How to Save Money on Groceries this Winter!


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With winter approaching, most of us spend more on groceries. Not only do we buy larger quantities of food for hosting family gatherings, but also many foods are out of season. Fortunately, there are some ways to save on your grocery bill over the cold winter months.

Start by giving the following 4 tips a try!

Start Canning
Fruits and veggies in the grocery store are more expensive and not as fresh during the winter. A great way to avoid these high prices is by canning fresh produce before winter. All you need is a
couple of mason jars and a little know how. Why not invite a friend over who has the knack for canning? Buy boxes of tomatoes, cucumbers and bags of apples, pears and plums to make your own canned foods.

Clip Those Coupons
Many manufacturers offer coupons on a lot of different grocery items. Coupons have been around for years, but now they have gone digital. There are several websites that offer digital coupons that you can use directly in the store. You can simply “clip” them from the website and save them on your phone. Some people even find ways to get free grocery items with these digital coupons! You can also cut paper coupons from your local Sunday paper. A great way to save even more money is by joining a coupon club, where you will be able to exchange coupons with others.

Sign Up for Loyalty Cards
Most grocery stores have loyalty cards that can help save you a ton of money. These cards will often give you discounts and some even have cash-back options. Loyalty cards are free and only take a few minutes to apply for. Remember when going shopping to always bring them along with you. They will save you a lot of money over time that you can use for other things.

Opt for Potlucks
Winter often means large meals with family and friends. If you are the one hosting, a great way to save money is by asking others to bring a dish. Not only will this diminish the amount of food
you need to provide, it also reduces the stress of cooking for big crowds and diversifies the types of food and cooking styles. Have your family and friends bring side dishes and you can focus on the main course.

Remember to plan meals ahead of time and look for local specials. These suggestions along with the tips above are only a few ways that you can save money on groceries this winter. If some months get especially tough, however, small online loans are available from trusted lenders like Borrow an amount that you are able to pay back little by little, with the goal of being debt free within the next few months. #Home #Food #SaveMoney #Article #Tips
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