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And, the Instagram likes on all of your couple posts prove just that. But, when the Halloween season starts approaching, it becomes a very hard task for the two of you to narrow down on any one particular costume that will help you guys stand out as a couple, right?

If you and your SO love being creative, then just sit down first and figure out what the 2019 Halloween vibe is all about — trendy, classic, cute, punny, quirky, or…well, the list can go on and on. If you both pride yourselves in ‘no generic store-bought costumes’ and love doing the DIY ones, then the below list is for you. Here’s a list of creative, fun, and quirky costumes that are gonna make you and your “boo” stand out from the rest. Now don’t let us talk your ear off, c’mon, just get scrolling already alright!
Beer Pong Table
goldkoepfchen_ / Instagram

This Halloween, quit thinking about which game to play. Instead, raise the standards of your costume by dressing up like you were a game. And, don’t just pick any game. Pick the one that the millennials and every other generation go gaga about — the beer pong table game!

This costume is so easy to make too. Just pick some paper cups and glue them on your shirt like a pyramid and add the rest of the details. Oh wait, how about holding a beer and sipping it too?
Mexican Zombie Couple

Ditch dressing up like a skeletal or a zombie couple this year. And, if you still want to dress that way, then how about adding one of the numerous cultures that you exist across the world? This one’s got the Mexican touch to it.

It’s such a dramatic costume, and absolutely insta-worthy, as well!
Chick Magnet
megandcatie / Instagram

The meme world is only growing with every passing day, isn’t it? But, the memes that revolve around “chick magnet” can never get old. So, how about using that as an inspiration for Halloween costume? You could dress up like a yellow chick by wearing a yellow turtleneck top and skirt. Add knee length orange socks and maybe, a hair clip that has yellow feathers on it.

Let your partner wear something in black and hold a magnet made of cardboard. Glue some yellow feathers on the magnet and your couple look is going to be the punniest, trust us!
Jasmine And Aladdin
mrs.roshnigarcia / Instagram

This 2019 has seen many Disney movies come alive again, isn’t it? And, Aladdin is among the toppers in this list. So, get you and your SO dressed up as Aladdin and Jasmine and include the magic carpet to add that whimsical touch to your costume.
Quesadilla Love
diasdevient0 / Instagram

If you and your partner share a common love for food, then why don’t you consider dressing up like one? For example, look at the above couple showing their cheesy love for a quesadilla. Aren’t they absolutely food-o-rable?
Panda And Bamboo
alysie / Instagram

Ever since the Kung Fu Panda movie was released, the obsession with pandas among people has gone to another level, isn’t it? So, this Halloween why don’t you dress up like a panda and make your partner dress up like a bamboo? Spread the panda love people!
Neon Aerobics Instructors
noexcusefitmom / Instagram

If you’ve observed the aerobics instructors’ costumes during the ’80s, they wore bright colored tights. Go a step ahead and turn those colors into neon hues. You can find and shop for many neon clothes from online stores. Work on them and make yourself a neon costume with an 80’s touch in it.
DeeDee And Dexter
ghiandaia_cosplay / Instagram

If the popular cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory was your favorite while you were growing up, then consider dressing up in purple gloves and a lab coat. And, for your girl pick a pink skater dress and an orange wig. Be a weird combo just like them.
Fifty Shades Of Grey
falllfashion / Instagram

Pun intended (FYI)! If you’ve got enough unused swatches lying around at home, then consider turning them into this elite grey outfit. You could take the title of this movie quite literally as an inspiration for your Halloween costume this year.

Let your Halloween costumes this year make heads turn. Wear your creative cap together with your SO and start looking for ideas that never sprouted in your head before. These were our nine best picks that you can consider this year. We highly recommend that you do your Halloween costumes your way — the DIY way! Even the simplest of the DIY costumes will make your partner and you stand out from the rest. You’ve got any suggestions ringing in your head? Leave them in the comments below.

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