20 weird but practical gifts people will actually use


20 weird but practical gifts people will actually use— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Life gets better when it gets a little weird, and the same is true for the holidays. While everyone around you is busy snatching up Instant Pots and humming along to the tune of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" again, don't just blend in with the crowd. You can stand outin a good wayand have a little fun along the way by gifting a few of these hilariously odd but also really useful products.

From skin cream made from snail goo to pillows that weigh approximately 700 pounds (but are surprisingly comfortable too), these strange but innovative creations not only kick the surprise factor up a notch this holiday season, but could also help solve problems that your friends and family didn't even know they had. Here are the 20 zaniest, most extraordinary products we love as gifts this holiday season.

1. For the beauty lover: This awesome but also kind of gross cream made from snail ooze

Credit: Ladykin

Gross? You bet. Worth it? We think so.

The new big beauty thing? It's snails. More specifically, it'ssnail slime. If the thought of putting icky snail goo all over your facemakes your skin crawl (or in this case, since we're talking about snails, "glide"), then you ain't the only one. But even still, this K-beauty ingredient is all the rage right now because apparently, it works.There are hundreds of snail slime extract creams and masks out there, but our writer Izzy Kagan swears by this one from LadyKin. "I never thought I'd be moisturizing my face with snail slime but here I am in 2019, loving this cream by LadyKin," says Izzy."Aside from the adorable packaging, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and a little goes a long way."

Get the Ladykin Affinitic Snail Cream on Amazon for $14.99

2. For the constant traveler: This innovative travel pillow

Credit: J-Pillow

The J-Pillow looks strange at first, but it's seriously amazing.

We're currently in the middle of testing travel pillows here at Reviewed, but if you ask me, the J-Pillow is the only one that matters. Designed by a flight attendant and named the British Invention of the Year in 2012, this pillow doesn't look anything like other travel pillows and that's part of why it's _so_good. It comes in a J-shape (hence the name), and the hook of J is used to support your chin and keep your head from falling forward, while the rest provides support for your head to lean against. Another perk to the J-Pillow? It's incredibly soft to the touch, too.

Get the J-Pillow andCarrying Bag on Amazon for $29.95

3. For the college student: This rapid ramen cooker

Credit: Rapid Brands

Help the college student in your life help themselvesand indulge their favorite cheap guilty pleasure.

Everyone lives on ramen in college, and I don't mean the fancy restaurant kind either.I'm talking the cheap, salty, limp noodle kind that gives you mega heartburn after but you don't care because it's so dang delicious you just can't stop yourself (so basically, like that one bad ex). Aseasy as ramen is to procure when you're on a shoestring budget, actually making it in college is pretty annoying ifyou still live in the dorms, since you've gotta put clothes on and go all the way down to the kitchen, then wait around for your water to boil and your noodles to get soft.This little rapid cooker is a game-changer, since it takes the already basic method for cooking ramen and just speeds it up, meaning your giftee can prep ramen right in their dorm room and in a microwave, without ever having to venture downstairsor worse, spend money they don't really have on GrubHub.

Get the Rapid Ramen Cooker on Amazon for $7.99

4. For the fashionista: This fabric defuzzer that makes old sweaters cute again

Credit: Conair

That grandma sweater ain't gonna de-fuzz itself.

I have a confession to make, and I'm not proud of it. Over the years,I've shipped scores of sweaters off to the island of misfit clothes because they got way too pilly way too fast and I thought there was no coming back from that. Turns out, a fabric defuzzer would have solved all those problems and restored those fuzzy, cozy tops to their former snuggly glory, if only I'd known better. Don't let the fashion lover in your life make my mistakegift them this top-rated fabric defuzzer and I promise you, they'll be grateful if they don't already have one.

Get theConair Fabric Defuzzer on Amazon for $12.99

5. For the runner: These bizarre yet brilliant sneaker lights

Credit: Night Runner

These lights are a clutch gift for runners.

Runners are notoriously hard to gift for, and unless it's a Fitbit Charge 3, it's really hard to find something that both supports their goals but also is unique enough that they don't already have it yet on their own. Here's your ace in the hole if you're shopping for a runner: these weird and wonderful shoe lights. It's not the sexiest gift, I'll give you that, but these wacky little guys are designed to fasten easily onto most any footwear and cast a big, bold light in that runner's direction. They're also convenient for other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or even walking a dog, so they offer a lot of versatility too.

Get the Night Runner Shoe Lights on Amazon for $44.95

6. For the one who's always wearing baseball hats: This funky frame that makes them easy to wash

Credit: Baseball Cap Buddy

When baseball caps get soiled, this clever cleaning frame can help them get clean.

Does anyone reading thisknow if you can wash baseball hats? Spoiler alert:you can. It might seem hard, but there's a trick to doing it, and this specially-designed hat frame actually helps to make it possible. Originally seen on Shark Tank, this cap washer works on the top-rack of any dishwasher and keeps hats from losing their shape. It's also safe on flat and curved hats and completely reusable, which means those dirty old hats your husband's been hanging onto since high school and refuses to get rid of? They'll lookbrand new again thanks to this.

Get the Ballcap Buddy Cap Washer (Pack of 2) on Amazon for $12.25

7. For the one with too many snarls: This super-useful detangling brush

Credit: Crave

Get hair as sleek and soft as Legolas.

With more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon, this top-rated detangling brush commands attention. Safe to use on wet or dry hair, this brush comes with weird,cone-shaped plastic bristles that actually work opposite from the way most other bristles do. Instead of separating strands by moving down, it works sideways (strange but true!) to gentlyunravel even the most stubborn snarls. Reviewers say it's gentle and good to use on kidseven the most fidgety ones who absolutely can't stand getting their hair brushed.

Get theCrave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush on Amazon for $9.88

8. For the restless sleeper: An affordable sound machine

Credit: Big Red Rooster

This sound machine can soothe anyone into a gentle slumber.

Know someone who struggles at bedtime to get a good night's sleep? We posit all kinds of solutions here at Reviewed: oil diffusers, weighted blankets, you name it. But the one everyone sort of forgets aboutthat is actually just as effective, if not more sois a white noise machine. This one by Big Red Rooster has over 10,000 glowing reviews on Amazon and is one of our favorites. It offers six different sounds, including rain, ocean, thunder, and more, plus comes with an optional auto-off timer, which your giftee can set for 15, 30, or 60 minute intervals.

Get theBig Red Rooster 6-Sound White Noise Machine on Amazon for $14.97

9. For the movie buff: A way to make theater-quality popcorn

Credit: Cuisinart

Get your favorite snack with or without a movie stub.

One of the main reasons most people even go to the movies anymore is the popcorn. Try as they might at home, it's just not so easy to replicate the taste and perfect delectability of popcorn made right at the cinema. Well, this gift could change that. Our favorite popcorn popper is great to gift anyone who really wants to skip the stovetop method and still get savory kernels with each batch. At first glance, it might not be clear what this popcorn maker is actually meant for, but our testers say it's easy to use, collapses well, and looks hella cute in bright red.

Get theCuisinart Microwave Popcorn Maker on Amazon for $12.99

10. For the one who hates laundry: These time-saving wool dryer balls

Credit: Smart Sheep

Meet your replacement for dryer sheets.

The bigger a family gets, the more laundry there is to do. Pro tip though: these wool dryer balls can help cut down on the drying time and save money, since they're good for up to a thousand loads. These chemical- and synthetic-free wool dryer balls are gentle on sensitive skin and made from filler-free premium New Zealand wool, plus they're incredible eco-friendly to boot.

Get the Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls on Amazon for $16.95

11. For the one who's always dropping their phone: The best phone holder on the market

Credit: PopSocket

Kiss those cracked smartphone screens goodbye.

Some people are just waiting for true love to stroll through the door and change their lives. Me? Turns out I was just waiting for a PopSocket actually. I cannot begin to stress how much my life changed for the better once I started using one, and I don't even care if it sounds too effusive to be true, because I mean every word.BeforePopSockets came into my life, I was dropping phones left and right, constantly running up huge screen repair bills in the process and trapped in an all-consumingcycle of smartphone-related self-loathing and despair, and then suddenly, there it was: the solution.

PopSockets are equal parts fidget spinner and phone holder, but they're also cute and easy to accessorize with your smartphone case or outfit. Whether you're shopping for stocking stuffers or just an extra gift to offer someone special, you can't go wrong with one, and if you shop PopSocket's site directly, you can discover some really funky ones, like this one that also comes with lip balm or this cute snowglobe-esque pick that would pair perfectly with a Case-Mate Waterfall case.

12. For the one who works in a busy office: These comfortable earplugs

Credit: Vibes

Block out the malarkey with these hi-fi earplugs.

Earplugs aren't just for concerts. For anyone who does cycling or just works in a hectic office, they can be the difference between reaching your goals or completely losing all your focus. A pack comes with three different silicone ear tips, so you can adjust them to fit your ear. They also come with a handy carrying case that can fit right in your palm or pocket, so they're extremely portable too.

Get the Vibes Hi-Fidelity earplugs at Walmart for $23.99

13. For the one who's very particular: This one-of-a-kind pillow that's ultra supportive

Credit: Purple

One of a kind and oh so weirdthe Purple pillow in a nutshell.

With its honeycomb-like polymer grid and heavy, almost cinderblock-like density, the Purple pillow is the last kind of thing you'd expect to generate a cult followingor frankly, even existbut if you ask brand loyalists like our very own operations manager Dylan Prowse, its oddity is part of the appeal, too. "I normally don't use a pillow because A., the height of most pillows drive me crazy and B., I hate pillows that are 'too soft'," says Dylan, who owns a Gen. 1 Purple pillow. "The Purple is firm, but not too firm." In testing, our reviewers weren't personally so sold on the Purple pillow, with one complaining it was too heavy (and even Dylan concedes that it's a lot to carry), but they also noted that it's still pretty comfortable once you start to lay on it, and could be a solid option for anyone who needs a lot of support at night.

Get the Purple Pillow on for $89

14. For the one who wants mermaid hair: This unique styler

Credit: Bed Head

Hello mermaid waves.

It's the eternal struggle: folks with curly hair wish they could wear it straight and those with naturally straight hair wish they could rock it loose and wavy, like they just came home from the beach. The Deep Waver by Bed Head can help transform those super-sleek straight strands into flowy waves, and according to reviewers, does it very quickly. One reviewer calls it witchcraft. Another raves: "Do you want to look like the 90s grunge girl of your dreams who threw away her hair crimper that was all crusted from a decades use and decided to grow up but not too much?! Then boy howdy, is this the thing for you!"

Get theBed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver on Amazon for $26.93

15. For the one who just wants to do better: These paper towels that are actually reusable

Credit: Bambooee

These reusable paper towels are here to change the game.

Paper towels are extremely wasteful and bad for the environment, but they're so ever-present that it can be hard for some to break the addiction to them. These reusable paper towels, which were initially seen on Shark Tank, are made from bamboo and are completely washable and ultra-absorbent. If you're shopping for someone who really cares about sustainability, these paper towels might not be on their radar yet, but could make an amazing little surprise option for them this holiday season.

Get theBambooee Paper Towel Replacement 30-Sheet Roll on Amazon for $9.99

16. For the constant hostess: These adorable dip bowls

Credit: Prepworks

Clip it, dip it, and win the party.

For anyone who loves to host a good shindig, dip is essential. However, dip bowls can present a bit of challenge, especially if a hostess has more dips than they do bowls. These unconventional little mini side bowls are a fun workaround, since they clip onto the rim of plates and can hold about 1/3 cup worth of salsa, guac, dressing, or any other tasty dip on offer. One thing's for sure, they're definitely a conversation starter.

Get the Prepworks by Progressive Assorted Dip Clips on Amazon for $6.96

17. For the bride-to-be: This wacky but useful underskirt

Credit: Bridal Buddy

Real friends don't just hold up the dressesthey get this.

This might be the zaniest gift you ever give, but you know what? It might be one of the most thoughtfultoo. This wedding gown underskirt is designed to, well, you get the picture. Featured on Shark Tank, it can help preserve the dress on the big day, which is crucial, but also help the bride take care of business when needed, too. While it's a little off-kilter as a gift, chances are this productwhich is still building a cult followinghasn't hit the bride's radar yet. You can give her a big surprise, in a good way, and low-key be the hero of her wedding day without even really doing much extra.

Get the Bridal Buddy on Amazon for $29.95-$34.95

18. For the bacon lover: This quick-and-easy bacon cooker you can use in the microwave

Credit: Mak n Bacon

Less grease means less guilt when you eat a whole batch of this.

Now before you immediately cringe over the thought of cooking bacon in a microwave, allow me make a case for it. Bacon, by default, is savory yet also greasy, which is what makes it so bad for you. Cooking it in a microwaveI know, okay, _I know_how it soundsmight seemsacrosanct, but reviewers say that the bacon that comes out of this cooker really is just as good.If you prep it withthe right amount of time, you can actually get crispy bacon with up to 35% less fat than usual, and it only takes a minute in the microwave to cook each slice. It's weird, but more than 1,700 reviewers swear it really works.

Get the Makin BaconMicrowave Bacon Cookeron Amazon for $12.99

19. For the one who hates going to a nail salon (but loves having soft feet): This dry foot file

Credit: Amope

Wet or dry, this electric foot file sure does the trick.

Sandal season is long gone, and now most of us have thefeet to show for it. From dry skin to toughened calluses,feet take a helluva beating over the summer months, but you can help your giftee get smooth, touchable feet easily with this electric foot file, which has over 10,000 reviews on Amazon and a dedicated fan base. "Wish I wouldn't have waited so long to buy this," wrote one reviewer."I was just hoping to get the cracks reduced, but they are GONE and my heels are SOFT. Amazing!"

Get the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File on Amazon for $14.99

20. For the one who's obsessed with game night: This gag gift that's loads of fun


Sometimes a little toilet humor is a good thing. Case in point: Flushin' Frenzy, a game whichis exactly what you think it is. Designed to be family friendly (even though it's totally freaking gross), it's perfect any time you want to mix things up a little during your next game night and get a few laughs. Izzy played it recently and says: "While I've played it as a drinking game with friends, I bet kids would love it just as much. For real, this is the one exception where you'll actually enjoy grabbing a turd."

GetFlushin' Frenzy Game atTarget for $14.29

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