So It Doesn’t Stain The Sink

Image credits: droo46

#51 My Dishwasher Has A Spot Specifically For Chopsticks

Image credits: vce5150

#52 Boards Installed At The Traffic Light So You Don't Have To Get Off Your Bike While Waiting

Image credits: kraven420

#53 Home Office Busy Light - WiFi Enabled LED’s In Door Jam Linked To My Work Calendar, When I’m In A Meeting It Goes Red And The Kids Know They Can’t Come In

Yellow is for knock first, green for coming in for a chat/draw on my whiteboard

Image credits: rjcamz

#54 The Store In My New Town Has A Specific Aisle Where You Can Meet Up With Your Spouse If You Get Separated

Image credits: TheBeesElbow-IM

#55 One Pubs Solution To Social Distancing

Image credits: fly-me-to-the-moon

#56 This Cafe Lets You Silently Tell People You're Willing To Share Your Table

Image credits: trifflec

#57 Restaurant Toilets Forces You To Sanitize Your Hands On The Way Out

Image credits: Takiller

#58 This Butcher Has A Vending Machine For After Hours

Image credits: AusJonny

#59 These Tables Are On Railroad Tracks For Easy Moving

Image credits: noluckyno

#60 This Bathroom Door Handle That Doubles As A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Image credits: gothamvigilante

#61 My Park Installed Outdoor Workout Equipment Facing The Playground

Image credits: vidat13

#62 On The Walls Of Madrid’s Metro System Is The Entire Novel Of Don Quixote, So You Can Read While You Wait And Pick Up The Next Time Where You Left Off

Image credits: orangebananaaaa

#63 This Arthritis Relief Cream Now Comes With An Easy Open Cap For Those With Arthritis

Image credits: Isaacb123g

#64 These Benches That Turn Into Tables

Image credits: hotforhotpie

#65 This Duck Ramp

Image credits: JawsGoneWild

#66 My Microwave Has A "No Beep" Setting

Image credits: blr0067

#67 On Many Japanese Toilets, The Hand Wash Sink Is Attached So That You Can Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For The Next Flush

Image credits:

#68 This Holder For My Oreos

Image credits: fuzziblanket

#69 These Cups/Glasses In The Freiburg Football Stadium Have Hollow Handles, You Can Carry Up To Four In A Single Hand

Image credits: Snoo_28562

#70 This Milk Bottle Shows You How Much Milk Is Still Inside

Image credits: MoonSoup42

#71 The Books At The Bottom Are Flipped At An Angle You Don’t Have To Bend Down To See

Image credits: SirChiefsLot

#72 I Was Today Years Old When I Realized The Bottom Of A Gatorade Bottle Is Made To Hold The Cap

Image credits: SupaJon

#73 My Water Cooler Has A Built-In Pet Water Bowl

Image credits: MotorboatingSofaB

#74 Just A Genius Bag Design

Image credits: Getresva

#75 This Mug I Found With A Tea Bag Holder

Image credits: nextjesus

#76 There Is A Mall In China That Offers "Husband Storage" Where Wives Can Leave Their Husband While They Shop

Image credits:

#77 Genius

Image credits: chosen_at_random

#78 Wegmans Has A "No Candy" Lane, So Parents Don't Have To Drag Their Kids Past A Wall Of Sugar If They Don't Want To

Image credits: 360-survey-jerk

#79 This Sushi Restaurant Has Tables That Simulate Traditional Japanese Seating While Letting You Sit Normally

Image credits: hotfire922

#80 A Touch-Free Holy Water Dispenser Inside A Church In Poland

Image credits: Szpagin

#81 University Has A Vending Machine With All The Things You Need As A Student, From Sanitary Pads To A Power Bank

Image credits: DutchBrownie

#82 My Mug Has A Tea Bag Compartment

Image credits: abbylicious47

#83 My Pencil Has A Built-In Ruler

Image credits: bugcatcherpaul

#84 This Package Tells You What Temperature To Grill Your Burgers To And Why

Image credits: Goldini73

#85 This Soup Bowl That Also Holds Crackers

Image credits: luckydice1224

#86 This Bench Designed Specifically For People That Want To Chat To Strangers

Image credits: joetheteacher0208

#87 Fly Swatter Comes With Detachable Tweezers To Pick Up Flies

Image credits: NDR-113

#88 This Box Of Dates Comes With A Built In Area To Throw Away The Pits

Image credits: rustyfinch

#89 A Very Clever Story-Time Chair

Image credits: SeriesOfAdjectives

#90 Finally, A Real Solution

Image credits: man_in_the_mirra

#91 This Picnic Table Has A Built In Seat For Infants And A Small Bench For Kids

Image credits: kittenmittens1000

#92 This Souvenir Shop In St. Petersburg Has Currency Conversion Tables On The Bottom Of Their Shopping Baskets

Image credits: midoree

#93 Hands-Free Sanitizer Dispenser

Image credits: SaltyFiredawg

#94 Local Music Shop Using A Hi-Hat Pedal As A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Image credits: ChrisWhiteWolf

#95 This Restaurant Has Receptacles In The Table So You Won't Spill On Your Phone

Image credits:

#96 This Old Mug Has A Mustache Protector

Image credits: Donut153

#97 This Grocery Store Displays These Nuts And Other Snacks Upside Down So You Can See The Contents More Clearly

Image credits: zachcruse

#98 My Gum Came With Post Chew Wraps To Spit Your Gum In

Image credits: SilentSalamander972

#99 My Local Meat Pie Shop Puts The Animal On Top So You Can Tell What Type It Is

Image credits: Ur-mum-is-normal

#100 This Notebook That's Also A Calculator

Image credits: iritian

#101 The Cap Of This Apple Juice Bottle Has An Engraved Arrow, Which Indicates The Direction Of Rotation To Open It

Image credits: 2312micha

#102 A Measuring Cup With A Built In Scale

Image credits: thenickwinters

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