Product review: 50 Pack LUCIFER Face Mask, 4-Ply Mask Protection KF94 Face Cover, Space-theme face mask



This package of KF94 disposable face masks contains that are individually wrapped. They have five colorful designs, ten of each.  The masks have a nose clip and passed a water test.  My water test: I fill the mask with water and check if it is wet on the outside after 1 minute. If it stays try, it means it keeps my spittle inside the mask and keeps other's people spittle away from me.

This mask has a different shape from all the other masks I have purchased over the last year and a half; it is shaped like a paper boat.  It works pretty well; it fits close to my cheeks and covers a large area from cheekbone to cheekbone.

The only minor negative is that the mask out of the package has a bit of a scent to it. However, the scent goes away after about an hour in the fresh air.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.  

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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