What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen


What Not To Buy For Your Kitchen

People! We dont need tons of stuff. It clutters our kitchens and makes cooking complicated. I like a sparsely outfitted kitchen with plenty of space to move around in. I want to open drawers that are half empty and 100% organized.

The Secret? Less is More!

This is the secret to kitchen success, and it makes cooking easy, fast, and fun! Below are my favorite kitchen tools, all multi-purpose, if they land a coveted spot in my line-up. You dont need more than this.

Instead of a toaster use a cast iron skillet

Fun fact? Ive never owned a toaster. I set up my first toasterless home over 30 years ago. Each subsequent place has been the same. Why? Toasters take up space, contributing to a cluttered kitchen. More important, a toaster is a scary hiding places for crumbs of gluten. One piece of bread makes a danger zone for me and my older son who also has Celiac Disease. Finally, toasters are expensive, instead I use a cast iron skillet.

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of a stand mixer use a food processor

True confession! I havent ever owned a stand mixer. Where do people keep those things? Its like an aircraft carrier in the kitchen. My favorite kitchen appliance, an all time multi-tasker, is a food food processor. I use it to mix cookie dough, and cake batter, latkes, coleslaw, pesto, and much more. My immersion blender is stowed away in a drawer for when I want to make whipped cream.

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of a dehydrator use the oven

Guys, if stand mixersare an expensive way to clutter your kitchen, then skipping out on a dehydrator is a no-brainer. Use the oven with the light on and the temperature off. Dehydrating is like placing something in the sun, you want it to get crisp and dry out. Your oven does a dang good job of this. Mine has worked for this since I started seriously cooking during my Ayurveda and Yoga Teachers Training back in 1993.

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of a French press use a tea strainer

Im a total grinch when it comes to the French press. Instead, I make coffee and herbal tea in a mason jar with a tea strainer. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done.What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of a coffee grinder use a Vitamix

While were on the topic of coffee, lets talk about coffee grinders. Theyre very cutelittle Vitamixes. Anything a coffee grinder can do, a Vitamix can do better. And the Vitamix does far more than grind coffee!

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of plastic use glass jars

Glass mason jars are perfect for making coffee, storing food, and pencils, and flowers, and everything else you can think of. Glass doesnt leach like plastic and is far safer when it comes into contact with food. But enough of that, to learn more about the benefits of using glass check out my article called, Why Glass?

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of paper towels use dish towels

While I do keep paper towels in my kitchen theyre hidden away. Instead I keep reusable kitchen towels in easy reach. If something breaks or is messy to clean up Ill use paper towels, but for everyday wiping up the counter? Kitchen towels. I ran an environmental consulting companyin the early 1990s and conservation is near and dear to my heart. I started using kitchen towels and hiding the paper towels a few decades ago. Reusable kitchen towels are a win-win for the environment and your pocket book.

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of bag clips reuse rubber bands

I confess, I totally have bag clip envy. Those little do dads are just the cutest thing! But do I really need one to seal a bag of pork rinds? Actually, no. A rubber band will get the job done.

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of plastic spray bottles do this

We are spending money to throw things away. Its that simple. Ive been making my own non-toxic cleaning sprays in the same plastic bottles for decades in order to avoid buying and throwing away single use plastic bottles. I also dont want to bring toxic scented products like Windexinto my home. If you dont want to make your own cleaning products, use Branch Basics to save plastic and money!!!

What Not to Buy for Your Kitchen

Instead of dryer sheets use dryer balls

The other day a friend walked in the house. I asked if she had been burning a scented candle. No, her clothes were fresh from dryer sheets. Unfortunately, with a compromised blood brain barrier things literally smell fifty times stronger to me than the average human. Some days this is torture. But I digress. Protect your sense of smell, reduce waste, and save money with these reusable wool dryer balls.

Buy Less and Give More

The holidays are a great time to clean out the clutter and giveaway what you dont use. Instead of buying a friend more stuff, give someone the gift of your time. You can bake together, organize together, do something fun! Offer to support a friend with an activity that will be a bonding experience to make their life easier. Right now is the time to buy less and give more.

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