Sometimes no matter how much you plan, Christmas shopping sneaks up on you at the last minute


If you have a wide range of people on your list, this is your one-stop spot for ideas for everyone from grandma to your boyfriend.

Large or small, every Christmas present should include a personalized touch to express how much you care about that special person in your life. Show off your knitting skills with a woven blanket, design a personalized desk calendar or even make a homemade food Christmas gift to bring over for dinner. No matter your loved one’s passions, we’ve got you covered this holiday season.
1. Floral Keychain
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This delicate little keychain frames two images with winding vines and delicate flowers. Add an initial at the bottom to match your Christmas present recipient.
2. Magnet Set
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Did someone you love just move into a new home? Welcome them with a set of magnets that reflect your love and show off all your best images together.
3. Handknitted Blankets
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If you’re a passionate knitter, start a cozy blanket for everyone in your family a few months before the holidays arrive. Mix up your stitch, yarn color and thickness for each person in your family.
4. DIY Frame
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This affordable hack is an easy way to show off your craftiness with a customizable present. Attach a piece of twine from the top to the bottom of the frame and hang prints with office clips.
5. Sentinmental Shadow Box
Similar to the above craft, you can transform a frame into a classic shadow box project. It creates a tabletop display filled with printed photos, mementos from a recent trip and other personalized accents that make it unique.
6. Baked Joy
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Christmas food gifts are slowly growing in popularity as people explore the fun of baking. Surprise your family with your own recipe of festive cupcakes this Christmas—share the recipe so they can make them all year long.
7. Candle Collection
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Check everyone off your Christmas list at once by hand-designing a photo candle for each family member. Choose from a collection of cozy scents, photo layouts and text.
8. Office Donuts
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Counting down the days until holiday break? Meaningful gifts don’t have to be fancy. Brighten up your office with morning donuts to mark the end of your secret santa celebration.
9. Catch All Plate
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Perfect for mom and dad’s entryway, this glass catch all can hold keys, phones and whatever else is on hand as they come in the door. Include a photo and message to personalize the look.
10. Fresh Bouquet
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Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh bunch of flowers to impress your Christmas dinner hosts. Go a step further by popping them in a personalized vase that can be reused and enjoyed.
11. Handpainted Vase
Get the kids involved in personalizing this year’s Christmas gifts by setting them up to paint a repurposed glass or ceramic planter. Add a message for grandma and grandpa on the front and fill with your fresh bouquet.
12. Floral Festivities
Keep their new vase looking bright and lovely all year long. A subscription to a flower delivery site will keep their home fresh and fragrant with seasonal blooms. If they have a particular favorite, be sure to choose bouquets that showcase it.
13. Mason Jar Snow Globe
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Break out the mason jars for a Christmas craft great for the whole family. Glue a small ornament inside the lid of a mason jar and fill with water and glitter for a unique snow globe. This is a great project for kids to make Christmas presents for grandma and grandpa.
14. Tree Of Life
Source: Lost Mom

Looking for a last minute handmade Christmas present? Loop multicolored yarn inside an embroidery hoop to create this tree of life wall art.
15. Family Pot Holder
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Surprise the baker in your family this Christmas with a photo-adorned pot holder set. Not only will this protect their hands from hot dishes, but it will also be a decorative focal point of the kitchen.
16. New Bakeware
Group your photo-adorned pot holder with a set of new baking sheets, casserole dishes or bread pans. This makes a great gift set for those moving into a new home.
17. Fresh Spices
Nothing delights a chef more than a collection of high-quality spices and dried herbs. Head to your local spice shop to complete their cooking gift set.
18. Paper Weight
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If you’re looking for a small secret santa gift, pop a photo or pretty design inside a paper weight in a selection of shapes.
19. Coffee’s Ready
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Send your favorite person off to work with this personalized coffee tumbler just for them. Wrap it up for Christmas with locally roasted coffee beans and a photo mug for home.
20. Bake It Up
For a budding baker or an old pro, make sure they have everything they need to keep things cooking in the kitchen. A new whisk can help them learn a new trick or replace their old rusty one. Don’t ignore the value of a good cookbook either—it can inspire anyone to make something new and different.
21. Glitter Frame
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Add some sparkle to your fridge with these easy Christmas gift ideas. Fill a plastic photo holder with glitter, hand sew a border around each image and add a magnet to the back for easy display.
22. Herb Garden
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Garden lovers will adore this indoor herb garden set. Fill each etched mason jar with soil, stones and a selection of potent fresh herbs. It’s also a great gift set for your favorite amateur chef to keep things fresh in the kitchen.
23. Planting Calendar
Design a personalized calendar with photos from your mother’s garden throughout the year. Add important dates to the months as reminders for plant-specific seeds, like pruning the garden and repotting herbs.
24. Gardening Gloves
Make sure the gardener in you life is ready for anything with a new set of reinforced gardening gloves. Pair with other small gardening accessories like a small spade, rake and pair of clippers.
25. Picnic Blanket
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Look forward to the warmer and sunnier days on the horizon by gifting a personalized photo blanket they can enjoy at home or at a picnic. Add your choice or artwork, quote or family name to the design.
26. Checkered Soap
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Impress all your friends and family this season with handmade checkered soap. Scent your recipe with rosemary essential oil for an invigorating kick.
27. DIY Bookmarks
If you know a bookworm, make sure they can mark every page with ease and a reminder of you. Craft a bookmark from thread, cardboard or folded paper in a pattern they love—from flowers to stripes. If you know they’ve been wanting a new title, be sure to include that with your gift as well.
28. Instagram Collage
If your loved one is an Instagram pro, showcase some of their favorite shots on blank cards they can send all year long. You can even print a collage if there are a few that coordinate. It’s a great way for them to put a personal touch into every birthday and thank you card.
29. Wood Decor
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This wooden cheese board doubles as an eye-catching sign with your family name or initials. Choose the size, shape and etching design that matches your loved one’s style.
30. Glass Terrarium
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How can you add a bit of green to your husband’s desk? Fill an etched glass jar with sand, soil and succulents for a mini garden that brightens up any indoor space.
31. Wall Display
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Group framed photos that are meant to go together on a wall in your loved one’s home. Mix and match frames and images with artwork and DIY canvases.
32. Class Is In Session
If your kiddos have a budding interest or your partner wants to get into a new hobby, sign them up for a local class to inspire them and teach them the basics. From cheese-making and painting to pottery and woodworking, there are plenty of local spots to spark anyone’s interest. If they don’t have a favorite hobby yet, maybe they will after a few classes!
33. Oven Mitt Design
Source: Amber Oliver

Add a playful phrase to an oven mitt with heat transfer stickers. This makes a great Christmas gift for a roommate or for a loved one that just moved into a new house.
34. A Night Of Theatre
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There’s nothing quite like live theatre to make an impression on your whole family. Grab those coveted tickets to the local theatre’s production and head out as a family for a fancy night together.
35. Keepsake Box
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Your recipient will know something special awaits them inside this personalized keepsake box. Include an inscription on the lid and tuck a watch or piece of jewelry inside.
36. Family Cutting Board
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This engraved cutting board transitions from kitchen tool to party cheese board while showing off your family name. Gift to your husband or wife for Christmas with other kitchen-themed presents.
37. Culinary Experience
Want to encourage a loved one’s passion for food, wine and cooking? Find a local cooking class or cheese and wine pairing class so they can really put their new cutting board to use at home.
38. Love Vases
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This Christmas present set is perfect for your parents, spouse or even a new significant other. These pillar vases spell out the word “love” to brighten up a desk or foyer.
39. Breakfast Plate
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Bring the whole family together by gifting these bright and playful plate sets this Christmas. These also make for a great surprise when serving breakfast in bed on Christmas morning!
40. Kids Cookbook
Inspire the kids to jump into meal prep by purchasing a cookbook fit for kids! Pair the book with kid-safe utensils and servingware that’s just for them.
41. Custom Mouse Pad
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Remind dad of his favorite family photos by giving him a Christmas gift he can take off to work with him. Add a loving quote and a collection of colorful images to a mouse pad he can enjoy using every day.
42. Custom Mugs
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Everyone needs a mug that motivates them in the morning! If you’re looking for the perfect secret santa gift, add your personalized design to a gold-rimmed coffee cup.
43. Window Art
Stained glass is a great way to brighten up an otherwise boring space—all there is to do is hang it in a window so it can catch some rays and decorate the walls with color. Find one in your friend’s favorite color so they can bring a little light to their bedroom or home office. These are also great for entryways—your friend can welcome guests into their home with a burst of color.
44. Gettin’ Crafty
If your friend has a love for all things homemade, check out some of your local small businesses for an individual and unique piece. If it’s something they can make themselves to match their taste—like a mug, blanket or piece of decor—gift them the materials and supplies they need to fill their new year with creation.
45. Just For You Tea Towel
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Does your loved one spend a lot of time in the kitchen? This Christmas present idea can include their name and a phrase that sums up their personality and passions.
46. Family Recipe Book
Honor the recipes passed down through the generations by compiling a recipe book of all your favorite family meals. Spend an evening making one of your signature dishes together to kick off the tradition with the help of their personalized tea towel.
47. Photo Charm
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Grandma can keep all her kids close to her heart with this three-photo charm. Add it to a necklace chain or to an existing charm bracelet.
48. Local Growlers
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Gifts for beer lovers have endless possibilities. Fill a personalized growler with your local brewery’s best Christmas release and open it up on Christmas evening.
49. Vintage Jewelry
While a new set of earrings or a ring is a lovely route to go for a woman who loves a little glam, be sure to get her something a little more special. Browse your local vintage shops to find a one-of-a-kind piece for her to enjoy. She’ll love telling its story and wearing it on special occasions.
50. Recreate The Past
If your partner has a love of anything vintage or an old TV character, bring them back to life for the holidays. See if you can find a vintage toy or action figure they had as a child. It will keep their fun-loving spirit alive into the new year and bring back lots of special memories.
51. Quote Pillow
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Want to cozy up your loved one’s home with a personalized pillow? Include a motivational phrase perfect for a Christmas right before graduation or retirement.
52. Woven Photo Blanket
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Mom and dad will love this new addition to their sofa. Include a wedding photo or pictures of the kids across this woven throw to keep them warm and sentimental all winter long.
53. Knitting Kit
For a kiddo who loves to work with their hands, a knitting kit will help them get started on a new hobby. Include kid-safe knitting needles, various yarns and a book of basics. If you know how to knit, you can create something together so they feel encouraged in their craft.
54. Photo Wreath
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This handmade Christmas present combines all your favorite photos and impressive crafting skills. Spray paint a large embroidery hoop with gold and attach faux flowers to the top. Hang photos to clear fishing wire and miniature clothespins.
55. DIY Spa Set
Source: Unsplash

If you’re passionate about DIY soaps and bath salts, group them all together into a gift set that will pamper your family and friends through the rest of these chilly winter months.
56. New Baby Book
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If you’ve just welcomed a new little one to the family, Christmas is a perfect time to show off the first year of baby photos. Choose from a range of page layouts, styles and inscriptions.
57. Babysitting Vouchers
Surprise a set of new parents with the ultimate gift of time and relaxation. Gift a set of homemade vouchers that promise a night or afternoon of babysitting their little one whenever they need a date night out.
58. Baby’s First Christmas Photos
Every set of parents want to capture the magical moments of their child’s first Christmas. Hire a local photographer to surprise the new mom and dad with a holiday family photoshoot so they can cherish the memories for years to come.
59. Big Sibling
If your niece or nephew just became an older sibling, it can be an exciting time but also one that’s full of a lot of change. Be sure they get some extra love and attention this holiday season—give them a new set of blocks, a new book or even a fun outing to the local ice cream shop and playground. You’ll quickly become the favorite aunt or uncle!
60. Dinner Party Magic
Everyone knows and loves one—there’s always a resident host or hostess in your family or friend group that seems to host the best soirees. Keep their inspiration alive with a new set of flatware, napkins or a nice bottle of champagne. It’s a great way to say “thank you” and keep the party going!
61. Serving Tray
Cheers to a fun party! Build your own or find a unique serving tray to display all of your glassware during a celebration. It’s a great gift for your favorite host or even yourself—pair it with another hostess gift for the ultimate party package.
62. Woven Throw Pillow
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Show off your weaving and crafting skills by designing a throw pillow with two colors of yarn, a circle of plywood and two pillow stuffers.
63. Sassy Tote
Source: Shutterfly

Send off your mom, sister or best girlfriend off to the farmer’s market with a fun tote bag. Include a logo that represents their unique personality. Fill the bag with other personalized presents for a Christmas gift set.
64. Photo Squares
Source: Shutterfly

Curate a gift set of photo squares to create a wall collage. This makes an excellent DIY Christmas gift for someone who’s just moved into a new home.
65. Spa Day
If your spouse, sibling or friend is a hard worker who never takes time for themself, make sure they have the opportunity to wind down. A spa gift card will ensure they have the day of rest and relaxation they deserve. Call the spa beforehand to make sure there’s a fresh pot of tea or bottle of bubbly waiting for them to make their day even more special.
66. Natural Foot Scrub
Source: A Beautiful Mess

All your recipients this year can freshen up their tired feet after months of Christmas shopping. Make a large batch and package in a personalized jar as an easy holiday gift.
67. Mermaid Bath Bomb
Source: Southern Mom Loves

This shimmery bath bomb is a great stocking stuffer for the teen in your life this Christmas. The recipe is packed with glitter for an exciting bath and spa kit.
68. Face Coasters
Source: Lavender Julep

Abstract designs add a touch of style to a living room, especially when handmade. Transfer this artistic shape onto wooden squares and gift in a set this Christmas.
69. DIY Picnic Tote
Source: Southern Mom Loves

When warm weather comes back around, your loved one will be ready with this waterproof picnic bag. Transform a patterned vinyl tablecloth into a convenient bag as a thoughtful Christmas present.
70. CSA Membership
Connect with your community’s local farm to sign your loved one up for a monthly produce share. They can transform all their fresh fruits and veggies into a healthy picnic spread.
71. Classic Case
Source: Shutterfly

Have you been meaning to get dad a phone case that matches his style? Choose the look of classic hardwood or a favorite family photo as a personalized Christmas present.
72. Watercolor Memories
If you’re an amateur painter or know a local artist, bring them a photograph of one of your favorite memories with your kiddos. They can recreate and interpret the photo in a watercolor rendering that you can hang in the house. As your children grow up, they’ll appreciate the piece and may even want to take it with them into their next stage of life, whether that be college or a career.
73. Breakfast In Bed
Source: Shutterfly

Kick off Christmas morning with one of the kindest gestures for mom: breakfast in bed! Have the kids prepare all the food and deliver it on a personalized tray with heart-shaped dishes and a hot cup of coffee.
74. Wax Melts
Source: Hello Nest

Soy wax cubes provide a wonderful alternative to candles, especially for college students about to head off to dorm life. Pair these DIY wax melts with a warmer that can be used year-round.
75. Photo Trivet
Source: Shutterfly

Share a pot of tea with the family on Christmas afternoon on this family photo trivet. The center tile can display a collection of images or a favorite phrase backed by a colorful design.
76. DIY Tea Kit
Gift a set of popular tea leaves like dried mint, rosehips, chai spices and even fruit. Pair with empty tea bags and instructions for mixing up your own customized brew.
77. Pencil Holder
Source: Shutterfly

This classic wooden photo cube does more than organize a desk. Adorn each side with color photos and give as Christmas presents to family or friends.
78. Subscription Fun
Do you have a friend who always likes trying new things? Gift them a monthly subscription box for food, cosmetics or home goods. They can switch up their kitchen routine, self care habits or decor all year. This will help them try out various products they may not otherwise know about.
79. Local Love
If your friend or loved one has a lot of love for their hometown or adopted hometown, give them the swag to show it. A shirt or bag from a small business filled with their local wares will keep their hometown love strong.
80. Family Koozies
Source: Shutterfly

Break out these beer and soda koozies every time you gather as a family for a celebration. Add your family name, a collection of symbols or your family motto for a personalized Christmas present.
81. Local Craft Beer
Support your local brewery by choosing a selection of local craft beers for your beer-loving family and friends to try. Hold a beer-tasting session on Christmas Eve to bring everyone together.
82. DIY Half Apron
Source: A Beautiful Mess

This stylish apron is great for the avid chef and host in your life. Layer checkered fabric atop an autumnal floral pattern and add a sash at waist level to secure.
83. Take A Trip
Source: Unsplash

Experiential Christmas presents truly last a lifetime. Surprise your husband and kids with a Christmas break trip to a spot you’ve had one your list for years.
84. Destination Anticipation
For that dream vacation, make it all the more special once you arrive. If you’re going with your partner, book a special dinner at a five-star restaurant or schedule a private tour of a location they’re excited to see. Many resorts and hotels are happy to help you schedule things like this, so be sure to reach out before you go for their best recommendations.
85. Motivational Calendar
Source: Shutterfly

Send love to your family and friends every day of the year by designing a calendar filled with favorite images, motivational messages and quotes to get them moving.
86. Sweater Weather
It may seem dated, but tacky sweater holiday parties are becoming more and more popular these days. Make sure your friend is all set for this year’s party and all those to come with an ugly Christmas sweater, complete with tinsel and ornaments. Giving the gift of humor is timeless!
87. Game Night
For a family who loves enjoying games, a collection of board games—both classic and newly popular—will help keep the fun alive during the holiday season. Set a schedule for a weekly or monthly game night as a new year’s resolution to spend quality time together and learn some new games.
88. Monthly Plant Subscription
Sign up your loved one with the green thumb for a montly plant, flower or seed subscription. A variety of montly box companies curate unique plants to grow your garden one piece at a time.
89. Housewarming Holiday
Moving during the holiday season can be exciting and stressful all at once. Be sure your loved one or friend has everything they need to be home for the holidays—new kitchen supplies, new bedroom linens, and a bottle of wine never fail to make the transition easier.
90. Tea Mug
Source: Shutterfly

Searching for great Christmas gifts for tea lovers? Design an oversized mug for them to fill with their favorite black, white or herbal brew.
91. Your Best Memories
Source: Unsplash

Track down those vintage prints of grandma and grandpa and set inside an old-fashioned frame to complete the look. Surprise your family with the reimagined use of these favorite images.
92. Family Slideshow
Did you just uncover the stash of old family photographs? At this year’s Christmas gathering, compile a digital slideshow of all the amazing images before gifting the family framed versions of the prints.
93. Work In A Workout
Fitness classes can be a lot of fun, and if you know a workout buff who loves trying new things, sign them up for a new type of class or give them a gift card. There are always new exercise classes out there—goat yoga, anyone? Keep their routine lively and encourage them to make their health a priority.
94. Special Edition
If you know someone with a favorite book that they could read over and over again, see if you can find a special copy of it. Signed by the author, original publication or limited edition will surely earn a special spot on their bookshelf and show you care.
95. Quilted Love
Quilting for a loved one is a great way to spread warmth during the cold winter months. Perfect for a new baby or a newly married couple, a quilt is a perfect homemade gift. If you’re not talented when it comes to sewing, find a local quilter to create a custom quilt in your loved one’s taste.
96. Gifts From Afar
If you’re a traveler, keep your Christmas shopping list in mind as you board your next flight. For example, if you have a chef friend and you’re headed to Italy, be sure to bring back a bottle of high-quality olive oil for their culinary adventures. If your mom loves the beach, a collection of unique shells for her home decor will surely brighten her holiday.
97. Personalized Planters
Source: Shutterfly

Add a touch of spring to your loved one’s home this winter by gifting them personalized pots filled with herbs, wildflowers or even strawberry plants. Include a monogram and design on the front.
98. Book Lovers Gift Set
Source: Unsplash

Plan out an entire cozy afternoon for the reading lover in your life. Include a new coffee mug, their favorite locally roasted beans and of course a new book to kick back with.
99. Comic Book Heaven
For the child in your life who loves reading comic books or the collector who’s grown up with them, check out your local comic book shop or vintage store to see if you can find limited edition gems. It will give kids a piece of the past and a new fantasy world to read in to. Who knows—you may also find a one-of-a-kind piece to impress your collector friend and add to their stash.
100. Outdoor Pillows
If your friend or loved one has been redoing their outdoor space, help them finish off the project with accessories. Outdoor pillows can provide the comfort an outdoor space needs. Whether they’re reading or waiting for the burgers to finish grilling, they’ll provide a cozy spot to enjoy their patio or yard.
101. Lunch Box Tags
Source: Shutterfly

Does someone in your family have a little one just starting school? This Christmas, gift them with a set of personalized school items like these allergy and name tags for their lunch bags. These can also double as luggage tags to stay organized on family trips.
102. Mini Canvas Collection
Source: Candy Jar Chronicles

Show off your artistic talents by making a personalized miniature painted canvas for each person on your Christmas list. This is a great way to showcase your kids’ art and share it with family members both near and far.
103. Makeup Case
Source: Shutterfly

Your sister or daughter will love this stylish yet practical canvas pouch with an embroidered message and icon on the front—she can use it for makeup or toss it in her purse to stay organized. Choose the color of thread and color block to pair with the gold zipper.
104. DIY Lip Scrub
Combine coconut oil, honey and brown sugar into a hand-labeled container of exfoliating lip scrub. Pop it into their new makeup case for a little lip TLC.
105. Doggie Hat
Source: Unsplash

Send your friend’s dog out in style this winter by attaching a cloth chin strap to a winter beanie. The pup can keep his ears warm and look excellent in all his Instagram photos.
106. Pet Gift Set
Pair your handmade dog hat with a collection of new treats, toys and even a dog bed to round out your Christmas gift for your favorite pet lover.
107. Beachtime Towels
Source: Shutterfly

If you and the family are escaping for a mid-winter beach trip, prepare them all with beach towel Christmas presents. Include their names, photos and bright designs to match their personal style.
108. Mantel Decor
Source: Shutterfly

For the new homeowners in your life, give them items they can display on the mantel. From potted plants to dishes, it will help them keep their home warm and welcoming for the holidays.
109. DIY Body Butter
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Skip the long lines at the body care store this year and make your own whipped skin cream. Combine cocoa and avocado oil and whip with a hand mixer before designing your own packaging.
110. Stemless Glasses
Source: Shutterfly

This personalized gift for wine lovers can include any message, monogram or design of your choice. Pair a set of these stemless glasses with a fine bottle of wine they haven’t tried.
111. Cheese Knife Set
Source: A Beautiful Mess

For the cheese and wine-loving crowd, create these terrazzo cheese knives with white and multi-colored clay. Pair your gift with a set of personalized wine glasses for a complete dinner party gift set.
112. Toasting Flask
Source: Shutterfly

This classic gift for whiskey lovers is sure to be a favorite. Include their monogram, a stylish symbol or an engraved quote. Pair with a rocks glass and favorite bottle of scotch.
113. Couple’s Trip
If you and your partner have a favorite couple that you like to do things with, be sure they’re on your list this year! A great way to remember them is to plan a couple’s trip in the spring—once the weather starts warming up, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy your time together. Check out resorts or hotels that offer couple’s packages.
114. Pressed Flowers
A gardener or lover of nature will surely appreciate this gift. Find their favorite blooms and press them between two heavy books for a few weeks, then place them in between contact paper to preserve them. The recipient can enjoy their favorite blooms all year long as decor or even use it as a bookmark.
115. Wine Lovers Set
Source: Unsplash

It’s always easy to grab a rare or unique vintage for the wine lover in your life. Pair it with a personalized wine glass or decanter with their initials.
116. Winery Outing
Surprise your wine lover by planning a trip out to your local wine region, whether that be a weekend getaway, a day trip or a vacation across the country.
117. Puzzle Photo Gallery
Source: Shutterfly

Choose three of your best photos from the past year and transform them into a puzzle. If you have a loved one living across the country, this makes a lovely long-distance gift to make them feel closer to home.
118. Custom Decanter
Source: Shutterfly

Perfect for wine lovers and plant lovers alike, this elegant design makes a stunning Christmas gift for mom or dad to mark the season. Pair with a bottle of wine or some fresh flowers.
119. Glass Blowing
If you know a hands-on individual who loves to be part of the action, sign them up for a glass blowing class. They can learn how to craft their own creation and figure out what really goes into the art form. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a handmade glass gift next Christmas!
120. Gear Up
For the resident mountain climber or hiker, make sure their gear is all good to go for a spring filled with adventure. New socks, a backpack and lots of sunscreen will make sure they’re well prepared when they hit the trail or rock face. If they’ve been wanting to try out a trail, include a map for it.
121. Family Photo Book
Source: Shutterfly

Fill the pages of this hardcover photo book with all the stunning images of the past year. This is especially meaningful if it’s been a year filled with weddings, travel or new additions to your family.
122. Monogrammed Memories
When your kids are all grown up, be sure they have memories of their childhoods to hold on to. If they had a favorite blanket or stuffed animal that you held on to, monogram it with their initials and the date, or  a sweet message to make them smile. Send it to them if they live far away so they know you’re always thinking of them.
123. Playing Cards
Source: Shutterfly

If this Christmas marks the first year mom or dad are enjoying retirement, consider Christmas presents that encourage rest and relaxation like a personalized set of playing cards for a family game night.
124. Magnetic Art
Source: Shutterfly

Create a spot to leave each other photos and love notes in the kitchen with this personalized message board. Gift to your husband or wife and include a few favorite prints to get you started.
125. Photo Panels
Source: Shutterfly

Create a three-panel photo story in your loved one’s home with three large matching canvases. It is sure to become the focal point of any room.
126. Stuffed Animal
For a kiddo who loves all things nature, gift them a stuffed animal of their favorite creature. Before you know it, they’ll be taking it everywhere. It’s sure to become a cherished part of their childhood.
127. Care Packages
Add a few surprise notes to their new calendar marking when they can expect college care packages in the mail. Keep track of the dates on your own and send off something special to keep them going through the semester.
128. Mug Plant
Source: Unsplash

Add a little green to your coworker’s desk with this easy secret santa present. Fill a simple ceramic mug with soil, stones and a cactus or succulent, both easy plants to care for in an office.
129. Natural Cleanser
Source: Hello Glow

This DIY facial cleanser and makeup remover is the perfect homemade Christmas gift for all the women in your life. Combine just four ingredients into a small hand-labeled container.
130. Travel Coasters
Source: Shutterfly

Did you and the family recently take a big trip together? Celebrate your favorite photos with a set of coasters to toast to the great memories.
131. Wooden Pacifier
Source: A Beautiful Mess

If a loved one in your life just welcomed a new baby, construct a pacifier and teething ring with a wooden circle, plastic clip and cloth bunny ears.
132. Festive Ornament
Source: Shutterfly

If the grandparents are hosting Christmas this year, surprise them with a photo ornament that will hang from the tree for generations.
133. Design The Centerpiece
This Christmas, bring over a locally arranged floral display to adorn the center of the dinner table as a thank you to mom and dad hosting the big meal of the year.
134. Adventurous Inspiration
Know a daredevil or someone who always has a taste for adventure? Model a gift after their go-to adventure to keep the spirit alive into the new year. For example, if they aren’t afraid of heights, be sure they try skydiving out if they haven’t before.
135. Pottery Practice
Have your kids ever thrown clay? If not, give them a new activity to ring in the new year. Take a pottery class as a family and see what you can all create together. Who knows, you may end up with a new set of mugs!
136. Homemade Candies
Go a step further by learning a new recipe for homemade chocolates. Tailor the recipe to dad’s favorite flavors and fill the mug to the brim with your homebaked goodies.
137. Cuckoo Birdhouse
Source: Lost Mom

A birdhouse is essential to any nature lover’s yard. This whimsical craft project welcomes all the birds to your loved one’s yard while adding a bright pop of color to their view. Pick out your favorite bright and vibrant colors to make this fun project your own.
138. Bird Watching
Spring will be here before we know it, so make sure your resident nature lover is ready to enjoy the outdoors. If they’re an avid bird watcher, make sure their gear is all ready to go, binoculars and all. If they’re new to the activity, get them started with their own binoculars, a book of bird species and a list of the best local spots to watch them fly.
139. Nature Spot
If they take to bird watching, help them create an oasis in their yard for all things nature. Bird feeders, bird baths and plants that attract insects like butterflies and bees will keep their yard healthy and lively all year long. It will also help them keep their love of nature alive at home.
140. Charity Membership
Pair your new birdhouse with a gift that will truly delight the bird enthusiast. Make a donation to a prominant bird and animal organization in their name.
141. Movie Buff
For the film aficionado, make sure they’re prepared for Oscar season with a streaming subscription. They may have all the usual ones, like Netflix and Hulu, but there are some other niche ones that showcase older films that may be harder to find otherwise. Expand their library and give them something enjoyable to watch all year!
142. Monogrammed Glam
Source: Shutterfly

The simplest of designs are the most universal. Add a monogram to a silver, gold or rose gold piece of jewelry and gift to any of the ladies in your life this Christmas.
143. Welcome Stone
Source: Shutterfly

Is someone in your circle celebrating a new home? This Christmas, gift them a personalized garden stone that welcomes guests up their walkway.
144. Lawn Cutting Vouchers
Is your teen looking for a way to surprise grandma and grandpa this Christmas? Pair their lawn welcome stone with handmade lawn mowing vouchers, pledging to help out with landscaping for the next year.
145. Museum Membership
If your kids are growing up or you have a loved one who loves visiting the galleries, buy them a museum membership to their favorite spot. This way, they can support new exhibits and be the first to enjoy special events. Many museums offer perks for members as well.
146. Child Art Book
Source: Shutterfly

There’s nothing like having beloved art published and bound in a book. Display your child’s favorite pieces in a hardbound book and surprise them with it on Christmas morning.
147. Art Set
Encourage their ongoing love of art with a full new set of markers, paints and colored pencils. Seeing their artwork in print will inspire them to jump into a new project on Christmas morning.
148. Kids Easel
Set up an art station in your home with their very own kids easel. Line up all their new art supplies with the book of their work on the easel for Christmas morning.
149. Off To Camp
If your little one loves getting out into nature, maybe next summer is the perfect time for them to try out camp. Get them prepared with all the supplies they’ll need to have a fun time—a new backpack, sleeping back, sun hat, water bottle and hiking boots are a great place to start.
150. Family Matters
Are your parents now grandparents? Honor all the generations in your loving family with a coordinating set of gifts. For example, a framed family tree will include everyone and help your little ones learn about their relatives.
151. Decorative Tile
Source: Shutterfly

Add a message of joy to anyone’s kitchen, living room or bedroom with this motivational tile. Include an inspiring quote and a design that matches their style.
152. Planting Love
Honor your family and help the earth. Plant a tree or a collection of seeds for every member of your family and tend them together. As you watch them grow over the years, you can spread your love of nature with everyone in your home.
153. Swinging Fun
Know a family with young kids who love to be outside? A classic swing set or tire swing to hang from a tree will keep the outdoor fun alive for years to come. It’s a great way to support the fun and whimsy of childhood, plus encourage family time in the yard.

It’s easy to make the most wonderful time of the year one of your most memorable celebrations. Once you have everyone on your list checked off, set aside any gift ideas you’d love in your own home. This makes gift-giving a lot easier for anyone in your life looking for personalized ideas for you this Christmas.

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