Valentines Day Gift Guide For Him


Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for HIM? Connecticut Lifestyle Blogger Lauren McBride is sharing her top favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIM. Click to see them HERE!

The Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

Ive got some awesome Valentines Day gifts for the guy in your life! We dont typically exchange for Valentines Daymaybe something small, if anything! Ive got a wide variety of options for you, including different price points and some gag gifts too! Many of these items are my husbands personal favorites.

1 // Brim-It American Flag Cap:I get so many questions about Pats hat when you guys spot him wearing it! As a veteran, Pat loves his country and therefore loves his American Flag hat.

2 // UGG Ascot Slipper:These slippers are really fantastic. Super warm, and waterproof!

3 // Carbon Fiber Mens Wallet Money Clip:My husband recently switched to this money clip and LOVES it. Its retractable and can hold just about everything in one small clip instead of a bulky wallet.

4 // Serene Life PortableInfraredSauna: Pats beloved sauna that we always joke about. But for real, he loves this thing SO much. Its an infrared sauna, so theres no steam, and he claims it really helpswith his back pain. Its compact in size, collapsable, and portableso you dont need to keep it set up! There are tons of health benefits to saunas, and I keep telling Pat well build him a real one in our next house but this one is great in the meantime! He uses it every evening!

5 // Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Cream:My husband gets super dry hands in the winter, and I thought this looked like a pretty good hand cream!

6 // CASIO G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 Watch:A tactical watch is always a great gift! My husband loves his by this brand. Withstands all the elements, too.

7 // Beard Apron Cape: If youre sick of their beard hairs all over the damn bathroom.this gift is perfect! More for you than him, haha!

8 // Valentines Day Funny Toilet Paper:Really, I just thought this was cute a fun gag gift!

9 // Laird Superfood InstaFuel Instant Coffee:My husband recently tried this out (pretty sure he heard it on Joe Roganwhat else is new), and its quite good! I was surprised considering its an instant coffee. Highly recommend, and great to have on hand at the office, job sites, etc.

10 // Black Rifle CAF Caffeinated MediumRoast Coffee: My husbands favorite coffee brand! We always have this stuff in our house, and so far everyone weve recommended it too loves it as well!

11 // DAVID ARCHY Mens Breathable Boxer Briefs:These boxer briefs have awesome reviews! I just got Pat the mesh ones for OTF because theyre breathable and keep things cool down there, haha.

12 // Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap Bar: I never thought Id get Pat off his Grenade Soap, but he actually LOVED this brand! They have hair products too, and so far hes pleased. The Pine Tar soap smells SO damn good!

13 // Thunderfit Silicone Rings:My husband and I love our silicone wedding rings. Its nice to have them on vacation, especially active ones (for instance, I wore my silicone ring in Disney!), and especially if hes got a job that requires working with his hands a bit!

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