13 Random Things We Recently Bought on Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny!


Our team’s favorite Amazon finds are worth every penny!

dog with dog tracker board - best things to buy on amazon

Amazon has it all, but here are a few of our favorite things. 🤩

It’s no news we’re obsessed with Amazon and their convenient, fast, and free Prime shipping – AND the endless amount of online goods you can find. However, there’s always that one purchase that sticks out among all the others, so our team is sharing a few favorite purchases from the past month.

*Note that these Amazon prices are accurate at the time of posting.

Here are some of the best things we bought on Amazon this month for ourselves or our family:

1. Lina loves her trendy, new fluted bowls that her family uses daily.

woman holding up white latte bowls in kitchen - best things to buy on amazon

Buy them on Amazon$28.99
Clip the 10% off coupon
Final cost just $26.09

Perfect for cereal, ice cream, or soups – these bowls will be a new staple in your home! Lina said hers are holding up perfectly despite having two teens who use them daily. In fact, they still look brand new after tons of use! Plus, the crisp, white fluted design would look fantastic on any open shelf. 🤩

2. Ani bought this pet hair removal tool and it’s working incredibly well on her couch.

dog sitting on couch with hand holding pet hair remover - best things to buy on amazon

Buy it on Amazon – $29.99 (regularly $39.99)
Clip the $5 off coupon
Final cost just $24.99!

This is also another option that’s even less money (and one several team members own & love!):

ChomChom Roller Original Pet Hair Remover $24.95 (regularly $34.99)
Use promo code 15OFFHIP (15% off)
Final cost $21.21!

There’s a sweet new pup in our Hip family and he looks super confused over Ani’s new handy tool! 😂 If you struggle with pet hair on your furniture, she says this has been so easy to use and it does an impeccable job at eliminating all the dog hair off her couch! 🙌🏻

And just because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love an adorable puppy photo…

blonde border collin puppy with red collar sitting on leather car seat

Here’s an adorable picture from when Felix was a little wee pup! Everyone give a warm welcome to the ever-so adorable addition to the Hip family – Felix! He is such a sweet boy! 🥰🐶

3. This new dog feeding tracker has saved Jen’s dog from being overfed.

hand holding did you feed the dog tracker

Buy it on Amazon – $9.95

While Jen’s dog, Slinky, certainly wasn’t complaining about being double-fed, Jen’s family has peace of mind with this handy dog feeding tracker. With three adults, a teen, and four different & busy schedules, this affordable buy has made it much easier to keep tabs on their pup’s feedings. They mounted it right next to her dog bowl, making it a hassle-free way for everyone to keep track.

4. This dog paw cleaner has also been saving Jen’s carpet from the winter mud mess outside.

black dog's paw being inserted into a paw cleaner cup

Buy it on Amazon – $19.99+

If you have a dog, then you know just how messy winter can be with melting snow, mud, and all the things you don’t want to be tracked inside your home or on your carpet. It’s as simple as filling with some water, slipping your dog’s dirty paw inside, twisting, and voila! 👏🏻 My Hip sidekick, Jen, said she’s been using it daily! 🙌🏻

5. Chelsey transformed this Melissa & Doug playhouse into something magazine-worthy. 

close up of wooden dollhouse sitting on floor in girls room

Buy it on Amazon – $112.99 (regularly $172.79) 

In case you missed what we’ve been up to in January, my Hip sidekick, Chelsey, did such an incredible job transforming this simple Melissa & Doug dollhouse for her daughter’s birthday!

close up of dollhouse with bunk beds and ladder inside

While it’s already cute on its own and does come with 15 pieces of furniture, she spent months planning her own DIY project where she used mod podge, paint, and even ordered some new furniture from one of her favorite shopsWe’re ready to come over for playdates now! 🤩

6. Shane’s new water-resistant memory card case is working really well for his side hobby.

hand holding memory card case over camera and lenses

Buy it on Amazon$9.99

Any hobby photographer looking for affordable storage solutions will love this convenient memory card case. Shane is loving his case because it was cheap, it’s water-resistant, has 36 slots for plenty of storage, and has a nice spongy interior for easy placement/removal of SD cards.

7. Lina’s daughter is obsessed with her new Lululemon dupe biker shorts every influencer is talking about.

girl wearing black biker shorts with green knit sweater

Buy them on Amazon – $19.99

If you follow the latest Lululemon dupe trends, then you’ve likely heard every influencer obsessing over these biker shorts! Everyone is loving them because they’re buttery soft, have side pockets, and don’t dig into your waist as other cheaper brands do. 😍

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8. Erica loves this new baby sleep sack which has over 14,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

baby boy with gray mink sleepsack sitting in crib smiling

Buy it on Amazon$16.99

This sleep sack has been keeping Erica’s sweet baby boy cozy all night long. 🥰 It’s plush, safe for sleeping, and perfect for everyday use! Plus, with over 14,000 5-stars on Amazon, we know you can’t go wrong with this innovative baby product!

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9. Jenna organized all her spices with her new magnetic spice tins that come with over 100 different labels.

magnetic spice tins sticking on black viking range hood - best things to buy on amazon

Buy them on Amazon$23.75

Speaking of getting organized, Jenna has been busy getting her new kitchen perfectly functional and recently scooped up these magnetic spice tins to keep all her favorites handy at all times.

close up of magnetic spice tins sticking on black viking range hood

If you’re often using spices in your kitchen you’ll love this 12-piece set that comes with over 100 different spice labels!

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10. Emily is loving her new USA-made aluminum sheet pans that don’t warp in the oven.

stainless steel baking pan with silicone mat lifted up on top

Buy them on Amazon$21.97 for 2

After using some Christmas gift cards, this Amazon purchase was essentially free – Emily couldn’t be happier and stated they’ve already out-performed her cheap Target pans!

Her new sheet pans are made of pure aluminum in the USA so they have lifetime durability and bake evenly. 🙌🏻 Plus, they’re super affordable even if you don’t have a gift card to spend.

Her new silicone baking mats fit perfectly in her new pans and have been saving her money too!

hand holding edge of silicone baking mat on stainless steel baking pan

Buy them on Amazon – $10.13 for 2

By scooping up these non-slip and non-stick silicone baking mats, Emily has been able to ditch parchment paper and cooking sprays to save money every time she’s whipping up something delicious. They’re versatile too since they can be used for food prep, baking, and are easily cleaned with soap & water.

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11. Chelsey grabbed this adorable air dry clay kit for her daughter who loves Shopkins.

air dry clay kit box with miniature clay food items on table

Buy it on Amazon – $15.90 (regularly $23.90) 

It doesn’t get any cuter than this clay kit! It’s simple to use since it comes with a step-by-step booklet and all the figures conveniently air dry! Chelsey said even though she’s not crafty in the slightest, each one has turned out great and her Shopkins-obsessed daughter has loved making her own mini creations to add to her collection. 🥰

12. Lina just scored this adorable round jute rug that’s also currently on sale.

office space with chair and round jute rug

Buy it on Amazon – $56.24 (regularly $84)

Made of 100% jute in India, this imported gem will add such a fun focal point to any room. Lina recently grabbed this on sale to tie her office space together and we don’t think it could look any more beautiful! 😍 Plus, with it being $28 off, it’s a home decor piece too good to pass up!

13. Jen transformed her garage door with these decorative magnetic accents that turned the look of one door into two.

before and after of garage door with magnetic stickers

Buy them on Amazon – $14.99 (regularly $19.99) 

You’ll get so much bang for your buck with this under $15 Amazon buy! 😍 These magnetic accents are incredibly simple to put on any metal garage door and instantly add so much curb appeal to your home. As you can see, my Hip sidekick, Jen, was able to give the illusion of having two doors! How genius! 

Love the faux windows too? Jen ordered this set of magnetic windows on Amazon and if I didn’t know any better, they look totally real! 😱

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