Feels Like Monday


 But it's really Tuesday. Since yesterday was a holiday everything this week is screwed up, like garbage day is pushed back a day. Confusing. Actually every day is Saturday for me. Thank goodness for the calendar on my phone which tells me what day it is or I'd be lost, staggering around not knowing what to do and where to go.


I went out when I got up this morning to clip an envelope onto the mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up and saw a glint of red among the green. The red day lily is blooming! This picture is going in the painting queue.

Speaking of painting, here's today's postcard. I decided to take another run at painting pansies and I think that this one is more successful, looks more painter-y. I still see monkey faces but the flowers kind of look like monkey faces so that's okay.

I did a lot of drawing today. The daily art was a fun challenge. It said to grab a pencil in each hand, find a mirror, and draw your face with both hands at the same time. The page was divided in half so I drew the left half on the left side and vice versa. I don't think I did too badly.

I started the lessons in You Can Draw In 30 Minutes for a second round today. The first lesson is to draw a banana. It isn't hard to draw but making it look like a banana with shading in the right place takes some work, and a bit of erasing. Thank god for erasers. I use one of those stick erasers--a lot. I'm forever blowing eraser crumbs off my paper.

This Sparrow was playing king of the feeder today. He chased away all comers and then liberally scattered seed on the ground like he was feeding the masses. I love watching the behaviors of the birds.

Today's toss was a knitting book that I don't use and won't use. It's called Knitting for Dummies and I ain't no dummy. Plus I have a knitter's encyclopedia that has all of the same info in it and more. (It's funny, when I type the word "encyclopedia" I hear Jimminy Cricket singing it. He must have been on some cartoon show I watched as a kid and it stuck.)

I got to go to see LC and OJ at school today. They had a school-wide "Future Me" event where the kids researched jobs they'd like to have and then made posters, dressed up, and gave presentations, like a science fair when I was a kid. LC researched veterinarian and OJ did dentist. They did a great job and were adorable. So glad that I was able to go.


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